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  1. who the fuck wanna battle me? i keep more weight than sumo wrestlers so you skinny niggas cannot tackle me, please you'll get smacked for free. this some shit you probably aint know bout, bitches talk shit and i leave em with no mouth, money is always on my head like a fitted, boy i got green i got bread yeah i get it. and you really don't wanna know where i be, im a monster im hungry you can find them broke niggas inside me, if u see me tied up you better not untie me. i attack fake boys, aint no santa clause fuck that kid i take toys, yeah i break toys, boy toys, and you can't fuck with me im fresh like altoids. WHO THE FUK WANNA BATTLE?
  2. im stunting on them niggas like a movie, them fools can't get to me, or through me, leave you red like rubies, body smelling like sushi, have your soul floating around like casper or some shit spooky, just a ordinary girl im just regular, but flow so cellular, meaning i can rap anywhere thats why ho's can't handle her, me, you don't know shit about, so as soon as you open your mouth, the clips come out, cause im a savage, shit far from average, leave your body damaged, with your head in your sandwich, leave your house ravaged, lady sliced like cabbage, dam, get the description, niggas wanna get hard like an erection, but i'll fuck you up so bad that your name can't be mentioned, maybe its time for me to stop playing with raps, im on my grown shit from now and i aint never coming back.
  3. Back on my retarded shit, you don't have to tell me how hard this shit, bang, i gotta alot of shit in my life and all my shit stank, them bitches tried to stop me but i ball for real this aint no prank, you can't stop me but you can sure get me rowdy, but listening to those niggas will make me feel drowsy, their efforts are so useless, stay on my game cause my lectures are so ruthless, at least thats what they keep saying girl "you blessed", and i say i know even though the truth stress me, so i can't keep a heart so can i use a new chess please! always hot so in the winter my coupe be roofless b, but lets get back to the topic, aint gotta have logic, to outsmart these non active hobbyist, my flow's so atomic, demoic, i mean its so vicious, im on it, i got it, i seem so ambitious, well i am "bitch" don't get it twisted, i'll send bullets through your fitted, if you ever get between it, and me, success thats the it please keep up, my flow fill up the sea yours can't full a tea cup, all this shit im writing down in my note pad, and always stay with money even though i don't add, sike nah everyday i be adding, and if you aint giving the doe then everyday i be grabbing, stay on the run like a RB in madden, if you try to take my money then i'll be stabbing, this right here is a knock-out, and every lane i be in is the fucking hot route, i'll handle these freaks, its a scandle this week, im burning old bitches im a candle your an antique.
  4. Run from a bitch man how could i? dress so sloppy when im so fly, this is for them niggas getting in peoples business, get in mines i'll leave blood on your linens, and things, niggas i bring, make your liver swing, for just witnessing, what i do, can't let a single word get through, your lips, my ooze will spit, snooze your click, when i use the clip, send you to the after life on a cruise ship, me?...................... i'll never be on a guilt trip, won't think twice to make you tilt quick, but im not disrespectfull i'll send my regards, i'll just spit in your face after you depart, whats really, don't have to think twice that im illy, cause disaster with the pen like biggie, 1-2 check-up, dam i am so fed up, of these slow ass niggas they really need catch up, wake-up in the morning crab my money on the table, thinking these bitches fake like fables.
  5. Karamel


    Feel like im on top of the game these niggas is lame, tryna make they little change, but all they do is complain, tryna be different but they all be looking the same, im harder than most niggas with dicks and that is ashame, so hard i can send a bullet threw your head and tell you pick up your brain, im blazing these niggas microwave warm, and so far i've been passed the stage hard, i'll fuck up your small shit cause i got big things son, why bother with fake shit when i got real guns, i got shells for days and these turtles unprotected, these slow ass n iggas will need homicide detectives, ya'll need to disinfect my rhymes, cause i be infecting minds, and it hurts bad like when doctors inject your spine, see me with a smile, that don't even mean im fine, if i touched a nigga, i crused the nigga, i hustle niggas, yeah im talking bout a bunch of niggas, and if they fake they couldn't be my friends even if i was in trouble nigga, and don't mumble nigga, cause i am a jungle nigga, i'll leave you looking like i must've pulled a couple triggas, they trash, i'll smash, these niggas like a car crash, and i make heavy shit i'll smash em with hard cash, im the devil something like taz, cause a tornado when i turn around so don't get in my path, i cause destruction if there's doe i come rushing, coke i come busting, while you and your niggas fussing, hoping you'll do something, I bring danger with me so don't be alarmed, and i keep more green than you can see on a farm.
  6. Karamel


    im loving every single moment, that i spent doing this shit cause own it, and who better to jump on it, im fly like a flight to L.A., leave them bitches missing like m.i.a, dam right im fly like planes, like your fucking period bitch i bring pain, everybody in my lane tryna get ahead of me, but they are so behind so i am still in the lead, they hustling they feet, and im taking light steps, like im bout to jump into the sky like a jet, flyer than the rest, and flyer the best, and with me in the lead haters think about you less, she use to be the shit now she a suicidal bitch, cause i took her spotlight and i won't hesitate to make you bleed like her wrist, im so on this shit and i aint getting off, and i've been going so hard i aint never going soft, im so f.b.a. freshest bitch alive freshest bitch in sight, we might be at the same place but im the freshest bitch in the spotlight, and everywhere i go you'll be reminded, why my prescence keep you so blinded, stay on track like subway trains, always bout the money like mr.krabs off spongebob cause its always on my brain, don't know why i brought that up, i guess because you bitches look like cartoon characters how ya'll all drawn up, to one conclusion to hate while i stay after that money, thats why i'll always be ahead of ya'll dummies, now thats funny.
  7. growing up was hard for me, it was hard to sleep, thinking bout everything life has done for me, and all that comes to mind is the bullshit everytime, happiness comes when i let out a simple rhyme, but i don't have a simple mind, cause extraordinary came from lips cause thats really how i fell inside, and there'll come that time when i'll sit back and smoke a fucking jay, bitches hating and niggas on my ass always wanna fucking play, but i don't wanna waste my seconds on seconds, i'd rather take the niggas at the top that know how to kick it like david beckham, but even though they give me bullshit i don't sweat em, just because i know that god won't let em, take my victory, i know they sick of me, but just remember me, when you dap me up im the fucking enemy, so bop bop, nigga i know that you'll drop, and if i had a fucking conscience i'd probably call the cops, but guess what. i don't give a fuck haaaaaaaa.
  8. im the one not to mess with im strapped like popo, have a bitch out here shoulder leaning like young dro, i aint dealing with your shit young keep it at your door, you tryna come on my level son keep it on the floor, bitches tryna roll with me but they couldn't be a asset, i take bitches out like a fucked up casset, and who wanna fuck around im asking? who wanna stand up to the shit that i be blasting? if its you then you will not be lasting, cause nigga i am everlasting, i've been passed the stage that you had a hard time passing, this is my thing rap is my motherfucking passion, so you know i be wearing niggas out like high fasion, cause they can't keep up with the chick, my shit run out so fast people say im not selling fuck im throwing bricks, and niggas think they know this shit, like they roll with clips, tryna act all hard when they know they shit, but take it from me cause i'll know if your a bitch.
  9. i aint been on this site in a while but dam i wanna battle someone especially a dude i wanna demolish somebody who think they can beat me fa real step up. not tonight tho. yo straight up im a girl but i'll battle dude, but talk shit to me i'll smack your teeth out now you can't tackle food, im dope so funny niggas tryna bag me, i'll play with any dude and make the nigga think he had me, have everybody online watching me write my shit, they go be like dam that girl demolished the shit, but im hotter than this, and i aint even trying, aint even in the frying pan but dam my shit frying, i can serve a whole meal up to a nigga thats on diet, the shit so good he couldn't even keep quiet, yeah my nigga..... my rhymes just tight like that, and i aint gonna act, matter a fact, i can make any nigga on here fall back or fall flat, choose one either way your going back, and im that lighter i'll smoke a nigga like a jack, and on the real i got a whole fucking pack. holla at ya gurl JA fa life.
  10. Karamel's hot like fire so them other bitches hating, They tryna out my fire but I just keep blazing, I am so unique yeah call me amazing, And I can crush they head like a motherfucking raisin, Or I can upgrade ya from a tele to a razor, You say you hate me but you keep blowing up my pager, See I can upgrade ya, Or I can replace ya, Tell me what you want cause I can get it like a waiter, Tell me what you want cause I can get it like paper, I am like a sword them other bitches like razors, The cant leave a scratch I go through em like a lazor, Getting money is my job bitch that is my fucking major, You haters got a hood but I got a fucking nation, You cant fight us we got the best shit like them asians, But when it comes to dicks man fuck the fucking asians, And I be high I be flying like a angel, Got no wings so I guess I aint a angel, Put me to the test you will see if I behave good, Im a hard bitch them hoes hollow like bad wood, I get doe by the boat wether its pull or push, Im in charge niggas call me mrs george bush, Live round weed all my niggas got bags full, So when Im sleepy I just swollow down some red bull,(ha ha) Them bitches fuck with me I throw em away like stale goods, And me Im just going like my mans would, And he know to go deep like a puncture wound, You is a goody goody Im not Im so rude, Cause I aint got manners like matlida do, I do what I do, Cause this just me, I will kill a motherfucker before he bust me, Aint no popo but I keep lights flashing all through the streets, And Ill be the only reason people like your beats, This who I be dont give a fuck if you dont like me, And if you think Im fucking faking bitch try me. yah
  11. Karamel I murder people yah I spit like a nine, And I dont need a frying pan my rhymes get em fryed, The girl sting like a bumble bee Im mean like garfield, After the battle can have a nigga smelling like sardines, Im young but so hardcore can say I made the marines, I could start a fire using my words forget the gasoline, I am that mean, No acting B, No stopping me, You cant see me the girl coming at rapid speed, And on the real I got more green than a can a peas, I could be your appetizer like a motha fucking canape, Ya'll haters some shit im so real this you cannot be, I bring the new I aint never gonna stop, Ya'll haters might rock the lean but I lean the rock, Aint nothing better so they tryna steal my joc, Dont mess with me Ill make your heart stop, Cause Im a hearltess bitch but I aint no robo cop, Got time on my hand you can call it a wrist watch, Can bring fire anywhere can say I keep it hot.
  12. this sound good but the only problem is most of the stuff I saw in this rap I saw on other peoples raps so either you bitting or they bitting you.
  13. Kara bright like sunny days, I am so wild you can call me G.I. Jane, And If I ever rap my stuff you would get migranes, How can I be so wild but at the same time Im so tamed, Them haters think they got me think they got me in check, For real the checks are on me I got a full deck, My shoes bright on my feet can say I make sun steps, My path gets lighted up so thats why Im always ahead, I get my paper call me a money bee, I am never too far from where the money be, I got so much you would think I got a money tree, Them haters deal with play money mine is the real deal, They say Im showing off but Im just showing me, But my chain taking all the shine well thats all they see, Them haters hate the way that I get my cake, Cause I always have it can say I always bake.
  14. I got flow you can say Im like a river, When it comes to punchlines believe I will deliver, Niggas put me on your table I can be your fucking dinner,ha ha If you got your own pole I could be your personal stripper,lol The way that nigga hold me up you can say Im like is chain, And if im spitting in the air you best believe its bout to rain, wow Im a young chic and I make cash money, Do your shit girl if you a real hustle bunny, no homo My game always on a green light I dont stop I always go, Im rapping so ill and Im only at my intro, Them haters rapping for years and they shit still dont sound good, I aint gotta prentend no Im way better than good, Them haters broke the game but I can be a duct tape, And when I put it back together best belive im top mate, Ill treat the game like a ship im the fucking captain, If you think you bout to rule well thats not happening. yeah
  15. ya'll sleep under silk sheets I sleep under blankets, Cause where I live you can say it is the fucking artic, But even so I bring the most heat, And Ill make him look like a mummy got his body wrapped in sheets, And you dont wanna know me when I get unleashed, And I am so unreachable im not in your arm length, My shit so heavy it will crush your arm strength, And I aint a boxer but Ill give you KO hits, And I need potty training cause I cant controll my shit, Crazy ass rhymes I got more than a bit, I got them far down in the ground like a motha fucking pit, And I am so contageous I could get the devil sick, This shit is so outrageous it could seel your fucking lips, And if you bite my shit sooner or later it'll be ruined, Some people tryna hate but this just how I do it, Im in they mouth all day so I guess they speak me fluent.
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