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  1. Skullcrusher released one of the best EPs of 2020 with her self-titled debut and today she’s announcing another new EP, Storm In Summer, which will be out next month. It includes “Song For Nick Drake,” which she shared a few weeks ago, and the title track, which she’s just released. “Storm In Summer” swells and dives and crashes into a gorgeous rush of guitars as Helen Ballentine wonders: “Can I go back?” View the full article
  2. Morton and Yola shared their frank, free-flowing thoughts about their experiences navigating the music industry View the full article
  3. How a core team of 15 and thousands of volunteers and partners help the country-music philanthropist deliver books to kids around the world View the full article
  4. This past weekend, Amazon released Coming 2 America, the 33-years-later sequel to the Eddie Murphy classic Coming To America. People have already gotten mad online about the movie’s politics, but it’s mostly a good-enough piece of nostalgia-bait, buoyed by a few truly funny performances. (Wesley Snipes in this thing? Incredible. I hope Snipes gets to come in and steal every streaming-era Eddie Murphy movie away from the man.) I had a good time watching Coming 2 America, partly because it’s just fun to see movie stars in dazzling costumes on expensive sets. And the most expensive of those sets,
  5. Kids mode, where Google says you'll get "rows with recommendations from kid-friendly apps." It sure sounds like Google is recommitting to the TV space with Google TV—a renamed, revamped version of Android TV. In addition to the new content-centric (instead of app-centric) home screen, watch list, and an upcoming "dumb TV" mode, Google is now revamping parental control support. The new "kids profiles" will turn on a fun, kid-friendly UI with themes like "dinosaurs," "space," and "under the sea." The big, new feature of Google TV—content-centric recommen
  6. New initiative features theme song performed by KT Tunstall View the full article
  7. In the past year, Paramore leader Hayley Williams has released two solo albums, Petals For Armor and FLOWERS for VASES / descansos. She has also posted a whole lot of videos of herself covering other artists, including Massive Attack, Radiohead, and Björk. Yesterday, Williams dug a little deeper into the '90s canon and busted out a solo-acoustic cover of Failure's crashing, anthemic 1996 alt-rock dirge "The Nurse Who Loved Me." View the full article
  8. Cardi B and Olivia Rodrigo swapped places on the latest Songs Chart, while Kali Uchis vaulted into the Top Ten View the full article
  9. North Carolina singer-songwriter M.C. Taylor previews his collective's new project with the ballad "If It Comes in the Morning" View the full article
  10. "Each of us can help stop the pandemic by being vaccinated," Cyrus writes in video statement View the full article
  11. Community College are a band based out of Boston that make syrupy and slow indie rock music. They released their debut album, Comco, two years ago today and it’s being honored with a full-length covers compilation that features a stacked roster of the group’s admirers. Spencer Radcliffe, Club Night, Squirrel Flower, Lilith, bedbug, Big Nice, and more all take on tracks from the album and adorn the band’s wordy, weary music with their own personal touches. All proceeds from the compilation will benefit the Allston-Brighton Community Fridges. Check out the comp below. View the full article
  12. Ba Pace is a rapper from the Bronx who specializes in muddy, languid, free-floating rap fantasias. Ba Pace’s music fits with the recent wave of murky, lo-fi indie rap, but he doesn’t really sound like an Earl Sweatshirt acolyte. Instead, his music seems directly descended from MF DOOM — a link that Ba Pace sometimes makes explicit via sample choice. He’s got a cool, evocative sound, and he releases a lot of music. View the full article
  13. Must-hear songs by Valerie June, Shonna Tucker, and Don Bryant, the 78-year-old Grammy-nominated soul man View the full article
  14. Enlarge (credit: Leon Neal | Getty Images) A popular app that promised to eliminate the burden of remembering passwords has sparked a backlash by demanding, weeks after it was acquired by two private equity firms, that users pay up or face restrictions on access to their online accounts. LastPass has encouraged millions of people to replace weak passwords on retail websites, Internet banks and other online services. Instead, the software handles authentication automatically using long, complex passwords that are impossible to guess—or remember. Two investment firms, Elliott Management and
  15. In an exclusive excerpt from new Eighties hard-rock oral history 'Nöthin' but a Good Time,' GN'R members and those in their inner circle look back on how the band's classic lineup came to be View the full article
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