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  2. From my experience, it's all about personal touches. Think about your boyfriend's hobbies, favorite things, and moments you've shared.
  3. Title: Expansion Artist: PROGRUSS Style: Progressive House Label: Black Delta Records Streaming: https://album.link/expansion Website: http://delwwg.ru/product/progruss-expansion/ Thank You for Your Support!
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  5. It's remarkable how discussions on political social media platforms can take such creative and humorous turns. Anderson really has a knack for using vivid language to capture attention and provoke thought.
  6. Oh, I had quite a laugh when I stumbled upon Anderson Cooper's recent comparison of Donald Trump to an "obese turtle"!
  7. El collaborates with billy woods and Elucid on the hip-hop duo’s third offering from We Buy Diabetic Test StripsView the full article
  8. A companion piece to The Record arrives on October 13View the full article
  9. In which the Puerto Rican rapper leans on a kiddie ride and a decked-out convertible while rapping alongView the full article
  10. Following shows through the rest of 2023, she continues touring the U.S. next yearView the full article
  11. The musicians are dressed as angels in the new India Harris–directed visualView the full article
  12. The singer and founding member of the 1960s folk band penned hits like the Grammy-nominated “Cherish”View the full article
  13. “The Magdalene Song” soundtracked the finale of BBC series The Woman in the Wall, about cruelty in the Irish Catholic church systemView the full article
  14. Dates behind Daniel Lopatin’s new album Again kick off in 2024View the full article
  15. Segall eats egg after egg in a visual that he co-directed with his wife, Denée SegallView the full article
  16. Our weekly playlist highlights songs that our writers, editors, and contributors are listening to on repeatView the full article
  17. Hey, this is pretty cool news! Roku is stepping up its game by launching its own line of TVs. It's great to see more options in the market, especially with affordable pricing. I can't wait to see what they have to offer in terms of features and performance. Also, here are some guides to navigate it better fix roku overheating. I hope that helps you!
  18. The singer was seen watching Kelce play at Arrowhead Stadium on SundayView the full article
  19. Taylor Swift cheered on her rumored beau, Travis Kelce, alongside his mom, Donna Kelce, at the Chiefs game in Kansas City on Sunday. View the full article
  20. Singer-songwriter Terry Kirkman of the 1960s folk-rock group the Association has died. Kirkman wrote the popular song 'Cherish,' among others. View the full article
  21. Chris Ianuzzi has become a YEDM favorite and an example of the type of experimental electronica that fuels EDM with out EDMers even knowing about it. With a firm foot still in post punk and indie/electronic crossover, Ianuzzi is in a unique position to draw in fans of multiple genres with his well-composed, Philip Glass-style organized chaos. While most of this work is just that: a load of tinkering and technically complex composition meant to sound chaotic, Ianuzzi does sometimes step all the way in to EDM, even to the point where one can find a solid genre or two. This is the case with his new dual single, “Distant Suns” and “Wild Side.” With a actual beats and even a melody, Ianuzzi has channeled his inner raver in “Distant Suns,” the ostensible a-side of the two tracks. The track opens with a feedback-driven vintage tune-in vibe before launching into a trancy straight beat without a buildup. Sad straight beat is accompanied by a 90s rave-style melody which is sort of ambient to the beat, which, without the listener noticing, turns into a more deep techno beat before the whole thing is cut off without ceremony and switches to an industrial-soaked breakbeat. The track continues thus, with the various trance-techno-breakbeat loops starting and stopping arbitrarily and Ianuzzi’s dissonant vocals being, surprisingly, the only element that continues on a followable trajectory. “Distant Suns” is thus able to straddle EDM, post punk and experimental at once: the elements of EDM are there, but the structure is all Ianuzzi and his glorious chaos. It’s clear upon listening to “Wild Side” that in these two tracks, Ianuzzi was playing around with different percussive sounds that are sort of timey and spacey in nature. They’re present in “Distant Suns” but in “Wild Side” they comprise a significant line of music. Also with a surprising amount of perceivable structure, “Wild Side” is actually more linear than “Distant Suns,” as its running bassline drives the track while the minimal trap beat anchors it. Over, aside and around these structures, however, is the sonic equivalent of Tron superimposed over Salvador Dalí’s Persistence of Memory series with the melting clocks. While more industrial-meets-post punk than EDM, “Wild Side” is still cohesive enough to tickle the EDM fan’s fancy as well. It would be excellent at the end of a sunrise set at the end of a festival. Fans can always expect the unexpected from Chris Ianuzzi, and “Distant Suns” and “Wild Side” are no exception. With his last track prior to these being more ambient experimental, it’s nice to see this electronica mad scientist play with beat and percussion once more. “Distant Suns” and “Wild Side” are out now and available to stream on Spotify. This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Chris Ianuzzi Tackles Melody and the Time-Space Continuum in New Tracks, ‘Distant Suns’ and ‘Wild Side’ View the full article
  22. Debbie Gibson is publishing a memoir, as first reported by Publisher’s Weekly. The book, which does not have a name or release date yet, “reflects my hard won journey in, not only the entertainment world, but all aspects of my life,” as Gibson wrote in an Instagram post announcing the book. View the full article
  23. An event organized by Spanish football league LaLiga took place at the Museum of Arts and Sciences of Valencia yesterday. LaLiga were joined at “Fight Against Piracy in Sporting Events” by Víctor Francos Díaz, Spain’s recently appointed Secretary of State for Sports and president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), and MEP Iban García del Blanco. Citing data recently published by the European Intellectual Property Office, which found that piracy in the EU grew by 3.3 % in 2022, the CSD president said piracy remains a problem for sports groups like LaLiga and for governments around Europe. That report didn’t actually contain any data on the IPTV-based piracy plaguing LaLiga, but there’s no doubt that the league has its hands full. Scale of the Problem LaLiga’s efforts to contain IPTV piracy services began eight years ago and according to local media, La Liga’s anti-piracy department now detects over 46,000 IP addresses around the world broadcasting pirated live sports. LaLiga chief Javier Tebas reported that during the first five days of the new Spanish football season, it had “eliminated” 58 Android-based piracy apps believed to have been downloaded by four million users worldwide. Tebas said that 800,000 of those users are in Spain where they use the app to watch pirated football streams. The figures relating to Apple devices are smaller, around a million users worldwide, 300,000 of them in Spain. Overall that’s roughly 1.1 million users of these pirate apps in Spain, a considerable number but only part of the overall picture. Terminology and Definitions Are Important What LaLiga means by “eliminated” isn’t clear and that in itself muddies the waters when trying to build a picture on achievements and failures. On one hand, the complete destruction of 58 apps and their infrastructure would be a monumental achievement but if 58 apps were only removed from app stores or blocked by ISPs, any gains might already have been wiped out as pirates adjust. The tell-tale signs that “eliminated” means something other than total destruction were evident as Tebas outlined another problem facing LaLiga. While it may well have restricted the availability of dozens of apps, LaLiga is in no position to do anything about the copies that have already been downloaded and installed on users’ phones. Tebas describes this as another problem LaLiga faced, which probably speaks volumes about the status of the “eliminated” apps. If we assume that non-functional “eliminated” piracy apps are useless and therefore of little concern to LaLiga, only functional apps are problematic. If the already downloaded apps can still rely on functional internet infrastructure, getting rebranded apps back into the marketplace won’t be a problem for pirates. That being said, Tebas believes that eliminating downloaded apps has value, and it appears that work towards that is already underway. LaLiga is “Talking to Google” “That is another of our fights: that those who have them downloaded on their mobile phones already have them and now we have to work to eliminate them,” Tebas said, as quoted by local media. “We are talking to Google and other platforms so that they can be located on those mobile phones. If it can be done and it is done, for example, for crimes such as child pornography, for intellectual property, which is stealing, they should have to do it too.” It’s been quite some time since the protection of intellectual property and the protection of children have been mentioned in the same sentence, and longer still since anyone has advocated for equivalent countermeasures. That could mean that the protection of intellectual property is getting ahead of itself but without similarly huge financial lobbying power, it’s more likely to reflect child protection falling behind. From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more. View the full article
  24. NASA has called the OSIRIS-Rex landing a historic success, the first U.S. mission to return samples of an asteroid to Earth.View the full article
  25. "Afro trap" pioneer among those found guilty in 2018 gang-related killing in ParisView the full article
  26. An updated law requires ticketing platforms to report anyone who earns over $600 from reselling tickets to the IRS, impacting Taylor Swift and Beyoncé resellers.View the full article
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