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  1. Hmmm... What to tweet... #TGIF? No wait... It's too early for that... Hmmm... How about... Goodnight! ... Oh yeah.. That's perfection.

  2. Bingo! Wish me luck! (@ SPJST Lodge #88) http://t.co/qVREer8y

  3. That's my name, don't wear it out! #tbt #lol

  4. I heard @ddlovato is so dedicated to her fans, one told her "Demi, break a leg tomorrow!" and sure enough she did it! 😄

  5. Bring back the heat! RT @deseo_3: I think im getting sick. Sneezing and coughing with a runny nose. Fuck u weather change.

  6. I unlocked the New Girl: Cooler sticker on #GetGlue! http://t.co/2BuBuxWY

  7. In this meeting falling asleep

  8. I wonder if I'll be asleep before midnight... #doubit

  9. End of first half, #TeamTSU leads Alabama State 45-35 #TigerNation #NationOfDomination

  10. 😂 RT @wandering_seer: This bitch behind me must have forgot how to put her phone on vibrate. Her iPhone stay going off. #ratchet

  11. .@50cent just win in on Rick Ross: http://t.co/wq07KZ0H

  12. I sleep about 6 hrs a night max. One day I'll average 8 hrs. One day.

  13. Got someone from ESPN following me... don't know if I should be flattered or scared. #confused

  14. Free Pastry or sweet at Panera bread http://t.co/GMifD6q9

  15. I earned 689 points for my workout on #Fitocracy! Check out my workout and become more awesome with me! http://t.co/5tFkbUky

  16. Everyone's phone in the office just went off with an Amber alert. #whoa

  17. Uh huh. Okay. I believe you Manti -- I mean bro lol RT @deseo_3: @NelsonG I'm just not really playing u know. Just bsin

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