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  1. On another note, thanks for giving me a reason to look at IGN again. It used to be one of my daily haunts.... in like... 2003?
  2. Don't even have to wipe it, really. One slick thing in Vista is that you can set up a separate partition from within the OS. Set up a second partition, install XP, or go nuts and try linux.
  3. But but but... they will be WORKING! Never enough of a fan of vinyl, but I dig vintage equipment, and I have a habit of buying old speaker sets out of thrift stores and restoring them and/or updating the hardware in them. I haven't done a set in a few years, as it pisses my wife off, but it was something I always enjoyed and was a rather inexpensive hobby.
  4. I actually have an old 70's JVC quadraphonic Receiver. It has 8 speaker channels in total. The damn thing weighs about 60lbs. I saved it from Goodwill when I was about 13. I haven't found a speaker yet it couldn't power perfectly. It isn't so great for highs, but that can be fixed with a boost in equalization. I also had a Fisher that was about the same, but it had a joystick to control the fade/balance. That one I saved from the dump on the way home from school one day, saw it sitting on top of a garbage can and snagged it. I loaned it to a friend a long time ago, and it has long since disappeared from my knowledge, until it turned up in the hand of my sister in law's dopehead brother in law. Nothing beats those old amplifiers for pure punch power.
  5. Didn't get my vote. Neither did that shitbird McCain. Have to write Ron Paul in... Meh. Win me over Barack, you have the floor...
  6. That right there is some funny, original shit.
  7. I'm curious to see what will come out of a Mike Judge with more free time....
  8. That was at the Chinook Pass summit, in the Cascade Mountains between Eastern and Western Washington. We took a trip over to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma and the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. We were going to hit Pike Street Market and the Piers, but ran out of time and money. Oh well, it's only a 2 1/2 hour drive, and I have lots of family on that side of the mountains. >.< To the right of where that picture was taken: And the view of Mount Rainier from the West side of the pass:
  9. Thank god I'm not alone in not "getting" Radiohead. I've tried and tried and tried, and I just can't see why all the music critics live firmly nestled in the pubic hair at the base of Thom Yorke's balls. We gotta have a beer.
  10. Lord of Denise? Happy Birthday. *the first pic was better, but we had bush, and I ain't talkin 'bout the pres.*
  11. On the late train, I say salutations! Has the hangover wore off yet?
  12. Thanks, folks. This one was the big 3-0. Had a pretty decent one, for having to start school and work.
  13. Yeah. I logged in. BK returned to the tab. I can't imagine the number of pages I'd have to wade through after...3? 4 months? Argh... laziness. You can blame dude, he kept prodding me with PM's that prodded my email, and so on and so forth.
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