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  1. After performing “Redrum,” the Atlanta rapper brought Faiyaz and Walker to the New York stage for “Should’ve Wore a Bonnet” and “Prove It”View the full article
  2. In the summer of 2020, a little more than two years after being honored by the British government, the grime pioneer made a number of hateful remarks onlineView the full article
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  11. Press releases announcing the shutdown of yet another pirate site, more arrests, and what that means for the entertainment industry, are nothing out of the ordinary. In particularly busy periods, simply determining where one batch ends and another begins can present challenges. Yet in many cases, even the most straightforward reports have much more going on just below the surface. An announcement published Monday by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment is clear, quite detailed, but also conservative in respect of reporting events behind the scenes. The matter involves the oldest and most likely the largest torrent site in Thailand, a platform described by the most powerful rightsholders in the United States as a priority enforcement target for at least seven years. Yet only now, 18 years after the site first launched, have local authorities taken any visible action. If policy recently changed in Thailand, there’s no obvious indication of when that took place or what it might be. The official page to provide tips about illegal services on the police website still doesn’t work and known complications simmering in this particular case haven’t been mentioned either. ACE Outlines The Main Facts The key details, as reported by ACE on Monday, read as follows: The Royal Thai Police’s Economic Crimes Department (ECD), with support from the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), has raided four locations in Bangkok, Surin Province and Surat Thani. Four Thai nationals have been taken into custody and are expected to be formally charged with copyright offenses in the coming days. Siambit.me was the largest torrent tracker site in Thailand with average monthly visits of 5.5 million, and which provided access to a huge range of Hollywood, international and Thai content. The site had been in operation since 2005 and is known to regularly change its domain to avoid detection. According to statements by the Royal Thai Police, Siambit.me had over 100,000 VIP members and the operators were making an estimated 1.5 million baht (USD $41,000) on a monthly basis. The 5.5 million visits reported here align exactly with data reported by SimilarWeb, so we’ll put that aside for now. The reference to 100,000 VIP members indicates those paying a fee each month. The lowest monthly fee reported recently was just 99 baht with the highest at 499 baht, so roughly $2.70 to almost $14.00 per month. The higher monthly rate of $14.00 makes little to no sense in any context while the claim that 1.5 million baht was generated each month could in theory suggest around 15,000 members paying 99 baht each. If 100,000 members paid even the minimum rate each month, no figures from any source combine to produce a sensible total, so perhaps more information will emerge to clarify the situation. Images of Police Action Emerge Images that began circulating late last week seem to confirm that the authorities had good intelligence. Photographs such as the one featuring a server room below appear to have been taken at the home of the main suspect. When trying to establish a timeline for the events reported a few days ago a confusing picture emerged. In fact, to make any sense of these events we needed to go back, not just days, but several weeks. Thai Police & ACE Took Sites Down in January On January 19, 2024, we provided background on an ACE announcement detailing the shutdown of 27 Thai-focused sites, each reliant on a common infrastructure provided as a service by the website IAMTHEME.com. Around January 17, officers from the Central Investigation Bureau were preparing an operation to enforce the country’s strict pornography laws; in Thailand it’s illegal to distribute porn, possess it, or produce it. The bureau’s target was the suspected operator of numerous sites including xxxporn678.com, 037movie-hd.com, dooball678.com, movie678.com, and 678-hd.com. The first domain seems to have majored on illegal adult content while the rest appeared to focus on pirated movies and pirated live football streams. The common denominator for all sites was a) a reliance on services offered by IAMTHEME.com and b) offering porn illegally and/or generating revenue illegally from online gambling advertising. Combinations like these are an effective way to attract Thai authorities, who will shut sites down and arrest their operators. And that’s exactly what happened here. Items seized included four computers, eight mobile phones, and more than a dozen bank accounts. Dominoes Start to Fall Not long after the operator of xxxporn678 and the other sites was arrested, police began investigating the operator of IAMTHEME. On or around February 2, he too was placed under arrest, most likely for similar reasons. At some point, police determined that their latest suspect was either sourcing his porn and pirated movies from SiamBit or was otherwise connected to the site and/or its operator. That triggered a series of events that led to Thailand’s largest torrent site becoming the focus of the ACE announcement published on Monday. A source who asked not to be identified said that police initially expanded their investigation to identify the person in charge at SiamBit. Armed with a search warrant dated February 7 issued by a local court, on February 9 they targeted the home of a man in his late thirties* suspected of running the group that controls the site. *the suspect is believed to be either 38 or 40 According to the authorities, SiamBit had 10,000 VIP members, together paying around 1.5 million baht to its operators every month. For balance, we have also seen references to ‘100,000 members’ but without any mention of money. SiamBits’ tracker data obtained by TF shows a peak of almost a million peers while reporting over 200,000 members. It’s possible that the focus will end up being a monetary value, but whether that will be linked to porn and gambling, copyright infringement, or both, is still unclear. At least initially, police focused on suspected crimes under Section 287 of the Thai Penal Code. Section 287 makes it beyond clear that any kind of dealing in pornographic content is a criminal offense, punishable by a fine, a prison sentence, or both. While we were able to positively identify all four main suspects by name and home address, details here are limited to their initials, arrest location, alleged role, and reported age. CW: Sai Mai District. SiamBit operator and famous professional racing driver (38/40) PB: Chatuchak District. Financial controller (54) WNK: Surin Province. Website/systems administrator (42) NSWW: Surat Thani Province. Administrator, community manager (53) Several images made available by the authorities allegedly feature the suspected operator of SiamBits but whether all show the same person isn’t entirely clear. On the top row, images one and two show the same person at the same location, dressed in a light blue t-shirt, face blurred. However, the person with his face obscured in image three at the bottom seems to more closely match press images of the racing driver named as the main suspect. That raises the question of why the person in image three is wearing completely different clothes than those worn by the suspect in one and two. Other apparent anomalies include the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment referencing the domain Siambit.me, which as far as we can establish is indeed the site’s main domain. Locally there appears to be greater interest in Siambit.io, which at the time of writing redirects to Google. Meanwhile, the .me variant currently redirects to a Telegram channel with over 18,700 members. Thai authorities confirm that their interest in SiamBit was raised due to complaints from companies in the movie industry. In its statement published yesterday, the anti-piracy group said that copyright infringement charges are expected in the next few days. From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more. View the full article
  12. YEDM introduced K4LT as a new artist in July 2023, with his pensive, ambient track called “LCPD”. It was a follow-up to his first EP, Endgame, and was two years in the making as well as a departure from his original style. Now focused more on electronic production, “LCPD” has seen an intriguing amount of buzz, both from the industry and fans. Audiences are put on notice, however, not to settle into the dreamy, celestial vibe of “LCPD”. A very different mood is incoming with K4lT’s latest track, “This Room (Reprise)”. The Belin-based K4LT, whose artist name is a stylized version of the German word “kalt” (trans. “cold” in English), has said his new rash of songs is a reflection of the isolation created by the COVID lockdowns and the struggle of people even now to remember how to socialize. “This Room,” released early this month, with its pseudo-goth synth styling, relentless, quick-paced beat and the ennui and anxiety heavy in the lyrics, gives a disturbingly accurate picture of what many people are experiencing post-pandemic. “This Room (Reprise)” is also meant to be throwback to a song of the same name by The Notwist, one of K4LT’s biggest influences. This is not a remix or a cover, but a complete re-imagining of the track, as The Notwist’s original is more directly shoegaze and post punk with some interesting vintage and experimental interludes, which might remind some fans of mid-era Radiohead or Death Cab for Cutie merging with Venetian Snares. Refreshingly honest about naming his influences and inspirations, K4LT’s version is both a continuation of the original tone of the track and a reversal. Where The Notwist’s original is soft, vulnerable and largely rock-based, K4LT’s reprise semi-industrial and itchy, pacing, impatient, bordering on frustrated. A contrary statement to the original, but no less impactful. Perhaps “This Room (Reprise)” meant to show the difference in the way we manage relationships and interact with each other since the lockdown. Rather than focusing on a relationship and where it’s going, we’re constantly looking outward whilst staying inward, not satisfied but not willing to do anything about it. A tech-driven futility and an inability to process emotions through relationships – or even at all – stamps this track. That itch is there though, K4LT warns, and it’s ready to break the surface, the portends of the last line repeated before the song cuts off: “…up to interfere; up to interfere.” “This Room (Reprise)” is out now and available to stream along with K4LT’s other works on Spotify. They can also be purchased on Bandcamp. This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: New K4LT Track ‘This Room (Reprise)’ Pays Homage to Artist’s Muse View the full article
  13. The first human being to receive a brain chip from Elon Musk's Neuralink can apparently control a computer mouse just by thinking, according to Musk. During a Spaces audio chat on Musk's social media platform X on Monday, the Neuralink founder shared some information about the first human patient to receive the brain chip transplant. "Progress is good, and the patient seems to have made a full recovery, with no ill effects that we are aware of," Musk said. "Patient is able to move a mouse around the screen by just thinking." “We’re trying to get as many button presses as possible from thinking, so that’s what we’re currently working on," he continued. What we know about Neuralink's first human patientLast month, Musk shared in a post on X that Neuralink had successfully performed the transplant surgery on a human for the first time on Jan. 28. Little is known about Nueralink's first human patient, outside of what Musk has offered up in his own posts on X. The company first started looking for human volunteers last year. Neuralink's announcement specified that it was looking for someone within the U.S. who was over the age of 18 and living with a disability. "The first @Neuralink product is called Telepathy," Musk posted on X last month, shortly after he announced the company's first human patient. "Enables control of your phone or computer, and through them almost any device, just by thinking. Initial users will be those who have lost the use of their limbs. Imagine if Stephen Hawking could communicate faster than a speed typist or auctioneer. That is the goal." While Neuralink's first human patient received the transplant last month, the company has been criticized for controversial animal testing in the past. Musk has previously denied performing trials on healthy monkeys; however, a former Neuralink employee detailed the brutal conditions some monkeys underwent during tests in a Wired report last year. In some trials, issues with the transplant would cause monkeys' health to decline and they would eventually be euthanized. In addition to animal welfare investigations from the U.S. government, Neuralink was recently fined by the U.S. Department of Transportation for violating regulations regarding the transport of hazardous materials. After initially rejecting Neuralink's application to begin human testing, the FDA gave Neuralink approval for human transplants last year. View the full article
  14. Apple Music may be working on an official way to import music from Spotify and other music apps. According to 9to5Mac, Reddit users have reported seeing an option to "transfer music from other services" on the Apple Music library page. Based on this, it's possible that Apple is A/B testing the beta version of this feature on Android. The new feature appears to draw inspiration from SongShift, a well-established third-party app. For years, SongShift has empowered users to seamlessly transfer music across various streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. This functionality ensures that users can enjoy their entire music library in any preferred application without skipping a beat. SEE ALSO: Apple Music Replay for 2024 has arrived If Apple is planning to natively integrate SongShift (or a similar music-transfer app) with Apple Music, there's precedent. In the past, Apple has acquired popular third-party apps instead of developing competing apps. In 2018, Apple bought Shazam, a music app. In 2020, it acquired the Dark Sky weather app and Apple's native Weather app adopted most of its features. Adding native integration to import songs from Spotify is a strategic move. However, it's surprising that Apple would want to play nice with its biggest competitor. Apple was recently fined 500 million euros for allegedly favoring Apple Music over other music apps (e.g., Spotify) on the App Store. Still, one benefit of this reported new import feature is that migrating from Spotify to Apple Music should be seamless, encouraging more users to switch to Apple's popular music app. View the full article
  15. For the past 12 months, the top-watched streaming service on televisions around the world has not been industry leaders like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ — it's been YouTube. Data insights giant Nielsen announced that, as of today, YouTube has been the top streaming platform by watch time for one full year. Globally, viewers watch an average of more than 1 billion hours of YouTube content on their TVs every day. This includes not only long-form YouTube content but Youtube Shorts as well. In a blog post, YouTube shared that views of Shorts on connected TVs grew by more than 100 percent from January to September 2023. The Nielsen stats did not include data from YouTubeTV, a separate app for streaming live television. SEE ALSO: X appears to be juicing MrBeast's views as Elon Musk tries to woo the YouTuber to the platform It is impossible for streamers to compete with vast expense of YouTube's content library. For example, more than 500 hours of video was uploaded to YouTube every minute in 2022. That's more than 260 million hours of video every year. Netflix, by comparison, has an estimated 18,000 titles, though the actual amount available to viewers varies by region. Netflix still holds the crown for the top-watched title for January — Fool Me Once — which was viewed for 6.5 billion minutes. Bluey, on Disney+, and Reacher, on Amazon Prime Video, clocked in with 5.5 billion minutes and 4.3 billion minutes, respectively. But if you break down those stats, YouTube actually isn't that far behind. Fool Me Once is an eight-part Netflix series with episodes running between 35 and 56 minutes. But just one of the most-watched videos on YouTube from January, MrBeast's "$1 vs $250,000,000 Private Island!", has 136 million views and a 17-minute run time, which means the total watch time for that single video could be as much as 2.3 billion minutes. Make that into an eight-part series, and you're looking at more than 18 billion minutes of watch time for episodes less than 20 minutes long. View the full article
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