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Everything posted by Excrement_Cranium

  1. Was it to be followed by: "*Groan* I already have five of them!" ???
  2. Harsh! I actually enjoy him. But he has to be in his niche. He doesn't really have a lot of depth.
  3. Attempted suicide attempt? ... ...... ? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany way... is he mad he isn't banging Kate Hudson anymore?
  4. I must keep this away from my wife... or she'll be all "Why didn't YOU do something cool like that for me? Asshole!"
  5. The roots will ALWAYS be good... hardest working group in HipHop. Suggestion (now down 1 member) - Slum Village
  6. They... still... don't... fucking... get... it. Hip-Hop is going to have to hit it's "grunge" stage, as right now, it's in the "Hair Metal" stage. All style, and no substance. Much of why if it isn't 10 years old, it's independent on my playlists. Suggestions: Blue Scholars Common Market
  7. If rainbow were Super Mario Brothers... he would have "flipped the score" by now! (date myself a bit there.... only 80's arcade gamers will get it)
  8. Got the Diamond Rio album for the wifey.... *cough* bittorrent *cough*... I have noticed it's a lot of country.
  9. www.youtube.com/deahtihs If it seems hard... just take shit head and type it backwards. :p
  10. ROFL I got about 2 and 1/2 years left... wanna pay my tuition, too?
  11. You remind me of a joke with that: A college girl is walking down the street and sees an old man rocking happily on his porch. On a whim she decides to speak with him. "What's your secret to a long, happy life?" "Well," he replies "I eat nothing but fried foods, drink a case of whiskey a week, and never, ever exercise." "Wow, that's amazing!" she replies. "And how old are you?" "28!" (I got a full month of 28 left)
  12. ROFL! On topic: Thank you Metallica for furthering the growth of P2P and forcing diversification! I will still never buy you shit!
  13. I just don't know about that guy who posted it. He's kind of a cheap prick.
  14. Somebody call PETA... and laugh:
  15. High school kids and their senior pranks... bet that left them wiped out.
  16. You didn't elaborate as to who "he" is... but it fits them both.
  17. I realize that smoking is a bad habit. I realize that it is unhealthy, I realize second hand smoke blah blah blah... Fuck.... off. If I want to clog my arteries and lungs, so be it. There isn't a ban on cheeseburgers, and they kill in many of the same ways. People don't bitch about cheeseburgers all day. I don't even smoke, but I have to recognize that any law or action that tells someone that they can't do something is just that... a law or action prohibiting a personal decision and behavior. To me, it's in the same bag as a local law here which was recently passed in which people will be ticketed for parking their cars on their lawn. What? It's my car, it's my lawn, fuck you! ... off I go for re-education.
  18. That would be horrible! You n redneck's post rate would plummet!
  19. I propose a third scenario.... A subterranean culture will decide that it must save Hip-Hop, and use it's tunneling technology to create a hole in the Earth's crust that will immediately swallow both Kanye and 50... saving Hip-Hop, and the rest of humanity's souls.
  20. Big ramps + things with wheels = pain.
  21. You know... that's the only reason I opened this thread. Arrested? At a John Mayer concert? That's one of those stories people won't tell their kids, like crying when you seen Mickey Mouse.... at 26.
  22. What was life like before you invented birthdays, Koop? Happy Birthday CH!!!!
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