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  1. foo-fighters-preparing-music-for-concert

    Foo Fighters are releasing a new album, But Here We Are, in a couple weeks, and they’re getting ready to embark of a full-fledged tour, both firsts since the death of their longtime drummer Taylor Hawkins last year. The band has performed a couple times since Hawkins’ death, at tribute shows in Los Angeles and London in his honor. And next week they’ll start a run of live dates that will take them through the end of the year.

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  2. tove-lo-i-like-u-live-1684689912.jpg

    Tove Lo is in the middle of a whole bunch of live dates supporting her most recent album Dirt Femme, which came out last fall, and she shows no signs of slowing down. A couple months back, she shared the new Dua Lipa co-write “Borderline” and performed that on late-night TV, and it looks like she has another single waiting in the wings. During a couple shows in Florida last week, she debuted a new track live called “I Like U.” Tove Lo described it as “a club banger for the gays and girls and theys.” Check out video below.

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  3. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

    While performing in Omaha, Nebraska over the weekend, Lizzo spoke out against the state’s newly passed bill that places restrictions on abortion and gender-affirming care. “Don’t let anybody tell you who you are,” Lizzo told the audience. “Anybody who comes to a Lizzo show should know that I am for people to have the right to healthcare — reproductive and gender-affirming.”

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  4. maxresdefault-1-1684606690.jpg

    The Hold Steady released their ninth studio album The Price Of Progress back in March, and today they’re on CBS’ Saturday Sessions for an interview and a few live performances. In addition to playing “Perdido” and “Grand Junction” from The Price Of Progress, Craig Finn & Co. also broke out a classic: “Modesto Is Not That Sweet” from their debut 2004 album Almost Killed Me.

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  5. Screenshot-2023-05-20-at-10.35.33-AM-168

    A Taylor Swift fan has gone viral for finding a truly creative — and even lucrative — way to experience the Eras tour in Nashville. Accountant Davis Perrigo so badly wanted to attend the Eras tour at the Nissan Stadium that he applied for (and got) a job as a stadium security guard. He couldn’t record any of the show himself, but other fans caught him on video singing along. Then he went viral.

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  6. a3507133493_10-1684603686.jpg

    Fog Lake, the lo-fi project of Newfoundland-based Aaron Powell, has been relatively quiet since releasing 2021’s Tragedy Reel LP. Last year, Powell released a collaborative single, “where are you now,” with dj poolboi, and then came a DJ Planet Express remix. Now, Powell has surprise-released a whole new album called midnight society. “Make whatever you will out of this,” he wrote on Bandcamp. “I’m gonna disappear for a bit.”

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  7. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

    A first grade teacher in Wisconsin has been fired after speaking out against Waukesha Schools’ decision to ban Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton’s “Rainbowland” from a spring concert. Last week, Melissa Tempel told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel she’d been informed by the district’s superintendent that her job had been terminated. She’d originally been placed on leave in April. Tempel’s termination would still require approval from the Waukesha School Board.

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    Alice Glass has teased a cover of Aqua’s 1997 “Barbie Girl” made with Adore. The glitchy 33-second clip of her rework is set to footage from the movie trailer for Greta Gerwig’s much-hyped Barbie movie starring Margo Robbie and Ryan Gosling, though it’s unclear if the track is affiliated with the film’s soundtrack. Glass only said it’s coming “coming soon” and shared a pre-save link

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  9. Screenshot-2023-05-20-at-8.56.22-AM-1684

    Last night, Beyoncé surprise-dropped a remix of her Renaissance track “America Has A Problem.” Now featuring Kendrick Lamar, the track launches right into a tight rapped verse that touches on AI (“Even AI gotta practice clonin’ Kendrick”) and the Beyhive. Meanwhile, the updated album art is an image of the American flag — but zoom in and the flag comprises red, white, and blue bullets.

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  10. Google CEO Sundar Pichai explains some of the company's many new AI models.

    Enlarge / Google CEO Sundar Pichai explains some of the company's many new AI models. (credit: Google)

    That Google I/O show sure was something, wasn't it? It was a rip-roaring two hours of nonstop AI talk without a break. Bard, Palm, Duet, Unicorn, Gecko, Gemini, Tailwind, Otter—there were so many cryptic AI code names thrown around it was hard to keep track of what Google was talking about. A glossary really would have helped. The highlight was, of course, the hardware, but even that was talked about as an AI delivery system.

    Google is in the midst of a total panic over the rise of OpenAI and its flagship product, ChatGPT, which has excited Wall Street and has the potential to steal some queries people would normally type into Google.com. It's an embarrassing situation for Google, especially for its CEO Sundar Pichai, who has been pitching an "AI first" mantra for about seven years now and doesn't have much to show for it. Google has been trying to get consumers excited about AI for years, but people only seemed to start caring once someone other than Google took a swing at it.

    Even more embarrassing is that the rise of ChatGPT was built on Google's technology. The "T" in "ChatGPT" stands for "transformer," a neural network technique Google invented in 2017 and never commercialized. OpenAI took Google's public research, built a product around it, and now uses that product to threaten Google.

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  11. A man uses a tool to open up an iPhone

    Enlarge / An iPhone undergoes repairs. (credit: Apple)

    Every time a new iPhone comes out, a team of technicians in the French city of Toulouse start to pull it apart. In the three years they’ve been doing this, they’ve found a device that’s gradually transforming into a fortress. Today’s iPhones are packed with parts that cannot be repaired or replaced by anyone other than an expensive Apple-accredited repair shop. And France doesn’t like that one bit.

    It's a problem that’s been getting worse and worse, says Alexandre Isaac, CEO of The Repair Academy, the renowned research and training group that runs the Toulouse workshop. Every time a new iPhone is released, his team finds another part that’s been locked to work only with a specific Apple device. First it was just a chip on the motherboard, he says. Then the list of parts with repair restrictions stretched to Touch ID, Face ID, and eventually the battery, the screen, and the camera.

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  12. shut-up-dude-1645828932.jpeg

    The internet scares me, but once in a while it delivers an inspired piece of content I’m happy to tuck away in the recesses of what’s left of my mind. That happened 10 years ago today when the Texas hardcore band Live Without uploaded a video of their performance at a Houston Denny’s the previous night. It gave us the glorious meme What The Fuck Is Up, Denny’s?. Happy anniversary to all those who celebrate.

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  13. A character from Willow

    Enlarge / Willow is the highest-profile show to be removed as part of these cuts. (credit: Disney)

    We saw it before with HBO Max and others, but Disney has now joined the content-cutting party. More than two dozen series and movies will be removed from Disney-owned streaming channels Disney+ and Hulu come May 26.

    The list of shows removed notably includes Willow, the single-season TV series follow-up to the beloved 1988 cult-classic fantasy movie directed by Ron Howard. The Willow series premiered in November 2022 but struggled to find an audience.

    Other notably cut content includes but is not limited to The World According to Jeff Goldblum, a couple of Marvel-themed documentaries, and several kids programs.

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