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  1. Xylouris-White-1678890607.jpg

    Next month, Xylouris White, the strange and often-wonderful duo of Dirty Three drummer Jim White and Cretan lute player George Xylouris, will release their new album The Forest In Me. Xylouris White recorded the album with their unofficial third member, the former Fugazi co-leader Guy Picciotto, on production. We’ve already posted the early singles “Latin White” and “Red Wine,” and now Xylouris White have shared another new track.

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  2. The-Lemon-Twigs-Everything-Harmony-16762

    In May, retro-pop brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario (aka the Lemon Twigs) will release a new album, Everything Harmony via their new label home, Captured Tracks. They’ve already shared January’s “Corner Of My Eye” as well as “Any Time Of Day.” Today, the Lemon Twigs are releasing another song from the album. This one’s called “In My Head,” and it’s a cheery, Beach Boys-meets-Beatles-meets-Real Estate jangle-pop ballad with some aching lyrical undertones. “In My Head” also has a really cute, cinematic music video that places the D’Addario brothers performing on sand dunes and by the ocean.

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  3. JesusPiece_SoUnknown-1678831732.jpg

    Philadelphia hardcore heads Jesus Piece are set to release their first album in five years, …So Unknown, next month. In December, they announced their return with “An Offering To The Night” and followed in January with “Gates Of Horn.” February brought “Tunnel Vision,” and today, Jesus Piece’s March single is an atmospheric cut called “Silver Lining.” According to a press release, it was inspired by singer Aaron Heard’s son.

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  4. Nourished-By-Time-Daddy-1678889623.jpeg

    Nourished By Time, the Baltimore-born and London-based singer and producer, has worked with artists like Dry Cleaning and Yaeji. He’s getting ready to release his full length debut Erotic Probiotic 2, which he recorded in his parents’ basement in Baltimore. (I never did anything anywhere near that productive in my parents’ basement in Baltimore; good for him.) We’ve already posted lead single “Quantum Suicide,” and now Nourished By Time has also shared another new track called “Daddy.”

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  5. Emilio Herce

    In about a month’s time, Fenne Lily is releasing a new album called Big Picture. She’s shared “Lights Light Up” and “Dawncolored Horse” from it so far, and today she’s back with another song from it, “In My Own Time,” which features harmonies from Katy Kirby and lyrics that suggest a gradual renewal: “In my own time, I’ll brighten up the corners/ Temporarily/ Fix up the paint and straighten all the pictures/ That hang around like me.” It comes with a music video that Fenne Lily directed with Jim Larson.

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  6. unnamed-7-1678802456.jpg

    Last month, Ric Wilson, Chromeo, and A-Trak shared a collaborative single, “Pay It No Mind,” and it turns out that was just an appetizer for a whole project that’s due out at the end of March. Today, that group is announcing their debut EP together, CLUSTERFUNK, which they recorded during the pandemic in California. It features guest spots from King Louie, Dirty Projectors’ Felicia Douglass, Dead Prez’s STIC.MAN, and more. Today, they’re sharing the title track, “Clusterfunk.” Check it out below.

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  7. Sunny-War-on-Kimmel-1678887515.jpeg

    The Nashville country-punk singer-songwriter Sunny War has been releasing albums for nearly a decade, and she’s also spent much of that time battling addiction. Last month, a sober Sunny War released her Anarchist Gospel LP, and it’s proven to be a huge breakout for her. Sunny War has now gotten to the point where she’s getting booked on late-night TV. That’s cool.

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  8. Google Workspace launches annual plans, 20% price increase for monthly users

    Enlarge (credit: Google)

    Don't get too distracted by today's big "AI for Google Workspace" announcement, because this is also the day for a Google Workspace price increase. Last month, Google announced that prices for the most common "business" editions of Google Workspace would increase by 20 percent, and the company would launch an "annual" billing option on March 14. Today's the big day, and with that new billing plan, the higher prices have hit the Google Workspace sign-up page for new users. Existing users will see that 20 percent price increase at some point in the future, too, with the earliest rollout happening in April. If you don't want to pay a bunch more for Workspace, the new Annual plan will let you commit to a year of Workspace at the old rate.

    Google's new-ish Workspace branding is kind of confusing. Google used to have a brand name only for the paid, business edition of the Google apps, which come with a custom domain option for your Gmail account. Previously the name was "G Suite," and before that it was "Google Apps for your domain." The new brand, "Workspace," applies to both the paid business accounts and the free consumer accounts, though. So to be clear, the free consumer Google accounts for Gmail and Docs and whatnot are still free, but the three most common business editions—Business "Starter," "Standard," and "Plus"—are all going up in price. Businesses pay for these accounts per user per month, so the pricing can add up quickly.

    Annual plans have been available before for businesses via the old-school route of calling a corporate sales rep, but now any business admin will be able to sign up for an annual plan online. Unlike the "Flexible" month-to-month plans, Google's terms for the deal say you'll be locked into the number of users you pick at the beginning of your year, and while you can add new users and pay more, you can't drop them. While you're locked into a year of service, billing is still month to month, and added users will increase your bill going forward, so they're prorated. You're not allowed to cancel the deal early.

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  9. Edward Bishop

    Everything But A Girl’s comeback album Fuse has thus far yielded the aerodynamic bangers “Nothing Left To Lose” and “Caution To The Wind.” Today they’ve given us something slightly different. New single “Run A Red Light” is an electronic ballad laced with piano, or maybe a piano ballad laced with electronics? Ben Watt begins the song on lead vocals, then Tracey Thorn emerges to intermingle with his voice and, finally, take over the spotlight. Watch director Charlie Di Placido’s video for the song below.

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