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  1. Google's Pixel line has been subject to a huge amount of leaks over the past few days: The Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel 7a, and even the Pixel Fold have all made the news rounds, somehow all at once. This is going to take a while.

    We'll start with the Pixel 8 Pro, which has a set of renders from OnLeaks and Smartprix. It feels like these get leaked earlier and earlier every year, but this phone should be out sometime in Q4. The biggest change in the new renders from last year: a flat display! The smartphone industry might finally be giving up on the pointless gimmick of curved smartphone displays.

    We have been railing against curved smartphone displays for nine years now. Samsung, the world's leading smartphone display manufacturer, figured out years ago that it could bend an OLED panel, making the left and right sides of the display curve downward and wrap around the phone body. Samsung never actually considered whether this was a good idea, though, and curved displays only bring a host of negatives to your phone design. A curved display distorts the image of your apps, videos, and photos, which were all meant to be displayed on a flat surface. In many lighting conditions, the curve captures a ton of glare, making it hard to see anything that's actually in that area. The curve also makes it a lot easier to accidentally touch the curved parts of the screen, which will generally stop the touchscreen from working.

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  2. The MNT Pocket Reform and its programmable RGB keyboard should begin shipping to backers later this year.

    Enlarge / The MNT Pocket Reform and its programmable RGB keyboard should begin shipping to backers later this year. (credit: MNT Research)

    The creators of the all-open source MNT Reform laptop are getting nearer to launching its handheld counterpart: The crowdfunding campaign for the 7-inch MNT Pocket Reform has officially launched and is also serving as a de-facto preorder system for the device. The cheapest version of the Pocket Reform starts at $899, and it's also being offered in purple for $969 or in a bundle with a 1TB SSD, carrying case, handbook, and poster for $1,299. All versions are currently slated to ship in mid-October.

    Crowdfunded hardware projects have a pretty spotty record when it comes to actually shipping products, but MNT used essentially the same funding strategy for the full-size Reform back in 2018.

    Like the full-size Reform, the pocket version uses open source hardware and a mechanical keyboard (buyers can choose either white or red Kalih switches). But the pocket version uses a 7-inch 1920×1200 LCD screen instead of a 12.5-inch version and comes with fewer and smaller ports (two USB-C, one micro HDMI, a microSD port, and one ix industrial mini Ethernet port). Its keyboard also comes with an individually programmable RGB backlight, and its trackball-style pointing device has been downsized to fit into the smaller design.

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  3. Lenovo is back this week with a few terrific deals on some of its bestselling laptops. The company is still continuing its 50 percent off promotion for the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10, and now it's adding the convertible model of that laptop to its anniversary sale. The 14-inch ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 7 is now enjoying a 57 percent discount from its regular retail price, knocking the price down from $3,099 to $1,333 for a savings of $1,766.

    You're getting a laptop that can convert into a tablet in the same 14-inch form factor as the regular ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10. It has a 360-degree convertible hinge design, a touchscreen, integrated pen support, and all the reliability and durability of a business-class notebook from Lenovo. If you don't need a business-class laptop, Lenovo's Yoga 7i is also on sale.

    Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 7 14-inch

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  4. little-richard-documentary-trailer-16789

    The iconoclastic Little Richard, who passed away in 2020, is the subject of a new documentary called Little Richard: I Am Everything, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and will be released digitally on April 21, after some one-night-only screening events that’ll take place a week earlier.
    “Through a wealth of archive and performance that brings us into Richard’s complicated inner world, the film unspools the icon’s life story with all its switchbacks and contradictions,” the film’s official description reads. ” In interviews with family, musicians, and cutting-edge Black and queer scholars, the film reveals how Richard created an art form for ultimate self-expression, yet what he gave to the world he was never able to give to himself.”
    Today, the trailer for the film — which was directed by Lisa Cortés — has been released, and you can check it out below.

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  5. Eva Vermandel

    The British composer Matthew Herbert has long used unconventional sounds as instruments on his albums. Past experiments have made music out of the sounds of the human body, the sounds of food, the sounds made in the life cycle of a pig from birth to slaughter. For his new album, appropriately titled The Horse, Herbert used a full-size horse skeleton and constructed instruments out of those remains: flutes made from thigh bones, bows from ribs and horse hair.

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  6. J.I.D. and Saba; Jay Wheeler and Cuco; Remi Wolf and Mariah the Scientist; Koffee, Chlöe Bailey and a surprise guest — all of these artists and more are hitting the stage at South by Southwest this year for major sets at Rolling Stone’s Future of Music showcase, a four-night, genre-hopping celebration of artists defining the sound of tomorrow. The showcase takes place March 14 through 17 at ACL […]

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  7. 600x600bb-1678896913.jpg

    Later this week, Yves Tumor is releasing a new album, Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds). We’ve heard three tracks from it already — “Heaven Surrounds Us Like A Hood,” “God Is A Circle,” and “Echolalia” — and today we’re getting one more before the whole thing is out in full, “Parody.” “Send your face and name on a postcard/ A parody of a pop star,” Yves sings on it. “You behaved like a monster/ Is this all just makeup?” Listen below.

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  8. Michael D. Thorn

    You don’t know anything until you’re in the room. You can watch all the Hate5six videos you want, but to truly experience a band that’s anywhere near the hardcore spectrum, you need to be there, breathing the same air, braving the same stagedivers. Sometimes, you can get a pretty good idea of how things will go. Certain bands write music in ways specifically tailored to get certain reactions from the crowd, and if you’ve been to a few shows, then you understand the rituals involved. Even there, though, a hardcore show thrives on a certain level of unpredictable, combustible chaos. And when a band’s whole style is built on chaos, then you can’t go in there with expectations.

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  9. Sky-Blue-Sky-1678895136.jpg

    At the very beginning of 2022, Wilco staged their first edition of Sky Blue Sky, their Cancun destination festival, since the beginning of the pandemic. There were complications. Amidst a new wave of COVID variants, many fans were mad that Wilco didn’t offer a refund option, and Wilco’s rep had to make a statement that the band wasn’t in any position to offer refunds. Nevertheless, the festival still happened, and Wilco performed with guests like Kurt Vile, Soccer Mommy, and Mavis Staples. Later this year, they’ll try it again.

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  10. Something-In-The-Water-1678893603.jpg

    Way back in 2019, Pharrell Williams launched his Something In The Water festival in his Virginia Beach hometown. Thus far, that’s been the only Something In The Water fest in Virginia Beach. The pandemic kept the fest from happening for a couple of years, and last year, Pharrell pulled the festival from Virginia Beach, citing the city’s “toxic energy” and out-of-control police. The festival moved to Washington, DC for a single chaotic year, and then Pharrell announced plans to return Something In The Water to Virginia Beach. Today, he’s announced the lineup for the festival’s big homecoming.

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