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Everything posted by Excrement_Cranium

  1. He makes some damn fine movies as well. Er.... What? Who the hell is Robert Rodriguez? Dude... you ass. ALEX Rodriguez!
  2. Yeah. I need to reword that... the publisher. The publisher is getting paid, the label is not. I think the publisher should be hit. Actually, I think publishers should be shot, burned, hung, boiled, hung, shot, burned, given a wedgie, shot, swirlied, and have their lunch money taken away.
  3. Uh. Wouldn't his beef be with the record label first?
  4. ROFL. Not Method, Methamphetamine. Tweakers... people who do meth, ice, crank, crystal etc... are crazy erratic, and often exhibit repetitive behavior. It is one drug that is actually proven to be giving the person their high by physically killing their brain. Meth(amphetamine) is just bad, mmkay.
  5. Stops people from working with other people? Obviously, he hasn't heard Bjork's album where she traveled around with her laptop, working with other people.
  6. :rip1: That's funked.... my thoughts go out to his family.
  7. Have you not noticed that cats also will smother you if you are depressed? While cats are a little less social than dogs, they do have a good sense of weakness, sadness, sickness, and seem to try to provide comfort... that, or they are just waiting to suck out your soul.
  8. My sister claims to have the ability to sense oncoming death after over a decade working in nursing homes. I'm sure it could be rather simple if what were happening were a slow metabolic death, with the body shutting down slowly... the chemical reactions occurring would have to give off some kind of scent... detectable or not.
  9. I was digging around on the music section on CNET, and came across Zeph and Azeem. Old school style lyrical delivery, and old school group setup (DJ/Producer and MC). Unfortunately, all I have is a myspace link: http://www.myspace.com/zephandazeem I recommend giving Play The Drum a listen.
  10. Because tomato and dog ass mix like liquor and beer. How low can you go?
  11. I'll keep that in mind! For now, I just buy cheap hats... Old Navy and souvenir caps. They don't have the mesh they keep bringing up.
  12. To satisfy my craving for large women in skimpy clothing.. What the hell was I thinking?
  13. Well... my avatar made the list. My favorite trilogy of all time was criminally omitted, however.
  14. Or to never stop, so you don't have to roll over and see what's in bed with you!
  15. You are all over complicating it. The answer can be found in one word: beer.
  16. That comes from never being satisfied with our government... maybe to the extent of not trusting them. Well... the government ain't gonna do shit... so we better get it done. Bootstrap capitalism, bootstrap charity.
  17. WTF? An artist trying to spread art for the art of it... not the money? Prince is a lunatic!
  18. Because nothing beats bacon. What's the quickest way top clear a room?
  19. *Adopted* brother, and MMA fighter. He just had a fight on Cinemax's league with a member of the Gracie family about 3 months ago.
  20. Pretty much. New schoolyard, same bullshit.
  21. It's Europe? Hundreds of years of history of how religious belief play into things...
  22. Bullshit. Don't blame downloading for that. That shit was happening before downloads boomed. Blame bigger hands reaching into a smaller pot. Mergers will fix nothing. Mergers are the problem. Economically, competition drives profit. You have to have a market, and a diverse market, which keeps people interested. No matter how good your product is, if people aren't interested in the market, they won't buy. Competition keeps people interested, and drives a push for distinction and quality. Quit merging, support independent labels and artists, and QUIT SUING YOUR CUSTOMERS!
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