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  1. download-1684798873.jpeg

    Oakland musician Stephen Steinbrink has announced his first new album in five years, Disappearing Coin, out August 18 on Western Vinyl. Steinbrink’s last LP was 2018’s Utopia Teased. Along with the news, Steinbrink is sharing “Opalescent Ribbon,” a laid-back and harmonized lead single written in partnership with Paul Frunzi of Ever Ending Kicks. The track comes accompanied by self-directed video.

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  2. Windows Copilot is an AI-assisted feature coming to Windows 11 preview builds starting in June.

    Enlarge / Windows Copilot is an AI-assisted feature coming to Windows 11 preview builds starting in June. (credit: Microsoft)

    A couple of months ago, Microsoft added generative AI features to Windows 11 in the form of a taskbar-mounted version of the Bing chatbot. Starting this summer, the company will be going even further, adding a new ChatGPT-driven Copilot feature that can be used alongside your other Windows apps. The company announced the change at its Build developer conference alongside another new batch of Windows 11 updates due later this year. Windows Copilot will be available to Windows Insiders starting in June.

    Like the Microsoft 365 Copilot, Windows Copilot is a separate window that opens up along the right side of your screen and assists with various tasks based on what you ask it to do. A Microsoft demo video shows Copilot changing Windows settings, rearranging windows with Snap Layouts, summarizing and rewriting documents that were dragged into it, and opening apps like Spotify, Adobe Express, and Teams. Copilot is launched with a dedicated button on the taskbar.

    "Once open, the Windows Copilot side bar stays consistent across your apps, programs and windows, always available to act as your personal assistant. It makes every user a power user, helping you take action, customize your settings, and seamlessly connect across your favorite apps," wrote Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay.

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  3. 1-1684794464.jpg

    Last fall, London producer Loraine James (who also performs as Whatever The Weather) released Building Something Beautiful For Me, a tribute album that “reinterprets, reimagines, and responds” to the late minimalist composer Julius Eastman. Whatever The Weather, meanwhile, released a self-titled album that we named one of the Best Electronic Albums Of 2022. Today, James has announced their fourth studio album and third for Hyperdub: Gentle Confrontation.

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  4. Joshua Black Wilkins

    Last year, the Texan musician Bobbie Nelson died at the age of 91. Bobbie was Willie Nelson’s older sister, and she was also the longtime pianist for Willie’s band. Before she passed away, Bobbie Nelson recorded Loving You, a collaborative album with the great Texan country-folk singer-songwriter Amanda Shires. That album is coming out next month, and we’ve already posted Shires and Nelson’s version of the Gershwin standard “Summertime.” Today, we get to hear their take on “Always On My Mind,” which is a different kind of standard.

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  5. water-from-your-eyes-everyones-crushed-1

    “There are no happy endings/ There are only things that happen.” If you’re looking for an encapsulation of Water From Your Eyes’ whole burnt-out ethos, look no further than “Buy My Product,” the insistent closing track from Everyone’s Crushed, the duo’s fifth overall album but first for Matador Records. After years in the trenches, Nate Amos and Rachel Brown’s winking, sardonic recording project has landed at an institutionalized label. And while one might believe that becoming part of such an esteemed roster represents the start of a new chapter, Water From Your Eyes know better than that. Any form of success is just another opportunity for failure. There are no happy endings. That’s why they’re begging: “Buy my product!” Like, engage, subscribe — maybe that catchy tune will help them pay the bills.

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  6. Jackie Lee Young

    Texas troubadour-turned-California crooner Jess Williamson is a few weeks out from the release of Time Ain’t Accidental, her first album since last year’s ace team-up with Katie Crutchfield as Plains and her first solo effort since 2020’s Sorceress. Early singles “Hunter” and “Chasing Spirits” amped up my excitement for the record to an unhealthy level, and now that Williamson has shared Time Ain’t Accidental’s album-opening title track, my life might be in danger.

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  7. unnamed-2-1684852451.jpg

    Next month, the Los Angeles trio Suzie True are releasing their second album, Sentimental Scum, following up on 2020’s Saddest Girl At The Party. We’ve heard “Backburner” and “Keep In Touch” from it so far, and today they’re offering up the album’s title track, an energetic and fun one about trying to not let the whole aging process get you down. “I used to be young and dumb, now I’m just dumb,” goes one of the hooks. “Hang around my old town like I’m sentimental scum/ So what, who cares?”

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  8. 600x600bb-1-1684851609.jpg

    Last year, Gogol Bordello — the band led by Ukrainian-born Eugene Hütz — threw a benefit show to raise money for Ukraine. Today, they’re back with a new single, “United Strike Back,” that will help with the same cause, with all proceeds donated to Kind Deeds, a nonprofit that provides prosthetics for wounded Ukrainian soldiers.

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  9. Matthew Foley

    Last year, when he released his concert film A Performance In V Acts, Moses Sumney announced plans to “take a continued break from making albums and touring music to focus on other disciplines.” Right now, Sumney is doing a lot of acting. He’ll be in the forthcoming Ti West film MaXXXine and in The Idol, the controversial new HBO series from the Weeknd and Sam Levinson. But Moses Sumney hasn’t forgotten how to make music, and he’s contributed a cover of a classic to the soundtrack of the National Geographic series A Small Light.

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  10. Anjimilie-The-King-1684797046.jpg

    Indie-folk luminary Anjimile Chithambo, who performs mononymously as Anjimile, has announced a new album, The King. Out September 8, it’s his first full-length since 2020’s Giver Taker. (In 2021, Anjimile released one-off “Stranger” and the Reunion EP, which featured orchestral reimaginings of Giver Taker songs.) Today, along with the announcement, Anjimile is sharing the lead single and title track, which comes with a visualizer created by Daniela Yohannes, who also designed the album art.

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  11. unnamed-2023-02-16T130526.530-1676571082

    Next month, Wand leader Cory Hanson is releasing a new album, Western Cum. We’ve heard three singles from it already — “Housefly,” “Twins,” and “Horsebait Sabotage” — and today he’s back with a fourth, “Ghost Ship,” a cosmic country odyssey filled with some great imagery: “The black sails of a ghost ship came hurlin’ out the fog/ Upside down moon spinning around the entrails of a dog,” Hanson sings. “The cocaine that you’re carrying is taped onto your balls/ Swinging around in the darkness, no one to hear your call.” Listen below.

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  12. amber-deception-green-1684795413.jpg

    LA rapper, visual creator, and Artist To Watch Rhys Langston has teamed up forces with fellow SoCal experimenters Pioneer 11 (Bryan Gomez and Alex Hastings) to form a brand-new entity: Rhys Langston x Pioneer 11. Together, the trio plan to release an album called To Operate This System, which arrives July 26 via P.O.W. Recordings. Today, they’re releasing the grooving lead single “Amber Deception.”

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