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  1. The Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn is writing original music for a new show in development at AMC. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming American Anthem is "a musical dramedy following a family who, after falling down the ladder of American life, needs to figure out what actually makes life worth living." … More »View the full article
  2. Sam Elliott is pretty much the American cowboy. With his spectacular mustache and drawling baritone -- the blueprint for Bradley Cooper's growly voice in A Star Is Born -- the actor has been in countless Westerns. And now he's in a Super Bowl commercial, and so is Lil Nas X's country-rap smash "Old Town Road." … More »View the full article
  3. Event producer Andy King emerged as the breakout viral star/meme of Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix's 2019 documentary about the spectacularly ill-advised Fyre Festival. His shining moment, you'll recall, was when he matter-of-factly recounted the story of how he was going to suck a Bahamian customs official's dick to get … More »View the full article
  4. Cult '60s folk singer-songwriter Norma Tanega has died, The New York Times reports. According to her lawyer, Alfred Shine, she passed away at her home in Claremont, California on 12/29 after a battle with colon cancer. She was 80. More »View the full article
  5. So much encouraging feedback about our corporate realignment. You love to see it! We have a lot of exciting plans for 2020 and beyond, but the immediate future may bring some pain to the UX as we transfer to a new server, rebuild our CMS, and change ad providers, all while moving out … More »View the full article
  6. Brooklyn rapper accused of moving $375,000 car from California to New York after it was borrowed for a video shoot View the full article
  7. Every week the Stereogum staff chooses the five best new songs of the week (the eligibility period begins and ends Thursdays right before midnight). This week's countdown is below, and you can listen to a playlist of all our 5 Best Songs on Spotify. More »View the full article
  8. Singer releases a performance video of conversational new song View the full article
  9. Children's music group the Wiggles hail from Sydney. Like many people Australian and otherwise, they've used their platform to support relief efforts combatting the wildfires that have ravaged their country's landscape. In the Wiggles' case, that meant a pair of scheduled performances by the original lineup at Castle Hill RSL in … More »View the full article
  10. Texas singer-songwriter delivers 'The River' tracks as hushed prayers View the full article
  11. Track from Pearce's upcoming self-titled album was inspired by her relationship with fellow singer Michael Ray View the full article
  12. Grammy-nominated producer readies upcoming EP, The Kids That Grew Up On Reggaeton: Neon Tapes View the full article
  13. Enlarge / A Charter Spectrum vehicle. (credit: Charter) Charter is killing its home-security service and telling customers that security devices they've purchased will stop working once the service is shut down on February 5. The impending shutdown and customers' anger at Charter—a cable company also known by the brand name "Spectrum"—has been widely reported over the past month. Over the years, some customers have spent large sums on products that will no longer work. One user posting on a DSLReports forum said they spent $1,200 on sensors and IP cameras, which will be essentially useless in a couple of weeks. The devices won't connect to other alarm-monitoring services, and Charter will no longer offer the ability to remotely manage the system and view security video. (We're guessing a Charter alarm would still be able to make loud noises when someone breaks into a house, but that doesn't mean it'll work with an alarm-monitoring service.) Read 24 remaining paragraphs | Comments View the full article
  14. New single from the young singer-songwriter suggests her own new twist on small-town country-punk View the full article
  15. Co-writer/producer Finneas makes cameo appearance as an Uber driver View the full article
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