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  1. He’s taking a live show called Ships across Europe, joined by Baltic Sea Philharmonic and the actor Peter Serafinowicz, among othersView the full article
  2. Manga comics are popular around the globe in a content category that has seen piracy grow significantly in recent years. This popularity is also apparent in manga’s home country Japan, where several dedicated pirate sites are active. Publishers are working hard to counter this trend and last month they turned to a U.S. court for help. Working with the Japanese anti-piracy group CODA, manga publisher Shueisha obtained a DMCA subpoena that required Cloudflare to uncover the identities of several pirate site operators. 13DL.to Folds This legal strategy doesn’t always pay off as some site operators use strawmen and fake data, but in this case, the publisher struck gold. Soon after the subpoena was issued, Japan’s largest manga piracy site 13DL.to stopped releasing new content. 13DL.to New uploads stopped appearing three days after the DMCA subpoena to Cloudflare was issued and the site’s operator later confirmed that the site has shut down for good. At the time of writing, it’s no longer operational. This is a major win for the publishers as 13DL.to had an estimated 25 million monthly visits, mostly from Japan. The site listed links to fresh manga releases which were distributed through external file-hosting platforms such as RapidGator, TakeFile, Novafile, WupFile, and HexUpload. Cyberlocker Targets Several of these hosting sites were also targeted in the DMCA subpoena obtained by the publisher, after they were first targeted in a regular DMCA notice, listed below. Original DMCA Notice to Cloudflare According to CODA, the operator of 13DL was responsible for uploading the pirated comics to these third-party sites. This provided a source of revenue through the affiliate payments these cyberlockers offer. CODA notes that Cloudflare has yet to respond to the DMCA subpoena but is expected to do so this month. In addition to information on 13DL, platforms including takefile.link, novafile.org, wupfile.com, hexupload.net, and manga-zip.is are also part of the legal request. ‘Final Present’ In addition to the Cloudflare probe, CODA is also working with the publishers and ‘ethical hackers’ to explore other options to uncover the identity of 13DL’s operator. This includes going after one of the aforementioned cyberlockers, which is presumably operated from Scandinavia. The latter action was prompted by a ‘final present’ the operator shared with users. The gift is a file containing download links to 180,000 pirated manga works that was shared after the site announced its shutdown. “CODA, in cooperation with the rights holders, attorney Nakajima, and ethical hackers, is currently requesting procedures from a local law firm in Scandinavia, where the cyberocker is believed to operate, in order to promptly file a sender information disclosure request regarding the distribution of the ‘final present’. “We will use every means at our disposal to identify the operator,” CODA notes in its press release. Following 13DL’s demise several copycat sites appeared, using the 13DL brand in an attempt to fill the void. According to CODA, people should stay away from these sources, for their own safety. “[These sites are] operated by criminals, and you may be infected with malicious malware by clicking on ads or downloading infringing material. Please be careful not to access these sites,” the group warns. From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more. View the full article
  3. Streaming your favourite films and shows does not need to be a shady operation. You do not need to find an extremely risky looking site, navigate through inappropriate adverts, and select a stream that totally sucks. Is that clear? You can actually watch films and TV for free through legitimate online streaming sites, and it's completely legal. So as much as you might feel like an international hacker when hunting down a barely watchable stream, it really isn't necessary considering the wide range of options out there. We're sorry to shatter your hacking dreams like this. There are a lot of things to consider when selecting an online streaming service. You need to think about cost, download limits, and what exactly you can watch with the service. It's important to take your time and do your research before you jump in and commit. Fortunately, we can walk you through the process. Do you need to pay for a streaming site?The biggest and most recognisable names in online streaming will invariably offer free trials of their services. This means you can watch that series everyone is talking about for nothing. If you do choose to go down this road, it's essential that you cancel before the trial period ends, unless of course you want to continue with the service (for a fee). If you're just interested in the free trial, it's always a good idea to set a reminder for when the period is coming to an end. This way you won't get an unpleasant surprise. You have even more options available to you if you are happy to shell out a monthly fee for unlimited access to films and TV shows online. It's unlikely to cost you more than £10 a month, and you can enjoy the best the web has to offer, including some new releases. Better yet, you won't have to risk infecting your laptop or desktop with a nasty virus ever again. Are there different types of streaming services?You can break down streaming services into sub-categories, and that's exactly what we've done: Subscription streaming sites — The likes of Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ fall into this category. You'll need to pay a monthly fee to access a library of frequently updated content. Box sets on demand — This streaming site business is all well and good, but if you're already paying for a TV package, you may be questioning why you need to then sign up for an online streaming service. Well, the good news is that you may be able to watch your favourite box sets on demand through your set-top box. A lot of these packages come with online services as standard. If you didn't know before, now you do. Purchase or rental of new releases — Another means of legally streaming films and TV shows is through a one-off payment to certain sites, rather than signing-up to a contract. When a new Hollywood blockbuster is released, some sites offer you the chance to watch for a fee. It's usually around £5 a film, and sometimes you can download it to watch again at your leisure. If not, they are usually available for a set time period. Free streaming sites — If you are looking for a streaming site that provides access to all the latest releases, then you'll need to pay up. We're sorry, but that's life. If you're actually content with watching older films and shows, you can sign up to some great online streaming sites without digging into your pocket. For example, you can watch loads of free box sets on Channel 4's catch up service All 4 and BBC's iPlayer, with some classic shows like Peep Show and Peaky Blinders available to watch whenever you want. Don't forget that you do need a TV license to watch iPlayer, though. What should you consider before subscribing?Before you make your selection, we have a final few words of warning. You need to consider which service suits your needs the best, how you are intending on watching the service, and whether your broadband is fast enough to cope. Firstly, make sure you choose the one that best suits what you want to watch, so think carefully about how often you're planning to use it, how much you are willing to pay, and whether you need the latest releases. These are probably the most important factors to mull over. Next, you've got to ensure that your broadband is fast enough to stream video content. It might seem obvious but your streaming service isn't much good if it's going to buffer through an entire movie. Also, if your broadband package has a download limit, make sure it's a generous one. Otherwise, you could end up with an unpleasant charge you weren't expecting. Lastly, you need to think about how exactly you're going to watch whatever it is you're streaming. It doesn't have to just be through your PC or laptop. Nowadays, you can watch on your TV, smartphone, and tablet. If you want to stream directly onto your TV then you'll need to make sure it's a web-enabled smart version. Don't worry too much if you don't have a smart TV though, because you can still hook it up to your computer and watch that way. Heed these warnings and stream your favourite shows without fear of repercussions. Your days as a dodgy hacker are over. What is the best streaming site?We have tracked down a selection of your best streaming options, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy all of that content. Take your pick from the likes of Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and much more. These are the best streaming sites in 2023. View the full article
  4. After a whole lot of controversial buzz, HBO's new show The Idol – a story about spiralling pop star (Lily-Rose Depp) who starts a relationship with a shady cult leader (Abel Tesfaye) – premiered on Sunday night. We already knew from the trailer that the show is packed full of sex and drugs aplenty, and guess what? The post-premiere preview, which teases what's coming in the rest of the season as Jocelyn (Depp) gets more and more involved in Tedros' (Tesfaye's) world, has even more where that came from. The Idol is streaming now on Max. View the full article
  5. The big day is almost here. Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (or WWDC) kicks off with a big keynote that we expect to be full of cool announcements. And the best part is you can watch from the comfort of your couch. WWDC 2023 starts on Monday, June 5 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET. You can watch it on Apple's YouTube channel, Apple's website, or on the TV app on an Apple device. SEE ALSO: Apple WWDC 2023 preview: Everything you need to know We don't fully know what Apple will show during the event, but we have a few ideas. Expect to hear a lot about iOS 17 and, perhaps most notably, Apple's long-rumored mixed reality headset. Mac-heads should also get some representation between a new MacBook Air and anything else that might come out of the Mac brand during the show. And wearable fans can expect to hear more about the next iteration of WatchOS. Not long now. Hang in there. View the full article
  6. TL;DR: Through June 11, you can snag a $100 Restaurant.com gift card for only $14 and save at thousands of restaurants across the country — that's a savings of 86%! Whether you're hitting the steakhouse or getting your favorite sushi rolls delivered, restaurants can get expensive. If you're looking to save big while snacking, check out the 500,000-plus deals on Restaurant.com. This $100 Restaurant.com eGift card is only $14, and it lets you purchase gift certificates at thousands of restaurants across the country. Restaurant.com has deals at over 62,000 restaurants across the United States. This eGift Card can be redeemed online and used to purchase gift certificates at participating restaurants. Here’s what to expect when you make your purchase. Buy your eGift Card here for $14. Redeem your credits through the desktop version of Restaurant.com. Use your zip code to find tasty restaurants. Use your $100 credit to purchase gift certificates. Show the gift certificate to your server when you check out. There are gift certificates for dine-in, delivery, and takeout, but some restaurants may have restrictions on what you can order or which days you can come in. Just make sure to check any fine print and call ahead if you have any doubts. Restaurant options range from familiar national chains like IHOP to local favorites. Your go-to diner might just have an online deal you can cash in. Plus, it's up to you how quickly you use your credit. Use it all at once on a fancy dinner on the town, or space it out over time. Please note that you can only use one certificate at a time per restaurant. Father's Day is coming up, but there's still time to cash in on a digital deal that arrives immediately. Get a $100 Restaurant.com eGift Card for just $14. The sale ends June 11 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Prices subject to change. Opens in a new tab Credit: Restaurant.com $100 Restaurant.com gift card (opens in a new tab) $14 at the Mashable Shop Get Deal (opens in a new tab) View the full article
  7. TL;DR: Through June 11, you can get a lifetime subscription to Koofr Cloud Storage (1TB) for just $119.97 (reg. $810). That's over 80% in savings. There are a whole lot of options if you're looking for cloud storage, but it might be harder to find one that offers a lifetime subscription with no recurring costs, not to mention file encryption, secure transfer, and a bevy of tools to manage and organize your data. If you want low-cost, secure cloud storage that you only have to pay for once, get Koofr Cloud Storage while it's only $119.97 (reg. $810). Koofr is designed to give you the space to upload what you want and the tools to make it convenient. Manage your uploads with tools like Duplicate Finder and Mass Renaming. You can even access your files on other cloud accounts; connect your Koofr account to your Dropbox, Google Drive, and/or OneDrive to transfer huge files without limits. Access your cloud storage from an unlimited number of desktop and mobile devices. Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices are all compatible. If you've ever lost music or videos you bought to an overzealous copyright scanner, you know how frustrating cloud scanners can be. Koofr says it doesn't scan your files once they're uploaded to their servers, and once you delete something, it's really deleted — no hidden copies here. You can also use their client-side encryption, Koofr Vault, for extra-sensitive stuff. Your files are transferred securely using SSL/TLS encryption and then encrypted on the server side as well, so you're the only one with access to your files. The only file size limit for Koofr is the size of your cloud drive. Upload nearly any file you want with this 1TB cloud storage. Whether you want to back up your latest work project or just want somewhere to store all your Facebook pictures, Koofr was made to handle a massive amount of files with virtually no limits on the size or type of file you upload. Until June 11 at 11:59 p.m. PT, get a lifetime subscription to Koofr 1TB Cloud Storage for $119.97 (reg. $810). Prices subject to change. Opens in a new tab Credit: Koofr Koof Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription (1TB) (opens in a new tab) $119.97 at the Mashable Shop Get Deal (opens in a new tab) View the full article
  8. TL;DR: Snag a refurbished MacBook Air (Core i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD) for just $247.99 instead of $700 as of June 5. That's a savings of 64%. Fall semester is approaching fast, and a computer might be the key to your student’s preparations. If you’re looking for a laptop on a budget, refurbished may be the way to go. This certified refurbished Apple MacBook Air looks and works like it’s brand new, but the price definitely isn’t something you’d find on the shelves. Get one for just $247.99 (reg. $700). This MacBook Air is lightweight and versatile. The 5th Gen Intel®Core i5 may be a good match for essential productivity software like Microsoft Office, and you can always turn on Turbo Boost if it needs a little extra power. While 4GB RAM might not be much by the standards of gaming or design computers, it can do the job for day-to-day tasks. Take notes on a 1366 x 768 resolution screen, or work on the go with a battery that could last up to nine hours on a single charge. Plus, the 128GB solid-state drive gives users plenty of room for important files and apps, but they can also access more space with wireless data transfer using Bluetooth 4.0. This computer works and looks like it’s new, but it was manufactured originally in 2015. That’s why it comes with two USB 3.0 ports, a Thunderbolt 2 port, and a separate MagSafe power port. If your student is taking their computer from class to class, the computer might be exposed to all kinds of wear and tear. This one comes with a black snap-in case to help prevent those scuffs and scratches and keep the computer looking fresh. Whether you’re shopping for a new college student or a high school kid about to make waves, they could benefit from a low-cost laptop that works like it’s new. For a limited time, get a certified refurbished Apple Macbook Air for $247.99 (reg. $700). Prices subject to change. Opens in a new tab Credit: Apple Refurbished MacBook Air (Core i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD) (opens in a new tab) $247.99 at the Mashable Shop Get Deal (opens in a new tab) View the full article
  9. Back in times of yore, before TikTok and Twitter dominated our Screen Time statistics, humans used to use iPhones to make phone calls. This enabled people to orally communicate in real time, but without the pressure of looking physically presentable that comes with video calls. Phone calls have largely fallen out of fashion in favour of text messaging's practicality. However, calls occasionally still arise thanks to a few dedicated demographics such as grandparents and scammers. SEE ALSO: How to turn on dark mode on iOS As such, it's a good idea to set your iPhone's ringtone to one that you actually like, assuming you don't just keep your phone on silent at all times. Getting interrupted by an unexpected call is jarring enough, but it's even worse when it comes bundled with loud, shrill shrieking. Here's how to change the ringtone on your iPhone. Open "Settings." Tap on "Sounds & Haptics" to open a new menu. Under "Sounds and Haptic Patterns," tap "Ringtone." From here, you can listen to and select from 28 inbuilt ringtone options. If none of these strike your fancy, you can scroll to the bottom of the list and tap "Classic" to browse through 25 more options. iOS also lets you use an alert tone as your ringtone if you'd prefer, but they'll be less suitable for the task since they're designed for one-off notifications rather than incoming calls. View the full article
  10. Size matters... for science, anyway. While there have been numerous prior studies (both scholarly and unscientific) on penis size, the British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) published one of the girthiest analyses to date. Pulling data from 17 previous academic papers that included a total of 15,521 men worldwide, researchers in the UK came up with a meta-analysis of what they believe to be the average penis size and girth of a penis when erect and when flaccid. Sorry, guys, but your eggplant emoji isn't exactly accurate. According to the research in BJUI, the average flaccid penis is 3.61 inches in length and 5.16 inches in length when erect. Girth is 3.66 inches when flaccid and 4.59 inches when erect. SEE ALSO: All the puzzling things that happen to your body when you masturbate, explained by science Numbers aren't the only results to come out of the study. It also questions some of the common penis size stereotypes, like whether your race or foot size are determining factors for penis size. The researchers did not find enough evidence from the 17 previous studies to come up with a conclusion about the difference in size by race. Two studies incorporated foot size into account, and found penile length to be "significantly weakly correlated," while the other did not find a correlation at all between the two. The stronger statistically significant correlations were between flaccid stretched or erect length and height, which was found in four studies, although the correlations were not extremely strong. Of course, there are a few limitations that could affect penile dimensions, including temperature, level of arousal, and sperm count. But we're much more interested in what 3.61 and 5.16 inches actually looks like, so we've compared the two averages with everyday household objects. Let's get establish a penis size baseline ...Blue Lego is the size of an average flaccid penis.Red Lego is the size of an average erect penis. The average flaccid penis is 3.61 inches. The average erect penis is 5.16 inches. This is what that looks like in Lego form. Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable Now let's get comparing to 17 household items ...1. A crayon The average penis size compared to a crayon. Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 2. A pair of batteries Average penis size compared to batteries. Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 3. A Nerf Dart Average penis size compared to Nerf Dart. Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 4. A "fun" size Snickers bar Average penis size compared to a candy bar. But not a full size one. Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 5. A small cactus Average penis size compared to a small cactus. (Don't put your penis near a cactus.) Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 6. A ticket Average penis size compared to a ticket of some sort. Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 7. A pair of wine corks Average penis size compared to not one, but TWO wine corks. Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 8. A shot glass Average penis size compared to a shot glass (before you had a shot anyway). Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 9. A Diet Coke can Average penis size compared to a Diet Coke can, or really soda can really. Even if your penis is a La Croix guy. Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 10. Three batteries The average flaccid penis is two batteries, but the average erect penis is about three batteries. Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 11. Hand lotion Average penis size compared to lotion bottle, but not like a huge bottle of lotion. Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 12. Three small Snickers bars, just the tip bitten off one Average penis size compared to delicious, slightly eaten candy. Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 13. (Almost) two sticks of gum Average penis size compared to sticks of gum. Minty. Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 14. Two toothpicks Average penis size compared to toothpicks (length wise, at least). Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 15. Three wine corks Average penis size compared to wine corks. Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 16. A small TV remote Average penis size compared to small TV remote. Power off. Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable 17. And, of course, a banana Average penis size vs. a banana Credit: Luke Leonard, Mashable UPDATE: Jun. 5, 2023, 1:17 p.m. AEST This article was originally published in 2015, and has since been updated in Jun. 2023. View the full article
  11. TL;DR: The 2023 Ultimate Amazon Web Services Training Certification Super Bundle is on sale for £23.93, saving you 75% on list price. A career in IT may mean working with a variety of cloud computing solutions like Amazon Web Services (AWS). If you want to start mastering AWS, the 2023 Ultimate Amazon Web Services Training Certification Super Bundle could give you the rundown of essential skills like designing AWS architecture, building servers, hosting applications, and more. For a limited time, this AWS training bundle is on sale for £23.93. This training bundle gives you unlimited access to 10 courses and five projects that could help you master the basics of Amazon Web Services. If you’re a beginner, start at the beginning and see how to sign up for AWS. From there, you can learn more about designing AWS architecture. That familiarity with AWS architecture could be a valuable asset in various IT positions because you’d be equipped to manage cloud-based solutions on a cost-effective scale. Be sure to check out the lessons on using command-line interfaces and building Windows and Linux servers. You can also explore popular services like EC2, RDS, VPC, and S3. Familiarity with these AWS services could help you find low-cost options for running web services through virtual computers, organise data with resizable databases, create your own private cloud, or store data in the cloud. All courses are taught by professionals from EDUCBA, and you can take or retake them as many times as you want. The five projects included in this bundle put what you’ve learned to the test. You’ll practice building an ASP.NET website, creating an Internet of Things smart parking system, configuring a Simple Email Service, building a web application, and creating your own machine-learning model. Ready to learn how to use Amazon Web Services for your future IT career? Get the 2023 Ultimate Amazon Web Services Training Certification Super Bundle on sale for £23.93. Opens in a new tab Credit: Pexels 2023 Ultimate Amazon Web Services Training Certification Super Bundle (opens in a new tab) £23.93 at the Mashable Shop Get Deal (opens in a new tab) View the full article
  12. New week, new day, new Wordle! As always, we're here with some tips and tricks to help you figure out the solution today and start the week strong. If you just want to be told the answer, you can scroll to the end of this article for June 5's Wordle solution revealed. But if you'd rather solve it yourself, keep reading for some clues, tips, and strategies to assist you. Where did Wordle come from?Originally created by engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his partner, Wordle rapidly spread to become an international phenomenon, with thousands of people around the globe playing every day. Alternate Wordle versions created by fans have even sprung up, including battle royale Squabble, music identification game Heardle, and variations like Dordle and Quordle that make you guess multiple words at once. Wordle eventually became so popular that it was purchased by the New York Times, and TikTok creators even livestream themselves playing. Not the day you're after? Here's the Wordle answer for June 4. What's the best Wordle starting word?The best Wordle starting word is the one that speaks to you. But if you like being strategic in your approach, we have a few ideas to help you pick a word that might help you find the solution faster. One tip is to select a word that includes at least two different vowels, plus some common consonants like S, T, R, or N. What happened to the Wordle archive?The entire archive of past Wordle puzzles used to be available for anyone to enjoy whenever they felt like it. Unfortunately, it has since been taken down, with the website's creator stating it was done at the request of the New York Times. Is Wordle getting harder?It might feel like Wordle is getting harder, but it actually isn't any more difficult than when it first began. You can turn on Wordle's Hard Mode if you're after more of a challenge, though. Why are there two different Wordle answers some days?Though usually Wordle will only accept one correct solution per day, occasionally it will rebel against the norm and deem two different answers acceptable. This is due to changes the New York Times made to Wordle after it acquired the puzzle game. The Times has since added its own updated word list, so this should happen even less frequently than before. To avoid any confusion, it's a good idea to refresh your browser before getting stuck into a new puzzle. Here's a subtle hint for today's Wordle answer:Meh... but make it French. Does today's Wordle answer have a double letter?It does! Today's Wordle is a 5-letter word that starts with...Today's Wordle starts with the letter E. SEE ALSO: Wordle-obsessed? These are the best word games to play IRL. What's the answer to Wordle today?Get your last guesses in now, because it's your final chance to solve today's Wordle before we reveal the solution. Drumroll please! The solution to Wordle #716 is... ENNUI. Don't feel discouraged if you didn't manage to guess it this time. There will be a new Wordle for you to stretch your brain with tomorrow, and we'll be back again to guide you with more helpful hints. View the full article
  13. Brian Eno co-produced the latest full-moon release from Gabriel’s forthcoming LP I/OView the full article
  14. A verse from Push made its way into a performance of Phoenix’s “Funky Squaredance” and “All Eyes on Me”View the full article
  15. A light was briefly ablaze, forcing a brief delay in the middle of his setView the full article
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