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  1. BREAKING: Twelve injured in fight at Lone Star College Cy-Fair; Life Flight called http://t.co/nEcfYFJ9A7

  2. Mitrione suspended indefinitely by UFC after calling transgendered Fox ‘lying sick sociopathic disgusting freak’ http://t.co/IU3QqGSpTt

  3. It's a fake! RT @BleacherReport: The winning bracket of ESPN's Tournament Challenge was called "Lennay Kekua's entry" http://t.co/8VSIGZ5Pos

  4. Bang bang @youngkingscott RT @BleacherReport: Rick Pitino gets freaked out by the confetti cannon fire. GIF: http://t.co/qUgRnEGX66

  5. That was SICK!

  6. Account is run by "Organizing For Action" nice try... RT @BarackObama: Obama: "90% (cont) http://t.co/xa3eLGSRMz

  7. Jealous RT @FrankieFNF: Hell yes!!!! GOOGLE FIBER IS COMING TO AUSTIN!!!

  8. PSA: Metro rail is FREE tomorrow as Metro celebrates 100 million riders

  9. RT @FrankieFNF: Last day to VOTE! Click on the link to VOTE for my photo titled WHAT STARTS HERE HOOKS THE WORLD! http://t.co/dGcQ3unknB

  10. Awww shit, got Jarvis started early! Lol RT @Youngkingscott: @J_Edward312 I don't care just let me know

  11. Oops! RT @Youngkingscott: @NelsonG mess around and gave me twitter, I apologize in advance for the outlandish stuff I'm about to say.

  12. You just talk too damn much lol RT @deseo_3: 10k tweets! Wow. Lol.

  13. At 93, TSU's debate coach has way with words - Houston Chronicle http://t.co/bWgxI2bVPr

  14. Not I! 😭 RT @SportsCenter: Only 1.4% of 8.15 million @ESPNFantasy Tournament Challenge brackets (cont) http://t.co/BzqlEaBxoR

  15. That Pearland Crawfish Festival was line city! Fk that (@ Chulas Sports Cantina) http://t.co/FcPqDKmQjb

  16. If you're considering coming to the Pearland Crawfish festival... Don't! Lines lines lines! Waiting a few hours just for mudbugs? Fuck that.

  17. Omg. These lines are for the birds!

  18. Getting more from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" with #ViggleTV #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles #viggle

  19. I earned 667 points for my workout on #Fitocracy! Check out my workout and become more awesome with me! http://t.co/EnlKQE61Su

  20. Google and the City of Austin are hosting a shindig. Could Austin be getting a gigabit network? http://t.co/vj2QTQv4xr via @gigaom

  21. Whoa! Where'd that come from?! RT @theCHIVE: Took me way longer than I'd like to admit to see that: http://t.co/R5z9yW78IB

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