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  1. Close-up of Vizio logo on a TV

    Enlarge (credit: Vizio)

    Walmart announced an agreement to buy Vizio today. Irvine, California-based Vizio is best known for lower-priced TVs, but its real value to Walmart is its advertising business and access to user data.

    Walmart said it's buying Vizio for approximately $2.3 billion, pending regulatory clearance and additional closing conditions. Vizio can also terminate the transaction over the next 45 days if it accepts a better offer, per the announcement.

    Walmart will keep selling non-Vizio TVs should the merger close, Seth Dallaire, Walmart US's EVP and CRO who would manage Vizio post-acquisition, told The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

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  2. Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

    Earlier today, Goldenvoice revealed the lineup for its new festival No Values, and on the third line of the poster was Power Trip. The Texas band has been largely inactive since the death of frontman Riley Gale in 2020, but late last year the remaining members of Power Trip — Blake Ibanez, Chris Ulsh, Nick Stewart, and Chris Whetzel — reunited at a surprise show in Austin. To coincide with their appearance on the No Values roster, Power Trip have shared a statement announcing that they will be embarking on “a round of upcoming 2024 performances,” starting with their appearance at the festival.

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  3. Ogata / ECM Records

    I’ve been listening to Vijay Iyer’s music for almost 20 years. We first met in 2006, when I was the editor of the world music magazine Global Rhythm and he had just released Raw Materials, an album of duos with saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa. They came up to the magazine’s offices and I interviewed them together. It was a very interesting conversation; what struck me the most was something Iyer said about cultural identity, that Asian-Americans “become the boundary by which American identity is defined… we are always the people who are on the either-or side of the American fence.”

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  4. The Google Gemini logo.

    Enlarge / The Google Gemini logo. (credit: Google)

    One of Google's most lucrative businesses consists of packaging its free consumer apps with a few custom features and extra security and then selling them to companies. That's usually called "Google Workspace," and today it offers email, calendar, docs, storage, and video chat. Soon, it sounds like Google is gearing up to offer an AI chatbot for businesses. Google's latest chatbot is called "Gemini" (it used to be "Bard"), and the latest early patch notes spotted by Dylan Roussei of 9to5Google and TestingCatalog.eth show descriptions for new "Gemini Business" and "Gemini Enterprise" products.

    The patch notes say that Workspace customers will get "enterprise-grade data protections" and Gemini settings in the Google Workspace Admin console and that Workspace users can "use Gemini confidently at work" while "trusting that your conversations aren't used to train Gemini models."

    These "early patch notes" for Bard/Gemini have been a thing for a while now. Apparently, some people have ways of making the site spit out early patch notes, and in this case, they were independently confirmed by two different people. I'm not sure the date (scheduled for February 21) is trustworthy, though.

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  5. unnamed-9-1708441545.jpg

    Last month, the North Carolina folk duo Magic Tuber Stringband announced a new album, Needlefall (their first for Thrill Jockey), and shared its lead single “Days Of Longing.” Today, they’re back with another song from the album, “Twelfth House.” “I wrote Twelfth House for fiddle,” Courtney Werner, one-half of the group, explained. “I tried to take a fingerstyle guitar composition approach for fiddle and write the primary part. For me that meant repeating phrases, rhythmic bowing across strings, double stops and chorded shapes.” Listen below.

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  6. angelic-milk-diana-ross-1708357893.jpeg

    It’s been a long while since we’ve heard from angelic milk, who we named a Band To Watch back in 2015 and whose debut full-length DIVINE BIKER LOVE was our Album Of The Week in 2019. But today angelic milk, who have since relocated from St. Petersburg to Berlin, has a new single out in the world, “Diana Ross,” a dreamy one about what it feels like to be stuck in a crush. “Every night I feel like the little mermaid singing, ‘If I don’t see the Prince I’ll die,'” Sarah Persophona sings on it. “But every morning I wake up and somehow I am still alive.” The chorus goes on to reference Ross and the Supremes’ “Someday We’ll Be Together.” Check out “Diana Ross” below.

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  7. barely-civil-id-say-im-not-fine-17048298

    Next month, Barely Civil are releasing their third full-length album, I’d Say I’m Not Fine. They’ve shared “Coasting, Mostly” and “Better Now” from it so far, and today they’re back with the album’s quasi-title track, “Not Fine,” a strummer that turns into a scorcher and back again. “I’m learning to speak in tongues again. I’m burning the candle at both ends,” Connor Erickson sings on it. “I swear I can hear it in the whispers in town, ‘That building was purged, now it’s coming down.'” Listen below.

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  8. Wyze's Cam V3 Pro indoor/outdoor smart camera mounted outside

    Enlarge / Wyze's Cam V3 Pro indoor/outdoor smart camera. (credit: Wyze)

    Wyze cameras experienced a glitch on Friday that gave 13,000 customers access to images and, in some cases, video, from Wyze cameras that didn't belong to them. The company claims 99.75 percent of accounts weren't affected, but for some, that revelation doesn't eradicate feelings of "disgust" and concern.

    Wyze claims that an outage on Friday left customers unable to view camera footage for hours. Wyze has blamed the outage on a problem with an undisclosed Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner but hasn't provided details.

    Monday morning, Wyze sent emails to customers, including those Wyze says weren't affected, informing them that the outage led to 13,000 people being able to access data from strangers' cameras, as reported by The Verge.

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  9. The indoor/outdoor, battery-powered (or wired) Google Nest Cam with battery.

    Enlarge / The indoor/outdoor, battery-powered (or wired) Google Nest Cam with battery.

    Google's "Nest Aware" camera subscription is going through another round of price increases. This time it's for international users. There's no big announcement or anything, just a smattering of email screenshots from various countries on the Nest subreddit. 9to5Google was nice enough to hunt down a pile of the announcements.

    Nest Aware is a monthly subscription fee for Google's Nest cameras. Nest cameras exclusively store all their video in the cloud, and without the subscription, you aren't allowed to record video 24/7. There are two sets of subscriptions to keep track of: the current generation subscription for modern cameras and the "first generation Nest Aware" subscription for older cameras. To give you an idea of what we're dealing with, in the US, the current free tier only gets you three hours of "event" video—meaning video triggered by motion detection. Even the basic $8-a-month subscription doesn't get you 24/7 recording—that's still only 30 days of event video. The "Nest Aware Plus" subscription, at $15 a month in the US, gets you 10 days of 24/7 video recording.

    The "first-generation" Nest Aware subscription, which is tied to earlier cameras and isn't available for new customers anymore, is doubling in price in Canada. The basic tier of five days of 24/7 video is going from a yearly fee of CA$50 to CA$110 (the first-generation sub has 24/7 video on every tier). Ten days of video is jumping from CA$80 to CA$160, and 30 days is going from CA$110 to CA$220. These are the prices for a single camera; the first-generation subscription will have additional charges for additional cameras. The current Nest Aware subscription for modern cameras is getting jumps that look similar to the US, with Nest Aware Plus, the mid-tier, going from CA$16 to CA $20 per month, and presumably similar raises across the board.

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  10. A photo of Galactic Compass running on an iPhone.

    Enlarge / A photo of Galactic Compass running on an iPhone. (credit: Matt Webb / Getty Images)

    On Thursday, designer Matt Webb unveiled a new iPhone app called Galactic Compass, which always points to the center of the Milky Way galaxy—no matter where Earth is positioned on our journey through the stars. The app is free and available now on the App Store.

    While using Galactic Compass, you set your iPhone on a level surface, and a big green arrow on the screen points the way to the Galactic Center, which is the rotational core of the spiral galaxy all of us live in. In that center is a supermassive black hole known as Sagittarius A*, a celestial body from which no matter or light can escape. (So, in a way, the app is telling us what we should avoid.)

    But truthfully, the location of the galactic core at any given time isn't exactly useful, practical knowledge—at least for people who aren't James Tiberius Kirk in Star Trek V. But it may inspire a sense of awe about our place in the cosmos.

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