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  1. Los Fantasticos De San Luis LIVE at Escapade 2001 in Houston, Texas http://t.co/w5giI38YE6

  2. 4.8" iPhone 6? --> Bigger iPhone 6 coming; iPad Mini Retina delayed, Citi says http://t.co/FcxHDNTPNN

  3. RT @HtownBeerFest: General Admission tickets are still available for purchase. We will be selling (cont) http://t.co/wrITi5lLcG

  4. Video: Jay Pharoah As Lil Wayne: ‘SNL’ Star Offers Priceless Impression Of Weezy’s Raps (NSFW VIDEO) http://t.co/km8WmZ4Y4o

  5. You can hear a pin drop in Miami's arena right about now! #GoSpursGo!

  6. #Spurs cutting off all the passing lanes! Keep it up!

  7. Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Harris County - EXTENDED UNTIL 7:15 http://t.co/lq0v50gM0m

  8. News from The Ass? Hmmm... Must be a new feature #lol 😂 http://t.co/Er93ri2AtS

  9. Verizon providing all call records to U.S. under court order http://t.co/906kXI43ab via @washingtonpost

  10. It's been a long time coming. #Finally

  11. Pizza wasted.

  12. RT @HtownBeerFest: For the record our gates will open at 1pm not 11am. Please plan accordingly!!!http://t.co/R0etAYqbGc

  13. Winner finally comes forward to claim $590M Powerball jackpot http://t.co/xRPFhak4mv I wonder if she can help me get courtside seats! lol

  14. Miguel's 'Leg Drop' on Fan May Have Caused Brain Injury http://t.co/QaGERHVm4y

  15. Alleged internal RadioShack document reveals AT&T Galaxy S4 will land April 26th http://t.co/bdtWheMRuj

  16. Livin it up at the Hotel California

  17. Make the money, don't let the money make you.

  18. Say YES to the Gun Bill: ... bc drug dealers, war lords, & cartels members get background checks. #sarcasm #wasteoftime

  19. Lol RT @SherenGuerrero: It never fails. Soup on the shirt. #lunchbreak

  20. Court rejects routine no-warrant DUI blood tests - SFGate http://t.co/EEBgW1HUuQ via @SFGate

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