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  1. PLATO IV Terminal, ca. 1972-74.

    Enlarge / PLATO IV Terminal, ca. 1972-74. (credit: University of Illinois Archives)

    Bright graphics, a touchscreen, a speech synthesizer, messaging apps, games, and educational software—no, it's not your kid's iPad. This is the mid-1970s, and you're using PLATO.

    Far from its comparatively primitive contemporaries of teletypes and punched cards, PLATO was something else entirely. If you were fortunate enough to be near the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) around a half-century ago, you just might have gotten a chance to build the future. Many of the computing innovations we treat as commonplace started with this system, and even today, some of PLATO's capabilities have never been precisely duplicated. Today, we'll look back on this influential technological testbed and see how you can experience it now.

    From space race to Spacewar

    Don Bitzer was a PhD student in electrical engineering at UIUC in 1959, but his eye was on bigger things than circuitry. “I'd been reading projections that said that 50 percent of the students coming out of our high schools were functionally illiterate,” he later told a Wired interviewer. “There was a physicist in our lab, Chalmers Sherwin, who wasn't afraid to ask big questions. One day, he asked, 'Why can't we use computers for education?'”

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  2. aluna-tsha-killing-me-1678982504.jpg

    We’re coming up on a decade since the British singer Aluna Francis released Body Music, her debut album as one-half of AlunaGeorge that came out in summer 2013. Since then, Francis has set on her own under the name Aluna, and in 2020 she released her debut solo album Renaissance. (It has, of course, since been eclipsed by a different album named Renaissance.) Today, Aluna is back with a new track, “Killing Me,” which is a collab with the London producer TSHA.

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  3. 196589949332-1679027380.jpg

    Swarm, the television series co-created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers and features an acting debut from Billie Eilish, debuts on Prime Video today. Accompanying the show is a six-song EP (also called Swarm), which is out now and features original music by in-show fictional artist Ni’jah, who is voiced by KIRBY. The EP also features Childish Gambino, who is listed as producer.

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  4. the-chemical-brothers-no-reason-16789817

    The Chemical Brothers are back with a new single, “No Reason.” The English electronic duo hasn’t released an album since 2019’s No Geography, though in 2021 they emerged with the pair of singles “The Darkness That You Fear” and “Work Energy Principle” and last year they celebrated the 25th anniversary of Dig Your Own Hole with a previously unreleased track. The Chemical Brothers have been incorporating “No Reason” into their sets for a while now, and the studio version of it arrives alongside a music video created by longtime collaborators Smith&Lyall that features a neon marching band. Watch and listen below.

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  5. unnamed-1-1678922965.jpg

    Tampa rapper/singer and overall world-builder Doechii was one of our Best New Bands Of 2022, and that’s just one of many triumphs last year. Doechii was in the 2022 XXL Freshman Class, and she had collabs with Rico Nasty (“Swamp Bitches”), Jst Ray (“Bitches”), and SZA (“Persuasive”), all of which showed up on her she / her / black bitch EP. Tonight, Doechii is sharing her first release of 2023: “What It Is (Block Boy)” featuring Kodak Black.

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  6. On-Top-Of-The-Covers-Album-Cover-Art-167

    In February, T-Pain announced plans to release a covers album. On Top Of The Covers is out tonight and features “the power of his natural voice,” aka no Auto-Tune. The Masked Singer 2019 winner has seven tracks here, including reimagined versions of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come,” Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” Dr. Hook’s “Sharing The Night Together,” Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey,” Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life” featuring NandoSTL, Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs,” and the interlude “Skrangs (In K Major Sus).”

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  7. maxresdefault-4-1679011523.jpg

    A sign of a great song is when it can be built up or stripped down and it sounds right either way. Fresh off of releasing their album/virtual reality film The Valley Of Vision, Manchester Orchestra stopped by SiriusXM to perform a super-spare cover of Cher’s 1998 electropop classic “Believe.” Accompanied by solemn keyboards, lead singer Andy Hull turns Cher’s club-ready comeback single into a brokenhearted ballad. Watch Manchester Orchestra cover “Believe” below.

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  8. a3211962084_10-1679008632.jpeg

    The Finnish screamo band Alas impressed us greatly with last year’s album Uusi Vuosi. Today they’ve got another amazing song out. “Yksin ei t​ä​ä​llä n​ä​e kauas,” which translates to “You can’t see far here alone,” is as thrillingly volatile as anything on last year’s LP. The track is violently intense from the start and basically doesn’t let up for two minutes, then settles into an elegant finale that leaves you feeling like you’ve just experienced an epic, never mind that the runtime is less than three minutes. Listen below.

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  9. Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

    We apparently now live in a world — OK, a country — where artists have to stay in an active dialogue with Ticketmaster to ensure that their fans don’t get priced out of shows. Today, the Cure’s Robert Smith tweeted that Ticketmaster would promise partial refunds to counteract its “unduly high” fees for the band’s upcoming North American tour. “AFTER FURTHER CONVERSATION, TICKETMASTER HAVE AGREED WITH US THAT MANY OF THE FEES BEING CHARGED ARE UNDULY HIGH, AND AS A GESTURE OF GOODWILL HAVE OFFERED A $10 PER TICKET REFUND TO ALL VERIFIED FAN ACCOUNTS FOR LOWEST TICKET PRICE (‘LTP’) TRANSACTIONS…,” Smith tweeted today.

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  10. maxresdefault-3-1679005471.jpg

    In November of last year, Martin Scorsese and David Tedeschi’s documentary about New York Dolls frontman David Johansen had its premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. Now the doc — Personality Crisis: One Night Only — has a new trailer and release date on Showtime (April 14 at 8 PM and hitting streaming the same day). Ron Howard and Brian Grazer are also executive producers.

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  11. This week, Google announced that it has stopped selling Google Glass Enterprise Edition, marking another end-of-life for the Glass product that was originally meant to start an augmented reality revolution.

    First launched to a limited audience back in 2013, Glass was supposed to be a revolutionary new computing platform. The headset offered users a head-up display and a built-in camera, allowing them to see a small amount of information and capture images of their environment.

    While some tech enthusiasts took to it, it was also widely mocked for its geeky appearance, limited functionality, and potential role in violating the privacy of people around the user. The criticism was so fierce that the term "Glasshole" was sometimes used to describe people who wore it.

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