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  1. MI5 has come in from the cold and joined Instagram. The UK's intelligence agency has decided to throw off its invisibility cape and go IG official in the name of "being more open." Announcing the decision in the Daily Telegraph on Thursday, MI5 boss Ken McCallum beat every commentator to the lowest hanging fruit, writing, "You can insert your own joke about whether we will be following you." McCallum added that the move was "a routine step for most organisations, but more interesting when you're in the business of keeping secrets." So far, the account has posted one image of the ceiling
  2. We're going to the moon. The proponents of Dogecoin or DOGE, a cryptocurrency that started as a joke but is now one of the most popular coins around, would have you believe that the sentence above is all you need to know about Dogecoin. In a way, they'd be right. Dogecoin does not require a lot of thinking. Fans of the cryptocurrency simply buy it and hodl it (a crypto way of saying "not selling") until...well, until something great happens. Until you become rich, perhaps. But is it really that simple? Read on. The history of Dogecoin It started as a joke. Bitcoin, the original cryptoc
  3. Welcome to Thanks, I Love It, our series highlighting something onscreen we're obsessed with this week. Invincible is building toward something. That much was clear almost right off the bat when, in a shocking and gore-spattered twist, Earth's mightiest hero, Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons), murdered the Guardians of the Globe super-team in cold blood. In the episodes that have followed so far, the question of "Why?!" continues to loom large. Answers are coming, and Season 1's eight episodes are building up to some big ones. The comic books created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker that serve as
  4. Climate 101 is a Mashable series that answers provoking and salient questions about Earth’s warming climate. The water keeps going down. Almost the entire Southwest is mired in various stages of drought as of April 21, 2021, resulting in falling water levels at the nation's two largest reservoirs, Lake Mead and Lake Powell. The consequences could be unprecedented. For the first time in Lake Mead's 85-year existence, water levels may drop below a point this summer that triggers water cuts in Arizona and Nevada. (This would largely mean cuts to farmers and agriculture.) Geological and clima
  5. Continuing a trend we've seen throughout the home-bound pandemic, Google Meet is about to add another Zoom-like feature to its video calls. In a blog post, the company announced it will be adding the ability to replace your background with a video. While you won't be able to use your own videos as backgrounds, Google will offer three options to begin with: a classroom, party, and forest, promising further additions down the track. Google has allowed Meet users to add custom backgrounds to their video calls since October 2020, but this is the first time they've included video in this option (
  6. Earth Day is a strange event. Despite the good intentions of promoting environmental protection, the sunny, optimistic vibes feel pretty at odds with the existential reality of our climate crisis. But one movie perfectly captures the cognitive dissonance of both celebrating the beauty of our planet, while simultaneously living through what appears to be the end of our ability to inhabit it. Released in 2019 and streaming now on HBO Max, Weathering with You is explicitly described by director Makoto Shinkai (previously known for the acclaimed Your Name) as a story about young people coping wit
  7. Fantasy adaptations are alluring for those who've read the books and those who haven't for different reasons. For book readers, there's interest in how the show will make the characters and locations from the original text come to life; those who haven't read the book are interested in finding out what all the fuss is aboutShadow and Bone is the latest in Netflix's fantasy adaptations game, and it's a fascinating example of how to update a 9-year-old book in necessary ways to create a TV show that feels like it was written yesterday. In Shadow and Bone, the country of Ravka is cut in half by
  8. TL;DR: Make your website more beautiful with the SwiftCV Professional Website Builder, on sale for 90% off. As of April 22, get it for just $29.99. Setting up a professional website can certainly do wonders for your career. But sadly, not everyone has time to dabble in web design, UI/UX, SEO optimization, and everything else that goes into building one. Make things easier and save yourself some time with a lifetime subscription to the SwiftCV Professional Website Builder. You can forget about complicated templates or the hassle of hosting. SwiftCV is ready to make the process as (forgive m
  9. Consumer choices alone won't save the planet, but if there's a way to make something in your life eco-friendlier, why not do it? To make it easier for you to swap out normal products with more earth-friendly ones, we've rounded up these 29 items on sale just in time for Earth Day. E.P. Eco-Friendly LED Light Bulb This LED light bulb with abstract designs is a good way to give your room some much-needed ambiance. Get yours on sale for just $21.99 (normally $29) for a limited time. E.P. Eco-Friendly LED Light Bulb — $21.99 Se
  10. TL:DR: Get a head start on CRM knowledge with The Ultimate Oracle, SAP and Salesforce Training Prep Bundle, on sale for 97% off. As of April 22, get it for only $24.96. Data entry and organization are essential to making just about any company flourish. So whether you own your own business or are looking for ways to catch the eye of new employers, it's never a bad time to level up those skills. And since this Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce Training Bundle is on sale for a limited time, now's as good a time as any. With this six-course bundle, you'll get nearly 500 lessons and over 85 hours of
  11. Huge scanlation platform MangaDex says that following a hack in March, its database is now confirmed as being "in the wild". With usernames, email addresses and IP address data now potentially public knowledge, users are being assured that the site is doing all it can to mitigate the breach, including by working with prominent data breach platform Have I Been Pwned. From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more. View the full article
  12. He’s also launched “Saturday Afternoon Kung Fu Theater,” an online kung fu movie screening series View the full article
  13. The striking black and white visual was directed by Braden Lee View the full article
  14. Andre tweeted that he was stopped by plain clothes police for a “‘random’ search” for drugs at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport View the full article
  15. “Justin Vernon low key shook my little Black world in college when I heard this song—so this was a pleasure to do. .”—Bartees Strange View the full article
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