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  1. I earned 63 points for my workout on #Fitocracy! Check out my workout and become more awesome with me! http://t.co/fHMDDttUMY

  2. I need friends like this lol RT @msnNOW: World's most unselfish co-workers share Powerball win with broke gal http://t.co/FN3UtvXPpD

  3. Hey @mophie @mophiesupport ... Your helium case has scratched up the side of my iphone 5 near the metallic finish near the volume rocker :(

  4. #Tesla >> Samsung sees A4WP wireless charging as the future http://t.co/arsDpGmduA

  5. I earned 403 points for my workout on #Fitocracy! Check out my workout and become more awesome with me! http://t.co/Zs4dC8FYa7

  6. For all the thirsty folks out there, here's some water! 😛💦 #thethirst #lol http://t.co/c7m4jEP9Ld

  7. #NowPlaying BeatKing - Astroworld Mixtape on DatPiff ... This Mixtape brings back memories!

  8. #Chipception RT @msnNOW: Frito-Lay messes with our heads with new Doritos-taco-flavored Doritos http://t.co/PCDcOVyBIk

  9. I'm not a player I just crush a lot http://t.co/UkV1WfVqDb

  10. .@NativeFlash22 RT @BleacherReport: Video of Marshall Henderson flipping off the crowd after tourney loss to La Salle http://t.co/0AKievLs00

  11. My morning piss today was clutch

  12. Best twitter app for iphone hands down! Mokriya craigslist app for iPhone by Mokriya LLC https://t.co/VlnoZlDwcK

  13. I earned 288 points for my workout on #Fitocracy! Check out my workout and become more awesome with me! http://t.co/KtXTcqELZS

  14. #NowPlaying Loca People (What the Fuck!") - Radio Edit by Sak Noel on #Spotify http://t.co/QNkL7A4Sbw

  15. Anthony Adams announces his retirement in sad-yet-hysterical fashion | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports http://t.co/K5iyAETfT7

  16. Bingo night! Let luck be with me tonight! #Cowboys on one side. #Longhorns on the other! #Bingo @ Big… http://t.co/Z1o1FvlPMu

  17. RT @BleacherReport: Sergio Garcia's shot gets stuck in a tree, so he climbs up and hits it with (cont) http://t.co/KrW3Yvqwql

  18. What do y'all know about that Grey Goose Gold!? http://t.co/Skrs5aHehn

  19. RT @verge: Hyperkin's Retron 5 gaming console can handle almost any cartridge known to man http://t.co/dbrWcXCVOa

  20. Somebody give this girl some water! She's thirsty! 😋💦 RT @AmandaBynes: I want @drake to murder my vagina

  21. Awesome RT @BleacherReport: This Arizona band member has some ridiculous dance moves. GIF: http://t.co/rajGAk3yGK

  22. It ain't a party unless you have a piñata! #lol #pinata http://t.co/vQJ9f6x9oD

  23. #NowPlaying The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) ♫ Missy Elliott ♪ http://t.co/sFN5AgmTuk

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