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the one u gonna know about

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    Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, J cole

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  1. remember when we first met girl you blew my eyes , i was only fifteen your beauty got me terrorised. You told me you'd stay with till the day i die, but i guess that memories fade as time flashes by. i'd like to see you but i don't know where you are, you should watch me my life as changed i gotta bigger house and a nicer car. remember when we use to travel in the bus, well when you come back we'll be in a jet with air stewardess comin' wit us. But there ain't no good life without you, Girl I want you back and i swear it's true. Hope you have memories of me at least a few, gettin' you back is number one on the list of things that i gotta do. There ain't no one who loves you more than me Last time I saw your face girl you looked so sweet. While i'm writing this I regret the old days, But we left the past behind we both went our own ways But let's bring it back to life, I could be your husband and you could be my wife. Girl just tell me when you coming. So I can hit it in the morning ---------------------- So I was inspired by the song "In the morning" by J Cole feat. Drake and it actually kinda fits with the beat. Thanks for reading this and please comment. See ya
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