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Everything posted by Excrement_Cranium

  1. /slap shawn in the dangly bits O_o
  2. I'm still waiting on one of Dude's coveted PM's on this thread...
  3. As sneaky as Blizzard asking for a credit card number for a 10 day WoW trial...
  4. While they do it in the interest of their own profits, these are powerful allies against DRM.
  5. Ugh. Another merger. At least Sony and Microsoft are muscling up indy game developers w/ their online sections.
  6. I went for Artist IS the label. Then they can do whatever they want.
  7. He ain't quite anymore... but I always dug him.
  8. I've seen this before... hasn't the spammer supreme already posted it?
  9. Pffft. Snoop hasn't had an entirely solid album, end to end, since Doggystyle.
  10. She's from Louisiana... it's all good, as long as you are related to her!
  11. Seriously. I don't dig dude's persona, but I don't wish tragedy on anyone.
  12. Due to the fact that I watch TV more than listen to radio, I don't mind smaller bands getting their shit into commercials... as I'm too lazy to look for it in other ways. Actually... it's probably I listen to more TV than radio... as when I am watching, I'm watching movies, or recently, shit that I have saved on the DVR.
  13. Oh yeah. I read about it in Rolling Stone. Thank you YVCC library!
  14. A buddy of mine had some production equipment he was playing with... but like myself, is lacking in instrumental talent. I played that song for him to show him that if you go nuts and try new things, sometimes something cool shows up.
  15. I have to admit that I am extremely interested, despite the fact that I have only liked about 1/10th of Jigga's material. Maybe it's the geek in me, but I love the cohesion that comes out of concept albums.
  16. What!? No Nu Shooz??? Dig the Expose' though.
  17. Yeah... I went and watched that to see if I was going crazy, or if that live performance was just completely unintelligible.
  18. WTF? Is she going to the Bob Dylan/Ozzy Osbourne school of speaking? (though, those guys are more understandable when they sing)
  19. Oh god... I just had explosion in pants.
  20. I think the movie is Dubya Dubya creepy.
  21. I concur. Hate Kanye, but this album is good.
  22. But but but... did you click mine, and bask in the awesomeness?
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