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    biggie smalls

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  1. hey smg look like you aint got nothin to say, because you havent done anything in about two days, i told you you dont want it with me so get out my face, pussy ass bitch couldnt keep up with my pace, i was like a lawyer bitch i caught a case, but i got rid of your non spelling ass in less than one day, so just to let you know that its alright okay, just keep practicing and maybe one day, your pussy ass will think of something better to say.
  2. hey yo smg, you think you so mean, my ak leaves blood stains in your T, hey yo smg, you dont want it with me, leave your body motionless, dead in the streets, are you blind because you just cant see, im better than you im the mutha fuckin king, you sound younger then me, you cant spell a thing, look like you need some help with your spelling, nail your severed head on my wall, fuck shelfing, if you think your rhymes make sense well its failing. i spit like a camel, my rhymes better than iverson with his handles, bitch you are late your as old as a candel, 1 shot 2 shot rob your ass like a scandel, your body be flip flopin like a sandel, just to let you know you are not on this level.
  3. chubzzy


    smg u suck!
  4. no! learn how to spell.
  5. im the ruler im the mother fuckin king, know whats funny im only 15, so young yet the thrown belongs 2 me, this sight is gettin better but only one thing, people think as they type, they cant rap in real life, they say that us emcees cant rhyme, lemme tell ya one time, shut ya fuckin mouth that would be just fine, people like smg.., just wanna start beef, and it pisses me off, hes just a wanna be, rappa, hes probaly a fake as u can see, he spells more shit wrong then ali when he speaks, so when you try becoming king, smg.., smg.. if u wanna dis me, right a good rap then will see.
  6. i didnt understand it and your rhymes are pretty stupid.
  7. chubzzy

    im back

    guess who back, yup its tommy fat, back to show noobs how to rap, my raps get ya movin like boom boom clap, get people movin tryin to copy my swag, this is my kingdom so lets leave it at that, just wanted to tell all that the best is back..
  8. I liked it but who you burnin?
  9. yo there is nothin to it, i just keep on doin it, always something better so i keep brand newin it, im a gas station to this sight i just keep on fuelin it, like a library book i keep over dewin it, life is runnin from me so i just keep on pursuin it, not lettin it go im tryin to hang on to it, my life is pretty smooth because i keep on feelin it, im gettin real crazy i think i might be loosin it, im just like a lawyer i get money like im sewin em, the industry is not yours because im the one ownin it, this is it this is the way that its endin bitch.
  10. that was better. you sound like a touph girl whos sexy and dont take no shit from anyone.
  11. who want it wit me, who wanna start beef, yall aint got no skills, u aint even up to my feet, some of u are only up to my knees, wanna battle with me, fine face defeat, my rhymes is like candy they stay so sweet, never cant rhyme, if only i had a beat, i can switch my style up like a switchblade, one push of da button never will fade, rhymes so hot yall gonna need shade, people behind me like a fucking perade, if u dont like me then ill have to pureswade, pull my buddy out, nicknamed ak, push my limits all the time thats how i sway, no homo, i dont mean im gay, i never stop tryin, perfecting all day, switch it up right quik, like a switchblade P.S. Check out my remixs on jamglue.com. my names chubz15. check it out. then leave me comments!
  12. it was kind of confusing?? but okay.
  13. back a year ago and just a little bit, suicide was on my mind guess what i wanted to slit, if you guessed right then you probally guessed the wrist, in other words with life i was about to call it quits, but i thought to myself how it would affect, the lives of my family and even friends, there was another option, remeber the guy who wanted to sway from the ceilin, i thought about that once or twice, did not really care if i took my own life, i could of even ran to the kitchen and grabed a butcher knife, well you never really know what could happen tonight, he says to himself "This is the last time i ever see light", people who dont care foget about you when your alive, but when its on the news that moring when you wake to see light, its imbeded in your heart, that a 15 year old boy has taken is own life.
  14. everyone im sorry i just got mad, cursed my ass off and i aint proud of that, im not a damn don it was just what i had, and im not a young killa yall should no that, just a white ass cracker that sags his pants, did not mean to get anyone upset, just wanna let ya kno im not that bad, not mista popular in school, but workin at that, i hate people who think as they rap, i know i dont and thats a damn fact, i always spit first because it makes it less wack, this is what i love and nothing can change that, everyone im sorry i just got mad.
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