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  1. snakehips-tkay-maidza-show-me-the-money-

    The British dance duo Snakehips have been doing their thing for almost a decade now, and in the past year they’ve released collaborations with Tinashe, Bryce Vine, and more — all leading up to their debut album never worry, due out later this year. Their latest collaboration is with the Australian pop experimentalist Tkay Maidza, who we last heard from in December with a holiday track. The Snakehips x Tkay Maidza is called “Show Me The Money.”
    “Recently I’ve been into manifesting and self-growth and I felt like it would be cool to make a song that is very pro ‘getting your bag,” Maidza said in a statement. “I wanted it to be from a more positive outlook; it’s fine if you want to achieve your goals and you don’t have time for other people to waste. I’ve been a huge fan of Snakehips for a long time now so I’m really glad we got to finally work on this together.”
    You can check it out below.

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  2. Indoor swimming pool with lane markers

    Enlarge (credit: Getty)

    A public pool in the UK is expected to save £20,000 (about $24,000) and cut carbon emissions by 25.8 tons annually by warming a 25 m and children's pool with waste heat from a data center from startup Deep Green. Data center owners have long tried to limit the impact of heat emanating from their machines, with some going as far as to submerge servers in water and others finding ways to redirect waste heat so it can warm larger areas, like buildings and communities. UK-based Deep Green is a newcomer in the data-center heat game and is making its entrance notable by putting a monetary figure on potential savings, which are fueled by the heat's low, low rate of free.  

    Deep Green's paying customers are machine-learning and AI firms seeking computing resources. As reported by Datacenter Dynamics on Tuesday, clients can leverage Deep Green's 28 kW system with high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities. The HPC cluster at the Exmouth Leisure Centre swimming pool has 12 four-CPU cards and could eventually be used for cloud services and video rendering, Deep Green CEO Mark Bjornsgaard told the publication. According to the BBC , the server is about the size of a washing machine.

    The computers are submerged in mineral oil that captures heat that gets transferred into pool water with a heat exchanger. The pool still has a gas boiler to boost the water's temperature if required. Deep Green claims it's transferring about 96 percent of the energy used by its computers and reducing a pool's gas heat usage by 62 percent. Deep Green is paying the Exmouth Leisure Centre for all the electricity its data center uses, as well as any setup costs, and the Exmouth Leisure Centre gets the heat for free.

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  3. billie-eilish-swarm-1678996922.jpeg

    Billie Eilish makes her acting debut in Swarm, the television series that was co-created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers that debuts on Prime Video tomorrow. The show follows a young woman, played by Dominique Fishback, who becomes obsessed with one of the world’s biggest pop stars, a thinly-veiled take on the BeyHive that surrounds Beyoncé. In a just-released clip from the show, Eilish fires questions at Fishback’s character and seems to hypnotize her. Eilish’s role in the series was previously undisclosed, though she did attend the series premiere at SXSW this week. Check out the teaser and a trailer for the show below.

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  4. Samsung's Galaxy S23 ad, showing the moon photography mode.

    Enlarge / Samsung's Galaxy S23 ad, showing the moon photography mode. (credit: Samsung)

    If you take a photo of the moon on a Samsung device, it will return a detailed photo of the moon. Some people are mad about this.

    The issue is that Samsung's software fakes some details the camera can't really see, leading a Reddit user called ibreakphotos to accuse the company of "faking" moon photos. The user's post claims to be able to trick Samsung's moon detection, and it went viral enough that Samsung's press site had to respond.

    Samsung's incredibly niche "Moon Mode" will do certain photo processing if you point your smartphone at the moon. In 2020, the Galaxy S20 Ultra launched with a "100x Space Zoom" (it was really 30x) with this moon feature as one of its marketing gimmicks. The mode is still heavily featured in Samsung's marketing, as you can see in this Galaxy S23 ad, which shows someone with a huge, tripod-mounted telescope being jealous of the supposedly incredible moon photos a pocketable Galaxy phone can take.

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  5. Microsoft 365 Copilot will attempt to automate content generation and analysis in all of the former Microsoft Office apps.

    Enlarge / Microsoft 365 Copilot will attempt to automate content generation and analysis in all of the former Microsoft Office apps. (credit: Microsoft)

    Today Microsoft took the wraps off of Microsoft 365 Copilot, its rumored effort to build automated AI-powered content-generation features into all of the Microsoft 365 apps.

    The capabilities Microsoft demonstrated make Copilot seem like a juiced-up version of Clippy, the oft-parodied and arguably beloved assistant from older versions of Microsoft Office. Copilot can automatically generate Outlook emails, Word documents, and PowerPoint decks, can automate data analysis in Excel, and can pull relevant points from the transcript of a Microsoft Teams meeting, among other features.

    Microsoft is currently testing Copilot "with 20 customers, including eight in Fortune 500 enterprises." The preview will be expanded to other organizations "in the coming months," but the company didn't mention when individual Microsoft 365 subscribers would be able to use the features. The company will "share more on pricing and licensing soon," suggesting the feature may be a paid add-on in addition to the cost of a Microsoft 365 subscription.

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  6. Several of Belkin's Wemo smart home accessories support the Thread networking protocol, but the company is holding off on Matter support for now.

    Enlarge / Several of Belkin's Wemo smart home accessories support the Thread networking protocol, but the company is holding off on Matter support for now. (credit: Belkin)

    Belkin is pumping the brakes on its support for the nascent Matter smart home standard, according to The Verge. Devices from Belkin's Wemo smart home brand may still support Matter eventually, but Belkin will "take a big step back, regroup, and rethink" its product strategy before supporting Matter in any of its products. This is a reversal for Belkin, which had announced at CES 2022 that it planned to support Matter in several of its new accessories when the standard was ready.

    Some Wemo devices already support Thread, the underlying network protocol that Matter uses to allow devices in your home to communicate without flooding your Wi-Fi router. But at least for now, those devices remain tied to Apple's HomeKit ecosystem.

    The oft-delayed Matter standard was finally released in the fall of 2022. It promises to break down the walls between smart home fiefdoms, taking the guesswork out of buying accessories and allowing for control of devices without having to install any device-specific apps. Matter devices should work whether you use HomeKit, Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, or even some combination of all three. Matter-compatible devices will also retain a basic level of functionality even if the company that made an accessory goes out of business or gets acquired and shut down.

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  7. IMG_3879-1678828592-scaled.jpg

    Do you realize Sigur Rós haven’t released a new album in 10 years? Valtari and Kveikur arrived 13 months apart in 2012 and 2013, and since then it’s been EPs, soundtracks, and other projects that should not be categorized as Official Sigur Rós Albums. They were working out new material on the road around the time I saw them play a spellbinding set at Primavera Sound — in 2016, but no grand statement has since materialized. Fortunately, that’s about to change: The Icelandic post-rock OGs are promising a new LP for release this June, and they’re going on tour with a 41-piece orchestra through both Europe and North America.

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  8. WRAPPED-IN-GOLD-ARTWORK-1678919226.jpg

    World News are a South London-based trio that draw on ’80s alternative influences such as XTC and the Fall mixed in with ’10s indie (think: Diiv, Beach Fossils, Real Estate, Small Black). In 2020 World News (Alex Evans, Rory Evans, and Malte Henning) put out an EP, Job And Money, and since then they’ve released a 2021 holiday single “Xmas 101” and 2022’s “I Don’t Like Your Perfume.” Now, they’re back with a brand-new single, “Wrapped In Gold.”

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  9. a2210128544_10-1678978866.jpeg

    Trust Fund, the UK indie-pop act led by Ellis Jones, is active again after breaking up in 2018 — or at least Jones is releasing solo material under the Trust Fund name. Last year he shared the minimal one-offs “can’t take it,” “capital,” and “late nite skate.” Today he’s back with another low-key track, a beautiful, plaintive tune called “animals in war.” Despite its simple acoustic folk-pop foundation, there are a few woozy keyboard outbursts that remind me of Oneohtrix Point Never, and a surprise flourish of lead guitar breaks out near the end. As commenter Saint Nothing points out, Ex-Vöid’s Owen Williams (also of the Tubs) and Lan McArdle provide the extra instrumentation. Listen below.

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  10. Ruston-Kelly-1678978346.jpg

    Next month, the Nashville country-rocker and former Kacey Musgraves muse Ruston Kelly will follow his 2020 LP Shape & Destroy with a new album called The Weakness. Kelly isolated himself at home for months while working on the songs, and then he recorded them with Sharon Van Etten/Maggie Rogers collaborator Nate Mercereau. We’ve already posted the title track and “Mending Song,” and now Kelly has followed them with a new track called “Michael Keaton.”

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