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  1. The media needs to leave Coach Rice alone. Toughen the fuck up

  2. North Korea seen moving missile after it declares it has given approval for a nuclear attack on the United States http://t.co/kXbq0nWAnS

  3. [email protected]_F_Baby RT @SportsCenter: BREAKING- Report: Auburn bribed players, altered grades on 2010 (cont) http://t.co/INCDNJOxj8

  4. Great. Xfinity / Comcast has an internet outage in my area. No more work for me today. Guess I'll go outside. Thankfully I have @DirecTV

  5. This is what an almost perfectly pitched game looks like ... #YuDarvish http://t.co/wXLquZcC4v

  6. Yu is about to face THREE PLAYERS with a .000 AVG so far this season ...

  7. Any other day I'd be rooting for the #Astros... But my #Rangers are in town so LET'S GO RANGERS!!! @… http://t.co/chjtN9r3nM

  8. Demi Lovato FTFW

  9. RT @FrankieFNF: Help me win an iPad Mini from the UT Campus Computer Store! Vote for my photo: (cont) http://t.co/lDIz4yT44a

  10. OOMF just got a LOT of people on FB with their April Fool's joke lol

  11. I am not asleep

  12. Sometimes I wish...

  13. #winning! RT @KeepMovn_41: @NelsonG oh you are a genius brother in purp.. you just made it back to #gentleman in my book !

  14. I'm at Shell Houston Open (Humble, Texas) http://t.co/entlDgHJeD

  15. WW3 RT @BreakingNews: Thousands join mass rally in Pyongyang, North Korea in support of Kim Jong (cont) http://t.co/D6s9OuZnOM

  16. I once considered being a comedian... But I didn't want to stand up so much #FirstWorldProblems

  17. #Amen RT @espn: It’s been a LONG four days. Glad to have you back, #MarchMadness.

  18. listening to Make Damn Sure by Taking Back Sunday on @Grooveshark: http://t.co/3zP6wxCEqd #nowplaying

  19. Free Spotify premium for 1 month >>> http://t.co/KcxjQcBWsu

  20. Ok one more. Not gonna be a hater... The #HeatStreak was pretty impressive

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