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  1. Uber’s has confirmed it will spin out its self-driving car business after the unit closed $1 billion in funding from Toyota, auto-parts maker Denso and SoftBank’s Vision Fund. The development has been speculated for some time — as far back as October — and it serves to both remove a deeply-unprofitable unit from the main Uber business: helping Uber scale back some of its losses, while giving Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group (known as Uber ATG) more freedom to focus on the tough challenge of bringing autonomous vehicles to market. The deal values Uber ATG at $7.25 billion, the companies announced. In terms of the exact mechanics of the investment, Toyota and Denso are providing $667 million with the Vision Fund throwing in the remaining $333 million. The deal is expected to close in Q3, and it gives investors a new take on Uber’s imminent IPO, which comes with Uber ATG. The company posted a $1.85 billion loss for 2018, but R&D efforts on ‘moonshots’ like autonomous cars and flying vehicles dragged the numbers down by accounting for over $450 million in spending. Moving those particularly capital-intensive R&D plays into a new entity will help bring the core Uber numbers down to earth, but clearly there’s still a lot of work to reach break-even or profitability. Still, those crazy numbers haven’t dampened the mood. Uber is still seen as a once-in-a-generation company, and it is tipped to raise around $10 billion from the IPO, giving it a reported valuation of $90 billion-$100 billion. Like the spin-out itself, the identity of the investors is not a surprise. The Vision Fund (and parent SoftBank) have backed Uber since a January 2018 investment deal closed, while Toyota put $500 million into the ride-hailing firm last August. Toyota and Uber are working to bring autonomous Sienna vehicles to Uber’s service by 2021 while, in further proof of their collaborative relationship, SoftBank and Toyota are jointly developing services in their native Japan which will be powered by self-driving vehicles. The duo also backed Grab — the Southeast Asian ride-hailing company that Uber owns around 23 percent of — perhaps more aggressively. SoftBank has been an investor since 2014 and last year Toyota invested $1 billion into Grab, which it said was the highest investment it has made in ride-hailing. “Leveraging the strengths of Uber ATG’s autonomous vehicle technology and service network and the Toyota Group’s vehicle control system technology, mass-production capability, and advanced safety support systems, such as Toyota Guardian, will enable us to commercialize safer, lower cost automated ridesharing vehicles and services,” said Shigeki Tomoyama, the executive VP who leads Toyota’s ‘connected company’ division, said in a statement. Here’s Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi’s shorter take on Twitter View the full article
  2. The latest track from the laid-back rapper View the full article
  3. From her upcoming album Dedicated View the full article
  4. A new version of the Honey single View the full article
  5. The B-side to their Record Store Day 7" “Poison the Well” View the full article
  6. DJ Snake is always up to something and has an endless amount of collabs up his sleeve. It now appears he and Khalid have something in the works. When famous artists upload photos together, our minds immediately jump to one thing — collaboration. We already know DJ Snake is constantly seeking out new artists to work with and Khalid is no stranger to the EDM scene. Marshmello previously enlisted in Khalid for their mega hit “Silence.” The collab was remixed by some of the best in the game including Tiësto, Illenium and more. Disclosure and Martin Garrix have also teamed up with the in-demand singer/songwriter. Back to the speculated collaboration at hand. DJ Snake’s caption in the photo with Khalid below simply reads, “Undefeated.” Perhaps this hints at the name of the song. Can’t wait to hear what this sounds like! DJ Snake x Khalid Photo via Rukes.com This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: DJ Snake Hints At Huge Collab In the Works with Khalid View the full article
  7. Instagram is toying with the idea of changing the “like” system as we know it… Since its launch, the social media giant has based much of its livelihood on double taps. Influencers and Instagram famous users have flourished with the like system — the more the better. And, posts with a lot of likes are generally rewarded with even more likes. Newer developments with the algorithm have pushed posts with more likes to the top of feeds and into the discovery tab. Instead of chronological order, relevant or popular photos and videos tend to appear above all others. Now, Instagram is completely changing its way of thinking through a new test. This design change would hide likes from the feed, forcing users to seek out more info on a post to view its full like tally. The design change test first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, has been mocked up to show how the hidden like system would appear. It was discovered in Instagram’s Android code and appears to still be in the works. Insta has addressed the potential change in the following statement: “We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your posts get. During this test, only the person who share a post will see the total number of likes it gets.” This could reduce competition among users and encourage more authentic posting without the pressure of like count. This could potentially create a more fair and positive standard of community on the platform. Honestly, we’re all for this… What do you think? Source: TechCrunch This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: REPORT: Instagram Hides Likes In New Leaked Design View the full article
  8. Two teenage YouTubers were the subject of concern this week after they announced they were expecting a baby and had gotten "married" in Las Vegas. After dragging their followers through a four-part, monetized series, they revealed that it was just a "prank" and issued a very YouTuber non-apology for coming off as insensitive. Danielle Cohn, who goes by Dani, is 15 years old. Her boyfriend and fellow influencer, Mikey Tua, is 16. After dropping cryptic hints throughout the weekend, Mikey posted a hidden camera video of the couple telling their families that Dani was pregnant. They raised eyebrows when the two posted a later video of their "wedding" in Las Vegas — which Dani's mother clarified in a statement to BuzzFeed as only the two making a "promise" since Dani is too young to be legally married, even with parental consent. In the third installment, they visited a questionable doctor's office for an "ultrasound" to find out the sex of the hypothetical baby and listen to Mikey's father lecture them on responsibilities. Read more... More about Influencers, Culture, and Web CultureView the full article
  9. Elon Musk has explained to Tesla owners why they shouldn't charge their Tesla batteries to 100% even if they are concerned about range. Read more... More about Tech, Technology, Cars, Transportation, and Mashable VideoView the full article
  10. Bob and Proma discuss who is "rightful heir" to the throne with Grey Worm, Lord Qyburn and Lady Mormont. Read more... More about Funny, Game Of Thrones, Mashable Video, Comedy, and Arts Culture And Entertainment View the full article
  11. The hype surrounding Samsung‘s forthcoming Galaxy Fold has been unreal. Just this week, the company enlisted in superstar influencers including Steve Aoki to unbox the new device for the first time. The response was initially overwhelmingly positive — until the screens started breaking. Some early reviewers have experienced cracking of the screen after just light or moderate use. Apparently the Galaxy Fold comes equipped with a protective layer meant to prevent scratches on the delicate device. Upon peeling off that layer — because it’s oh so satisfying to remove — the area between the hinge and screen has potential for breakage. Samsung promises that Galaxy Fold creators are investigating the issue. The full statement in response to the complaints reads as follows: A limited number of early Galaxy Fold samples were provided to media for review. We have received a few reports regarding the main display on the samples provided. We will thoroughly inspect these units in person to determine the cause of the matter. Despite alarming reviews, the company revealed to The Verge that its April 26th launch date is still on schedule. Hopefully these issues are resolved ahead of time. The smartphone — for anyone daring enough to try it out — has a $1,980 price tag. Source: The Verge This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Samsung Responds To Reports of Galaxy Fold Screen Damage View the full article
  12. Last year at our TC Sessions: Robotics conference, Boston Dynamics announced that SpotMini will be its first commercially available product. A revamped version of the product would use the company’s decades of quadrupedal robotics learnings as a basis for a robot designed to patrol office spaces. At today’s event, founder and CEO Marc Raibert took to the stage to debut the production version of the electric robot. As noted last year, the company plans to produce around 100 models this year. Raibert said the company is aiming to start production in July or August. There are robots coming off the assembly line now, but they are betas being used for testing, and the company is still doing redesigns. Pricing details will be announced this summer. New things about the SpotMini as it moves closer to production include redesigned components to make it more reliable, skins that work better to protect the robot if it falls and two sets of cameras on the front and one on each side and the back, so it can see in all directions. The SpotMini also has an arm (with a hand that’s often mistaken for its head) that is stabilized in space, so it stays in the same place even when the rest of the robot moves, making it more flexible for different applications. Raibert says he hopes the SpotMini becomes the “Android of robots” (or Android of androids), with navigation software and developers eventually writing apps that can run in and interact with the controls on the robot. SpotMini is the first commercial robot Boston Dynamics is set to release, but as we learned earlier, it certainly won’t be the last. The company is looking to its wheeled Handle robot in an effort to push into the logistics space. It’s a super-hot category for robotics right now. Notably, Amazon recently acquired Colorado-based start up Canvas to add to its own arm of fulfillment center robots. Boston Dynamics made its own acquisition earlier this month — a first for the company. The addition of Kinema will bring advanced vision systems to the company’s robots — a key part in implementing these sorts of systems in the field. View the full article
  13. In Search of Hades features the German electronic band’s iconic work from 1973 to 1979 View the full article
  14. Nothing goes together like "fact checking" and "Tucker Carlson," right? Facebook has a new fact-checking partner, Axios first reported Thursday: CheckYourFact.com, the fact-checking arm of The Daily Caller, a right-wing website founded by conspiracy theorist peddler Tucker Carlson. SEE ALSO: Twitter wants advertisers to ditch Tucker Carlson after his latest xenophobic remarks CheckYourFact.com describes itself as "editorially independent" from The Daily Caller. Its funding comes from The Daily Caller's operating budget, ad revenue, and from a grant that's ultimately funded by conservative political groups, according to Media Matters, a watchdog organization of conservative media. Read more... More about Facebook, Fake News, Fact Check, Tucker Carlson, and TechView the full article
  15. Start spreading the news. Netflix is coming to New York City in a big way. The streaming media service has committed to invest up to $100 million to build a production hub and hire hundreds of new staffers in the Big Apple, according to a statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. Netflix’s new production hub will include an expanded Manhattan office and six sound stages in Brooklyn that could bring in hundreds of executive positions and thousands of production crew jobs to New York within the next five years, according to a statement from the Empire State Development Corp. “New York has created a film-friendly environment that’s home to some of the best creative and executive talent in the world, and we’re excited to provide a place for them at Netflix with our production hub,” said Jason Hariton, Director of Worldwide Studio Operations & Real Estate at Netflix, in a statement. The new corporate offices Netflix has planned will occupy 100,000 square feet in Manhattan at 888 Broadway, housing 127 new executive content acquisition, development, production, legal, publicity and marketing positions. They’ll join the 32 employees Netflix currently has in New York. Netflix already produces Orange is the New Black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, She’s Gotta Have It, The Irishman, Someone Great, Private Life and Russian Doll in New York and has leased 161,000 square feet to build sound stages and support spaces in Brooklyn’s East Williamsburg neighborhood. To sweeten the pot for Netflix, the Empire State Development Corp. has offered $4 million in performance-based Excelsior Tax Credits over ten years, which the corporation says are tied to real job creation. To receive the incentive, Netflix must create 127 jobs by 2024 at its executive production office and retain those jobs for another five years. View the full article
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