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Everything posted by Excrement_Cranium

  1. Aesop... can't turn him down. :) Though, one has to be a fan of lyricism.
  2. Heat seeking missile! Right after the proper target!
  3. Took me ages to beat it. Hardest.... game..... ever.
  4. Everything funds terrorism. Especially the taxes US citizens pay. It funds the terrorism corporate America keeps shoving down our throats to keep us fearful and controlled. "Sure, as long as the machines are working and you can dial 911. But you take those things away, you throw people in the dark, you scare the shit out of them - no more rules."
  5. One of the old-timers (but younger than Koop or Red) in the retirement home where I worked asked if I heard about this. His question? Are you sure he's a republican? They are more into foot tapping in public bathrooms!
  6. Me and my best friend had a "Tommy Boy" moment with this song: It was not, however, followed by revelations of "those kinds" of feelings. Just a laugh that we were both ashamed to like the song.
  7. Fuck, dude. Dig. You stepped your shit up on this one, made some callouts... and content never has to sacrifice a touch of braggadocio.
  8. If whatever you shoot at isn't down after 14 shots from a .45.... just assume the fetal position.
  9. Put this in your signature?
  10. Bit torrent... fruity loops. Develop the ability to storytell as well as battle.
  11. :/ A couple good lines. I recommend a spell checker.
  12. Just remember if you bite, that it sounds better coming from you. Concentrate the venom.
  13. Money flash n bling bling? Mesays meh.
  14. Good battle fair. And you seem to steer away from the stale-ass norms these days. 7/10
  15. Judgment Night The Blade Trilogy Lost Highway - Particularly
  16. Afraid the sheep's mother would come looking for you?
  17. It also sat well over the opening credits of the "Dawn of the Dead" remake. :)
  18. I may be a Hip Hop head, but I lean more to rock on long road trips. Makes me feel like getting my foot in the gas. 2 tracks included in one of my last "Road Trip" discs: Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire Johnny Cash - When the Man Comes Around
  19. Dude cheated, he posted the whole damn alphabet, and I don't know if it had: Free - All Right Now And I ain't gonna read that monster to find out!
  20. Indeed, Hip Hop is boundless, BOUNDLESS. I felt a tad angry when Jay-Z retired and said "Hip Hop is a young man's game." Um... no. If Ozzy can rock in his 60's, there is no reason that Hip Hop can't age that well, too. It's just that music itself, the messages and meaning, have to come along and mature with it's audience. I used to love a lot of the same artists I hate now, but it's largely because I'm not 17 anymore. I'm not a single kid. It no longer resonates w/ me. I'd have to say, West Coast, that you have found an older "ear" here.
  21. Good production. Good flow and delivery. It's not too bread and butter, which is good. Turn your radio on to a rap station, or watch MTV Jamz or some shit like that. Whatever they have songs about on there, add to a list of what NOT to do. Listen to: Aesop Rock R.A. The Rugged Man Mos Def Swollen Members Dead Prez Immortal Technique Non Phixion Arsonists The Cool Kids Zeph and Azeem Get us out of the Hip Hop sewers, clogged w/ shit meant to sell to the mainstream, and take us home.... PLEASE.
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