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Everything posted by DudeAsInCool

  1. Is it true you are on the city council?  🙂

  2. One can always hope he will return ?
  3. I'm with you. The question is whether it will fit the upgrade.
  4. Via Imgur Dy0clgR.png 1,029×703 pixels.webloc
  5. Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel of Love Believe it or not, Sean Penn introduced this song to me
  6. LOL, Undying Wizard, I am so ashamed. It will be fixed
  7. Is there a program we could buy that would fix the video issues?
  8. any progress on the videos? not so sure i like this upgrade yet. what are the plusses and minuses?
  9. OK. Fyi, only old links, not the videos, are showing up in the "What Am I Listening To" Thread! Can you fix that? We are talking about hundreds of screwed up posts How do I post a video? I added a youtube link, but nothing happens on the boards
  10. No. Look at your or mine account settings at the bottom
  11. if you look at a members page, there are categories for syncing up the individual posts with twitter and facebook check out your page at the bottom
  12. How do we sync up Twitter and Facebook for our individual posts?
  13. What program is this -- would it be better to upgrade Invision so we can keep the home page, etc?
  14. http://www.laweekly.com/music/the-20-worst-hipster-bands-the-complete-list-2410844
  15. How the hell do you have more posts than me? I protest :) Can you add a Pitchfork feed and less TMZ this time around? We need an Indie Rock forum. Jefe Media feed should not be grouped with the other Music categories I just posted an item in rock from the LA Weekly -- why didnt the pic and headline show up like they do in the post I had at Facebook?
  16. Next month, Tim Heidecker (of comedy duo Tim & Eric) will release his latest album, In Glendale. After sharing the title track, he's unveiled a visual for "Work From Home," another track from the upcoming LP. Directed by Austin M. Kearns, the one-shot clip sees Heidecker having an extended phone conversation as he wanders throughout his house, reeling from a wild party. The wreckage includes a fire in the living room, a man in the bathtub, and straggling partygoers in the kitchen (one of whom makes Heidecker a sandwich.) Foxygen's Jonathan Rado makes an appearance as well, playing keys in a secluded room. (He'll reprise that role later this year when he hits the road with Heidecker as part of his 10-piece touring band.) Watch the video below. In Glendale will be released on Rado's newly launched Jagjaguwar imprint, Rado Records. In other Heidecker-related news, the actor/musician told FADER today that he's composed a "really fucking dark and fucked up" song about Donald Trump's pilot. "I recorded it and I think I’m going to release it, but not yet," he revealed. "I was just fantasizing about what [the pilot’s] story is. What must he think about this? And, without giving too much away—what might he able to contribute to the situation?" In the same interview, Heidecker also touched upon the "Work From Home" video, his go-to excuse for calling in sick (food poisoning), and Nicolas Cage ("Let’s keep Nicolas Cage in the news ’cause it’s relevant to my album"). View the full article
  17. This year at SXSW, Nas previewed "The Sickness," a previously-unheard collaboration with J Dilla (over a Madlib beat). The song was released this month as a bonus track on Dilla's The Diary. ("The Sickness" was recorded by Dilla in 2001; Nas added his verse in 2016.) Now, it has a video directed by Ruffmercy. Watch the clip below. View the full article
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