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  1. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wpCf0FsZKQ[/media]
  2. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vtoeJeSeMM&feature=topvideos_music[/media]
  3. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQfhksr4HlU[/media] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HM5T_05c6U[/media]
  4. wow be carefull bud when directing a diss at every writer on the site. theres alot of very good writers on this site that would destroy this verse in a few bars. anyway nice peice keep at it. im gonna try and get a good 6-8 people involved in a little tourney. so ill count you in. ill let you know when its all arranged bud.
  5. nice little verse, i liked it. keep up the good work bud
  6. hey clinton, how you been mate, havent been on for 4 months or so. drop a verse sometime buddy. looking to get a little tourney going in the battle section aswell. let me know if your interested bud
  7. very good for a first attempt at rhyming buddy, works well, keep going, if we can get a few writers involved i wanna start up the battling section again. if your interested.
  8. its okay. theres sections that work well and sections that dont seem to fit. good overall, keep at it bud.
  9. hello beatking, how are you all, been a while, but im back, alots been going on over the last year, ive got alot to write about and some fire in my pencil, watch this space. in the mean time. how is everyone doing. ive missed the best website on the internet. but im back. gonna be posting alot over the next week.
  10. hey beatking how are u all havent been posting much in recent times, actualy been writing more than ever lately. find my self lockt in a room writing song after song these days, working on a 18 song album type thing at the moment called reincarnation of a writer, so may post up a couple of songs for u lovely people over the next week. apoligies for the true to nature deeply depressing writing but it keeps me sain lol, by writing it i release the negativity out of me, so tough shit lol. but hope everybody is well dude as in cool havent hearde from u in a while drop me a message hope your well.
  11. ive bled verse after verse but this one feels like the first as i search out a verse thatll help me work out this hurt, i aint a rapper im a writer, but rap is my method of expressing my life to u in chapters but it feels with each chapter a piece of me dies, its given to u and living within these lines, so its in your eyes, read me as i skip beats, read me as i colapse into a coma, i left my legacy in 6 albums so fuck it im over, ive done all that i wanted acheived what i set out to, who the fuck would of believed i did it all by 22, so im through with all the bullshit lets be hone
  12. destroyed but rebuilt, tug of war wit the guilt, but my will it wont wilt, and my skill it wont tilt, if you feel what ive felt, took the hand i was dealt, understand but cant help, be a man as you melt, and slip into the path of self destruction, implode. destroy yourself til your left with nothing, self suffering and self loathing sniifing the white devil for self coping. in hell hoping to claw my way out, wake in the morning, laid out in a pool of vommit blood and vodka ached up, hoping i wouldnt wake up..... but i awoke, continue to slope, continue to sniff coke to cope, you fucking
  13. look at my lifes work every song ive ever written i can see the hate and see the anger that i put in them. why was i so angry where did the hate come from was it my way of dealing with my problems ? or runing from them all the people named anger aimed like guning on them. but the truth is i should of been guning for myself i was weak and blaimed others instead of admiting i needed help how did i become so lost how did my mind get so confused how could someone with so much still loose true im bruised but its my bruises that give me strength so why did i keep loved ones at arms length
  14. going through diffrent stages of mourning woke up this morning, tearfull pouring another top up from last night, u left and its like someone turned out the flashlight and im traveling back into that past life that i barely escaped from the hates gone but what im left with is empty, hollow, but i dont wanna wallow i wish i could of followed u in, two soldiers whos destinys clashed, you helped me escape my past, i helped you embrace the fact that u were dieing, and although we brushed it under and spent a few years lieing, we couldnt escape the dark evil wheel of fate, and i hate that
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