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  1. The track comes off the BTS singer's recent solo LP, GoldenView the full article
  2. The track is the singer's first new music since last year's RenaissanceView the full article
  3. Earlier this year, Beyoncé collaborated with Travis Scott on “DELRESTO (ECHOES)” as well as with Kendrick Lamar for a remix of “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM.” Her Renaissance concert film is officially in theaters today, and she used the closing credits as an opportunity to premiere a new song called “MY HOUSE.” View the full article
  4. Last month, Org Music announced Moping In Style: A Tribute To Adam Green, a compilation album full of indie greats paying homage to the Moldy Peaches member. We previewed the collection with “That Fucking Feeling” and “Her Father And Her” by Ben Kweller and now the full LP is out. View the full article
  5. The end of PC Music is nigh. At the end of the year, the storied London experimental pop label and crew will stop putting out new music. One of the label’s final planned releases is Soft Rock, the debut LP from Thy Slaughter. Thy Slaughter, the duo of producers A. G. Cook and EASYFUN, had only released one track before this year: “Bronze,” a compilation track that came out way back in 2017. But now Thy Slaughter’s full-length is here, and it features some famous friends. View the full article
  6. Lana Del Rey has released a cover of the John Denver classic “Take Me Home, Country Roads.” Del Rey previously referenced Denver on “The Grants,” the opening track of this year’s Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd, shouting out and paraphrasing a line from his 1972 track “Rocky Mountain High.” Her version of “Take Me Home…” was produced by frequent collaborator Zach Dawes. View the full article
  7. Five years ago, Minor Threat reunite to recreate the iconic Salad Days EP cover. Today, the hardcore heroes are sharing outtakes from Out Of Step in honor of its 40th anniversary. View the full article
  8. Claire Rousay has shared a few songs this year, including “i no longer have that glowing thing inside of me,” “Sigh In My Ear,” and “Deceiver,” the latter two with Helena Deland. For Bandcamp Friday, the Los Angeles ambient artist is sharing “meg.” View the full article
  9. The 2000 classic by the Puerto Rican band has been covered by several Mexican artists, including Lucero and Edith MarquezView the full article
  10. Nashy-Nashai and Wanda Original also join for a mix of Christmas covers and new tracks on A Neon ChristmasView the full article
  11. Last month, Australian alt-rock trio Middle Kids announced Faith Crisis Pt. 1, the follow-up to 2021’s Today We’re The Greatest. So far, they’ve shared “Bootleg Firecracker” and “Dramamine,” and today they’re back with “Bend.” View the full article
  12. Bruce Dickinson has a lot going on. The Iron Maiden frontman is starring in a horror movie about an ABBA tribute band, and he’s getting ready to release his first solo album in 19 years, The Mandrake Project. Today, he’s sharing the lead single “Afterglow Of Ragnarok.” View the full article
  13. "Colombia has so much to show and this is just another piece of that," the musician wrote on InstagramView the full article
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