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  1. cracka


    #15 of hit'em #2 x5 .22 ill bring it to you fags while im out sellin bags extended clip mags fillin up hella body bags ill bring it to you fags in ya face like rags pistol in my hand while im out sellin bags extended clip mags help fill up the morgue you'll scream no more before half the shells hit the floor you ready for the four five or the full nyne or is it 12 gauge time make you respect whats mine im gettin on grime cause im on that cash n im all about crime watch ill teach that ass gotta have a mask n gloves to be gravy 1 million in cash if they want they baby or maybe watch n see who's been slangin lately pull up at a red light n off them quickly passenger hop in their ride so shifty now you got their cash their goods n their Bentley! home's dont tempt me i bust till im empty Lucifer's my boss he's the one who sent me!
  2. Shit is pretty fuckin dope, just needs to have a steady beat for it.
  3. cracka


    He is I me. n i will in next part of song.
  4. cracka


    #4 off of hit'em up beats #2 x2 .30 he knows he is wrong n he ruined it for the both of us even tho inside one guy. is the both of us look into my eyes with fine lines to find lies the real demon's in our lives we despise are just inside 1.00 it started off cool everything was for the come up first. met. at. school. fuck class lets come up got the paper first thing then we coped good green sacked up for a while now we got a little cream anybody wanna harm us got anna get schemed no alarm could stop him from lifting. a big. screen always had differences prefect match it seemed which meaned one was clean the other a jackass got the cash hella grass and we both had a trick up a sleeve smooth as breeze but common as tree's or leaves falling stealin dumb so we both not ballin seen me crawling n so thirsty couldn't come n hurt me tried to jerk me cloud my mind hatred struck like thunder we had to feed our hunger to used to being well off had to hit a lick and the only place known was home each had to watch their back cause we know whats known x2 2.00 he knows he is wrong n he ruined it for the both of us even tho inside one guy. is the both of us look into my eyes with fine lines to find lies the real demon's in our lives we despise are just inside if we slip one second the others with the chrome at dome i chose to live my life, hustle, hardly am i looking back now he's hiding out living. off. of my meager. scrap's never hit a line of H. never around smoking crack the weight is 1000 pounds n i bare it on my back its all on track but i still keep the pain up on my back livin to wild not calm actin like he hood he's my side of anger only right off the goody good stealing anythang he could cause he knows he fuckin can stealin cars stealin subs anything thats close to man or in demand is put in hand thay call him the jack'a man fuck it its the cracka man quick to crack ya best man worst man hell ice men hit'em with the microwave to melt'em like ice cream cash rules everything around me stop being rowdy listen to my heartbeat stopped hittin licks still straped like a car seat. x2 he knows he is wrong n he ruined it for the both of us even tho inside one guy. is the both of us look into my eyes with fine lines to find lies the real demon's in our lives we despise are just inside
  5. x2 never wanna stop always have the party poppin roll up a blunt tight of the green goblin once im off the mic then i go out robbin its just a day in mylife. . no floggin im goin to the top cause my shit be nonstop make the boat rock while i make the party pop rollin crops up in a blunt maybe even two see the cops roll past but what the fuck they gone do im a white boy wangin subs surpassing all the scrubs smokin dubs or a whole o of the lightest dro you could say im a spectacle shit be undetectable yea im sacked up its just hangin by my testicle region of my body out to get dough so never sloppy but if you wanna talk shit ill go slip the shotty smokin weed while i murk lames is my favorite hobby cause its more like a duty if i catch you while unruley say it to me if you got shit on ya fuckin mind ill blow like a mine tick tock yo ass outta time so here's what is im. . . half fresh but so clean on my grind at all times so expect my own rhymes respect to the fullest and protect what is mine! x2 never wanna stop always have the party poppin roll up a blunt tight of the green goblin once im off the mic then i go out robbin its just a day in my life no floggin rockin get the crowd stompin people from Oakland just start crumpin i got the music bumpin 12's are jumpin haters come out get they head like a pumpkin jump him, put ya hands in the air wave 'em or somethin get the vibe in ya body to just start humpin i clutch the mic huntin for my next party haters that talk shit. . live after. . hardly all the crowds say that my words are grand slams whores leave with 5 mans men leave with 5 whores i take everything i can shove in my chevy doors liquor pourin out my pours weed stench on my breath after i spit this meth i take second to try to breathe fuck a .5o cal with a whole inch im shootin breeze wont miss when i squeeze like verbs in my line up herbs help me think clear to write i twist the pine up x2 never wanna stop always have the party poppin roll up a blunt tight of the green goblin once im off the mic then i go out robbin its just a day in my life no floggin
  6. man shit was so weak. n just so u know the reason i talk about gangsta shit is cause i will pop ya bitchass no prob, but dont foget i never claimed im a gangsta just hella harder that you so one love just suck on a dick or a barrel' ya rhymes played out like the man will farrel, you dont seem to get it you lie way to much, ya words aint a rush thier like an emp-ty dutch so gone keep in touch with your inner homo im out on sesame street fuckin robbin elmo with the words i say preacher like 'o hell no' watch ya shit split like two pieces of Velcro .50 cal or 12 gauge bitch thats two ways to go this shit is a waste cause its gettin us nowhere you think you so cold but ya somthin like welfare no spine in ya body you stuck in a wheelchair lift you by ya feet n hang you over the balcony u stupid little bitch why the fuck would you be doubting me understand i aint no punk no way you be pushin me im pushin weight of the wake n ill leave ya head baked josh hoyt champaign you comin just to get taped. . up tossed in my trunk with my subs so u feel the bumb to a lake till ya dumped with cement shoes on ya shoes you snoozed on competition now ya missin singin the blues
  7. shits pretty tight man, just keep at it n it will come more naturally.
  8. cracka

    no name 2

    ok buddy like i said just come around n get got u lie in your words but i promise you'll get shot prob never drew a plot or seen a smith n wesson so go get your pen n pad cause class is in session firearms n arson on some real shit u need a lesson so go count ya blessings n stop testing your luck i got a .45 magnum with more torque than a truck put it to ya chest then im straight lifting you up ill do it in broad day bitch i aint giving a fuck! you aint that cold son, you lack real shit, meaning, n truth. noone cares about some dumb shit u make up, people wanna here about everyday shit, shit thats bound to happen. so when you ramble on with your nonsense your actually killing what real lyricists such as 8ball, krs-one, nas, styles p, 2pac, ice cube, dr.dre, too short, AR-AB, biggie n any other respectful lyricists fight/fought to keep alive. n yes storytellin is a lare part of hip hop but lying is a attribute looked down apon by in rappin. so GET some balls n try to scratch'em with a heater bitch, get ya radio play lyrics on atleast i aint a fake.
  9. well of coarse u think my shits weak its got u up all night. . you cant sleep its got you sick all day you cant eat its got you scared to go out so you cant leave its got you to weak to inhale so you cant breath its got you realizing you had no reason to diss me!!! no love in ya life cant admit when some shit tight n i admit what you write has a little bit of insight this beef is unsupported no real fight just boredom cause if we met in the life believe bullets i pour'em because nothin will ever settle over words n a forum its like sayin i got grandmas watch as i whore'em its just not making cents. . . from dollars to sense my words are like fifty cal's you aint even leavin dents
  10. while you talkin all yo shit ill be kickin in yo kitchen get the gods n get the grits n u runnin like a chicken it takes u 5 days to write back 1 hour n mine is written execpt ya loses n take ya fuckin rippin should say whippin you tryin call me a redneck fuck it throw the clip in ill shoot u in the leg while u run n my dogs get to sic"in so come on finish with ya bitchin comense with ya wishin you seem to know what kids like stop playn with the children free ya anger threw me keep admitting ya childhood rhymes are funny but trash the same shit a child could u couldn bring that shit to mine or a wilder neighborhood so ima tell u how it is like a fuckin friendly neighbor would talking like a bitch should lying got you puckered up theres no truth in ur words ur bound to get fucked up lips stickin out far like a asshole thats been butt fucked because what have you got to say will not ever move shit you need to get a grove bitch n flinch when tools click u tool bitch get off the fool shit stool droppin foolishness before i come out n school this big mistake for a hooligan my lane is always wide open n always my turn to shoot again
  11. if you think i was dissin you son you way to hostle chill the fuck out before your put in the hospital everything that i say n everything that i do dont have to have a reason that excusable to you my words are like propane n a flame engulfing you you built the coffin n dug ya ditch so in im tossin you but yes these are just my words n its all fun n games but realize in real life when its games i spit flames i shit change n your short so you stick your hand out its just change you needs sense im happy to help out i grab my clip which is my spit n i empty the bitch out kick you in your pussy til the blood starts to drip out i know yous a hoe cause you takin the bitch route did i say your name or is PMS your big mouth? now get out cause im goin in, ill do ya in right before its time for din din
  12. cracka


    but yea no harm in a quick bar for bar.
  13. na son that old old shit, just checkin you out. dont be so jumpy
  14. ima catch you on a off day and let it all spray if you up in my face you gone die like to-day really i dont give a shit so fuck what you say buckin at ya ass while you skate off like lupe never will i aim with my hand in back of me runnin my target he gone leave the scene after me my favorite is my knife cause it has a bad attitude i have never seen you but i promise IT is mad at you catch you in a alley dude leave you layin on your back shut ya trap or i promise ill be comin right back put some lead in ya head have it fitted like ya hat not a gat but a strap anything i have intact like a shank or a wire choke ya ass cause you a lire you aint tuff aint hard you aint gangsta aint smart mp5 is my trump card im gone trump yo heart in the heat keep yo mind clear cause danger is near i can be wasted shoot and steer livin with no fear im clinic-ly insain hearin voicies whisperin in my ear call me crack the all mighty cause yo dooms day is here!! ha ha to be continued. . .
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