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  1. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of the rap being pumped out now days, and P2P just doesn't provide info about, well, anything. I've found myself resorting to scouring cnet, and found quite a collection of interesting artists that will probably never make it big, my favorite of the moment? Stock. Intersting Michigan rapper, Eminem tinged. The track culture shock has a Nate Dogg style chorus. Anyways, anyone else know some different sites to pick up some free downloads of New and underground artists that are worth a listen?
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  3. With all the other topics in this range, I figure why not start another. This could include small and local bands you know of... My top Three: Lesbian Genitals Accidental Goat Sodomy All the Good Names are Taken Happy Hunting!
  4. It's like a diamond double wide trailer version of MTV's Newlyweds: Nick n Jessica. Except Britney isn't as hot, and her husband is so trailer park it's a miracle they didn't pull away for their honeymoon in a monster truck.
  5. Gonna have to go to work on this thread..... With all the whining about lyrical content today, have you ever LISTENED to music in the 50's, 60's, and 70's? The content really hasn't changed. The context has evolved little either. I'm going to chase down some specific examples on this, but sex, drugs, violence... always been in the music. I think people are just shocked that in the last 20 or so years, the handling of the content has become less evasive and more direct. However, the people criticizing the content now, understood the evasive language in the music of their era.... damn that Elvis.
  6. Oooooooh no... this is going to be long winded: I voted for all, but have to disagree with myself, as the late 90's and today have just seen musical innovation grind to a hault. We are presented cookie cutter piles of steaming crap on a daily basis, and the trend of local music shops disappearing is really beginning to limit what is available. Even with P2P, people just aren't pushing new and innovative artists. Creed.. blah, they break up, and we get Alterbridge, blah.... Creed part 2. I think forums like this, and P2P technology could be the revolution in music today, if people start pumping out local and little known artists that are evolving away from the fecal matter music being pumped over the airwaves. The desire and technology is there, now all we need is the initiative. Anyway, the 50's have to be mentioned for the evolution of Rock n' Roll... The 60's for the melding of Rock n' Roll and Folk to bring social conscience... The 70's for continuing the evolution of the 60's, the birth of metal, evolution of funk, and yes.... even disco The 80's for the emergence (yet not birth) of rap, the death and assimilation of disco, the birth and death of new wave, and the emergence of techno... The 90's for taking Metal back to it's dirty roots, the bastardization of Rap into pop, and for teaching us all to hate boy/girl pop groups....
  7. I like pop if only for the reason that it is cheesy. didn't quite go down the whole list.. how about: Patrick Swayze - She's like the wind Eddie Murphy - Party all the Time Was/Not was - Walk the Dinosaur Then there is the gem my best friend and I had a tommy boy moment with. You know, driving down the road, song comes on the radio... "You can change it if you want", "Um, well yeah, change it dude", "Actually, I kind of like this song", "Uuuuuuuuh.... me too". White Town - Your Woman The bassline was infectious. I still rock that damn song on occasion and laugh about that moment.
  8. Honestly, if it is still there, and someone wants it, it's two blocks from my house. I would hate to see the shipping bill though. I could check it out, and get you the info for the shop. The woman who runs it is a churchy type, and the shop is non profit. All items are donated. The one thing I was going to pick up that day was an old Pioneer reciever with a realistic tape deck, and an old modulare 8-track deck. 20 bucks for all three components.
  9. A sociology textbook.... Though, once summer hits, gonna pick Steven King's Dark Tower series back up. Left off at Wizard and Glass. Forgot the name of the next, The Wolves of something, then Suzannah's Song, and finally The Dark Tower.
  10. Hmmmmmmmmmmm... The Ramones, and have to agree with the start... MC5. Flaming Lips anyone? Red Hot Chili Peppers? The hardest part about punk, is success is selling out. Once a band "makes the big time" the core fanbase tends to get all hussy for losing their little secret and bash everything the band makes from then out. A world where success means pop, and pop means crap. Oh well... I for one admit that I like imaginative pop. Though.......................... I wonder where
  11. Gah... toss up. Vai is brilliant, though not on the poll. I'll give it to Jimmy Hendrix though. A year or two back I went to the Experience Music Project in Seattle. For those who don't know about it, it's a museum of music. They have an entire room dedicated to Jimmy. The man brought things to the artistry of guitar that were unthought of before his time. Just his contribution to the artform, his creativity in bringing new sounds out of it should give him the juice.
  12. I found something nutty the other day. A second hand store down the street from my house had an antique Dj Table. It was about the size of a dresser, the top flipped open and there was one turntable and a microphone. Just below, a door swung down and revealed the second turntable. Two turntables and a microphone, 1960 style. Asking price? $75! Both turtables still had needles, and the top turntable was felt covered. The wood was in excellent condition.... if only I had the spare cash....
  13. R.A. The Rugged Man - Lessons: "They say a white boy need a black boy to win, bubba sparxxx did it, and so did slim"
  14. Where can one go with this.... I'll give The Game a nod for being the first west coast style artist to catch my interest in years. All my old favorites have either faded, or proceeded to pump out steaming piles of crap. E-40, Celly Cel, Brotha Lynch, Wu, Common, Rugged Man, Jay-z (used to hate him, though I finally gave him a chance... he's aiight), Pac, Biggie, Aesop Rock, Immortal Technique... The list could go on... 50 is ok for commercial rap, though his delivery is lethargic. Em.... oh how I want to hate em... but his delivery is too quick, and he shows his best in introspect, though he is starting to crumble in my opinion. How long I could go on... I'll just watch the thread and see where it goes...
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