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  1. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wpCf0FsZKQ[/media]
  2. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vtoeJeSeMM&feature=topvideos_music[/media]
  3. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQfhksr4HlU[/media] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HM5T_05c6U[/media]
  4. wow be carefull bud when directing a diss at every writer on the site. theres alot of very good writers on this site that would destroy this verse in a few bars. anyway nice peice keep at it. im gonna try and get a good 6-8 people involved in a little tourney. so ill count you in. ill let you know when its all arranged bud.
  5. nice little verse, i liked it. keep up the good work bud
  6. hey clinton, how you been mate, havent been on for 4 months or so. drop a verse sometime buddy. looking to get a little tourney going in the battle section aswell. let me know if your interested bud
  7. very good for a first attempt at rhyming buddy, works well, keep going, if we can get a few writers involved i wanna start up the battling section again. if your interested.
  8. its okay. theres sections that work well and sections that dont seem to fit. good overall, keep at it bud.
  9. hello beatking, how are you all, been a while, but im back, alots been going on over the last year, ive got alot to write about and some fire in my pencil, watch this space. in the mean time. how is everyone doing. ive missed the best website on the internet. but im back. gonna be posting alot over the next week.
  10. hey beatking how are u all havent been posting much in recent times, actualy been writing more than ever lately. find my self lockt in a room writing song after song these days, working on a 18 song album type thing at the moment called reincarnation of a writer, so may post up a couple of songs for u lovely people over the next week. apoligies for the true to nature deeply depressing writing but it keeps me sain lol, by writing it i release the negativity out of me, so tough shit lol. but hope everybody is well dude as in cool havent hearde from u in a while drop me a message hope your well.
  11. ive bled verse after verse but this one feels like the first as i search out a verse thatll help me work out this hurt, i aint a rapper im a writer, but rap is my method of expressing my life to u in chapters but it feels with each chapter a piece of me dies, its given to u and living within these lines, so its in your eyes, read me as i skip beats, read me as i colapse into a coma, i left my legacy in 6 albums so fuck it im over, ive done all that i wanted acheived what i set out to, who the fuck would of believed i did it all by 22, so im through with all the bullshit lets be honest lifes pretend were born to live to die so im runing straight to end, i search within my soul is there any humanity left my writing seems to retain any sanity i have left
  12. destroyed but rebuilt, tug of war wit the guilt, but my will it wont wilt, and my skill it wont tilt, if you feel what ive felt, took the hand i was dealt, understand but cant help, be a man as you melt, and slip into the path of self destruction, implode. destroy yourself til your left with nothing, self suffering and self loathing sniifing the white devil for self coping. in hell hoping to claw my way out, wake in the morning, laid out in a pool of vommit blood and vodka ached up, hoping i wouldnt wake up..... but i awoke, continue to slope, continue to sniff coke to cope, you fucking joke.... pick your self up get up you fucking quiter. you call yourself a savage spitter but you cant even kick the liquer. hated your father from birth look in the mirror see that figure...? ITS HIM BUT WORSE, you think you hurt deserves a marching band, on your feet you fucking coward be a man, stop excusing your weakness, look at elijahs eyes as he crys now try to tell me that he needs this, deserves this, your times over your childhood is gone, stolen from you but to now steal it from your son is wrong, but i dont belong, its like i hold on, but im barely here, disstant, exsist but dissapear, im at war with myself in a war in my mind, try to walk the right path but on the wrong one walking blind,
  13. look at my lifes work every song ive ever written i can see the hate and see the anger that i put in them. why was i so angry where did the hate come from was it my way of dealing with my problems ? or runing from them all the people named anger aimed like guning on them. but the truth is i should of been guning for myself i was weak and blaimed others instead of admiting i needed help how did i become so lost how did my mind get so confused how could someone with so much still loose true im bruised but its my bruises that give me strength so why did i keep loved ones at arms length its like i held a grudge at the world because i didnt like the life ide seen i wish i could unwrite my pen lost the gunfight but my heart won the battle my mind won the war the journey i travelled world im thanking u for im on a quest a discovery of human nature my life delivered in ink each journey on paper every nasty evil peice u uset to hear me spiting is over , im now unwritten.
  14. going through diffrent stages of mourning woke up this morning, tearfull pouring another top up from last night, u left and its like someone turned out the flashlight and im traveling back into that past life that i barely escaped from the hates gone but what im left with is empty, hollow, but i dont wanna wallow i wish i could of followed u in, two soldiers whos destinys clashed, you helped me escape my past, i helped you embrace the fact that u were dieing, and although we brushed it under and spent a few years lieing, we couldnt escape the dark evil wheel of fate, and i hate that there was nothing i could do to change. im useless, so i just sat there and watched u fade away faded from my best friend to a coffin weight, but i couldnt stop and wait and contemplate that my world was crashing again, i spent so long fighting the last battle wit the pen. and all those two face back stabing rats came to the funeral, got pisst at the wake, it made me fucking sick they were taking the piss til there was no piss left to take, almost every night i awake from a good dream then i cry, cause i was dreaming that u were still alive then i realise, try to sleep again so i sleep wit wet eyes. i bet that u fly, soar above me guarding the darkness wit bright wings. since u left i havent been able to write a single thing, i need u back without u im crippled, my strength is missing arnie i need u i hope that ur listening
  15. havent been on in a week, read your 3 posts, nice, welcome back,
  16. writings my strong point been looking for someone to put forward some music i can lay over for a while, would u be interested in sending me a few peices, i can put a song together over it and send it back to u see what u think,
  17. ah right, lol, thought it was blocked or something, cool will remember that in future,
  18. [quote name='DudeAsInCool' date='12 November 2010 - 05:03 PM' timestamp='1289602994' post='191592'] It was nice. Once a month they showcase artists in downtown LA at a number of art galleries. I went to see a friend's work and to attend a reception - we went to school together at UCLA and I hadn't seen her in about a decade since she moved. She paints [url="http://mandymain.blogspot.com/"]California Landscapes[/url]. Afterwards a friend and I checked out the scene at a few other galleries and had dinner [/quote] sounds like a good time mate, i can seem to pm u any more, why is that, is it cause ur admin or something like that
  19. [quote name='DudeAsInCool' date='11 November 2010 - 08:07 PM' timestamp='1289527623' post='191570'] My sentiments exactly. Hopefully, this party i'm heading to tonight will change my mood [img]http://www.beatking.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img] Keep goin' on the rant - you're off to a good start [/quote] how did the party go, ive been laying off the booze and partys a bit recently . a big blow outs dew, yeah i like this peice, took me like 6 minutes to write, ive been writing fucking loads this year, ive got some realy good stuff together, ever since i had that battle when i caught someone knicking other peopkes stuff and using it. ive been worried about it being knicked or used so avoid posting the full songs and better stuff up on here unfortunatly, this peice is actualy an addition to a song called I LOVE THIS WORLD, but glad u liked, angry aggresion rants still work very well when writing lol,
  20. I'm loading my pencil wit a full barrel of hate holding it at your temple, you'd rather i wait, but I'm sick of mother fuckers talking shit when i ain't listening, so I'm ripping into every mother fucker who was fucking whispering, lets begin with, everyone of u Weston bitches, born wit a silver spoon so never had to develop riches, and u throw your fucking judgment, like u godly the government, but i didn't fuck around wit your social acceptance I'm above that shit, i did it my way, so ill say fuck u in a nice way, back then i was better, true, and now I'm years ahead of u, i stood alone which is what i guess i owe my successes too, and when i split wit my ex u was the first mother fuckers to show me hatred and disrespect, saying i ain't shit, its like u fucking waited until i was down to kick me, ten years of history out the window, bitchy, don't think that I'm fucking leaving this beef, cause I'm not in fact every one of u mothers fuckers is getting shot, involved or not, cut throats don't stop, I'm not bitter I'm just sick of ya fucking bitches who ain't man enough to approach me face to face wit there disses, fuck the wwwooooooorrrrrlllllld u threw your worst, tried to break me, but i grew stronger, in fact its your fucking worst that made me, so fuck the worrrlllllld u made me this way......., I'm not bitter I'm just sick of ya fucking bitches who ain't man enough to approach me face to face wit there disses, so fuck the wooooooooooorrrrrrrrllllllllldd, two sides to a book, but u reading the front without giving the back a look an it took for me to fall so i could really see who's really wit me, now I'm running circles on u mother fuckers u dizzy, more interested in the what ifs, did she, or is he, than to see a friend on the edge sitting in misery, look at the history, its a wonder i wasn't under observation locked up, loosing sanity before i was even old enough to get my cock up, got up from every knock cut bruise kick slash and crash so fuck the wwoooorrrrllllldddd, look back on my past and laugh, why do these fucking bitches stick there nose in my business what kind of fucking shit world is this, when i cant row wit my misses without every mother fucker judging me wit disses keep your fucking nose out don't throw out your opinions i never fucking asked your opinion, so don't give them, mind your fucking own, don't listen, cause I'm making enemies at a rate thats fucking sickening, don't make me have to school u, you'll have it, ill pull a tool on u fagots, ill make killing pussy's my habit, fuck u aaaaallllllll, u made me this waaayyyyy, fuck the wwwooooooorrrrrlllllld u threw your worst, tried to break me, but i grew stronger, in fact its your fucking worst that made me, so fuck the worrrlllllld u made me this way......., I'm not bitter I'm just sick of ya fucking bitches who ain't man enough to approach me face to face wit there disses, so fuck the wooooooooooorrrrrrrrllllllllldd, one of the people i hate the most, is u ms n I'm choking your fucking throat, until u kop it, suffocate, eye pops out of your socket, but i ain't gon stop it, ring your neck like a chicken, think again before the next time u go dissing, why the fuck u tripping on me, go find another dick and get licking, I'm sticking to sick spiting wit wings lifting above u, i truly fucking hate u, but in the same turn i love u, I'm the end result of 25 years of evil and hatred, so i guess i owe people a thank u, Ive made it, tasted so many tears, but now my eyes are empty no more will i try, i want the world to recent me, envie me plenty, feed my pencil more venom, an then I'm gon fucking slaughter u all of u and your daughters too, do what i oughta do, I'm fucking through, coming for u, as it darkens blade sharpened, see if u can bitch without your heart then, i ain't starting nothing, this is the end result of u fucking cussing my name, I'm fucking coming for u wooooorrrrllllddddd u made me this wayyyyyyyy, fuck the wwwooooooorrrrrlllllld u threw your worst, tried to break me, but i grew stronger, in fact its your fucking worst that made me, so fuck the worrrlllllld u made me this way......., I'm not bitter I'm just sick of ya fucking bitches who ain't man enough to approach me face to face wit there disses, so fuck the wooooooooooorrrrrrrrllllllllldd,
  21. okay, i havent layed anything down in a while, so im gonna blow something off over the tune miquel feat j cole all i want is u, sick flow, its the loco spitter most of my click call me go ho getter, so the promo giver delivers another flow for u no show spinners, i hold no trigger, cause my bars will kill u all try hard but it takes heart and skill so ill start wit real, enraged lines from a past life ill count the notes as i laugh at the stacks height grab the flashlight come into the dark i wonder if u could help and put a spark in my heart, rhyme flows off like a second nature, they think im showing off but the truth is i fucking hate ya, prime for the picking, take a little time, rhymes need rewritten, been spiting for too long, shoulders still heavy but the backs will has remained strong gone from rock bottom to top rock alot people tried, got droped, stop watched, came from the gutter now a sick mother fucker with no fear look into my eyes u will see ive got no tears, left to give, infact my fear is my breath to live, and im gon spit til my lips bleed, flow so sick i make the deaf people wanna lip read, whow......... ready now, m11 wit c and devlin looking heavy in the shevy now, black truck for 300, but slashed up for nothing, if u think im bluffing keep on cussing,
  22. words of wisdom given, driven upon u from a young age, but u dont listen, make ur own misstakes, a good sign of ur mental age, is when u realise theyre words were right, so why is it within us theres is a person that rebels and fights the rules, hates the structure, i walked with my chin up, attitude, fuck u mother fucker, but as my son grows and my hair greys, changed my ways and wish i could relive the older days, change my misstakes, but then again if i didnt make my misstakes in the first place, i wouldnt be me, i quess life is a learning curve, i think ive just about hit graduation, but no congratulations. ive destroyed too manys hearts and i didnt have to break them, i feel guilt as i contemplate them, but the point is that i contemplate them, acepted the monster i became so i could erase him, didnt run instead i stood and faced him, sometimes in life u can loose ur way, and i became so lost and confused, dealt with it by alcohol and drug abuse, my nose became my biggest flaw, sniffing cocaine quicker than u would sniff through jessica albas knicker draw, but i had to hit rock bottom before i realised i even had a problem i gave up on the world and life, and eventualy everyone that loved me gave up on me, how could i blame them i treated them all dissgustingly, but life is funny, we all hold within us the answers and abilty to succeed but first u need to figure out the questions what u want and need there is no perfect human, we cant change our pasts, make your future, make it last,
  23. arnie passed away peacefully in his sleep at 130 am this morning aged 79, he was a true friend and a father to me, he will be missed. and remembered as a great man. i fullfilled my promise and was with him til his last breath. rest in peace, alus sal rek kom,
  24. messenger


    [size="3"][i]Cancer drains your life away, Your frail and bed ridden , I just wish u could fight today, The best friend of mine, at 79 you’ve treated me like a son, Always treated me as number 1, We begun as a odd couple, but are life’s fitted, I’ve had u for only 5 years but I feel truly gifted, What hurts me the most is I feel useless, I’m watching u die before my eyes and I don’t wanna accept the truth yet, Everyday I finish work then come to see u, and I know that one day soon I’m gonna walk in and find u dead, I sit u up in you’re bed and help u take medicine but u can barely swallow, u choke I’m hollow and I hope I can keep coping, keep smiling and wearing this brave fake face for u, I know you’re dieing, but I’m trying, lying to myself aswell, I just wish I could make u well, And you’re embarrassed that u cant make the toilet , I don’t care, I change you’re bed sheets and your underwear, it means nothing I love u, I have seen a lot this life has made me wise, And now I’m watching my best friend die, So I cry as I write, words u will never see, But at least u seen me become all that u wanted me to be, And I wouldn’t of became a man without u, U kept the foot up my ass, I smile as I look over the photos from are past, so many good memories, Ill hold forever, wait at the gates well soon be together again, I hate that your in pain I hate that your suffering bed ridden cant eat or drink nothing, The doctor said your body’s closing down, this is the final stages, So I guess the terrible two rests in these pages, I’m sorry Arnie I feel weak, I’m struggling to put on this brave face for u, every time I enter your room I can smell death, it sounds strange but I know, I dread the smell, I dread the thought of finding u dead But I guess this is a small burden to bear, I wish I could bear the cancer for u, Ur so disorientated so confused I can barely get any sense from u, But when u see me u smile, I know I’m the only one u want by your side, And I’m sorry that I am the only one by your side, tonight when I forced fed u your meds, For a brief moment u looked at me like u had snapped out of it and were your old self, u looked at me in the eyes and we both shared the look, it only lasted for seconds but in that one look it was goodbye, thank you, I love you, I know what’s coming, a tear fell from both of our eyes, but I try to wait until I leave til I cry, I will live my life now for u, I will miss u, I love u, U are my strength, My wings, I hope u pass asleep in peace, not in pain, Ill see u in heaven, and im here by your side til the end, goodbye my best friend, Arnie johan cornelisson, the greatest man ive ever known , [/i][/size] i know theres not much rhyming, but its not about that, just some words i needed to release, makes my shoulders feel lighter, my way to vent
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