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  1. I met this girl she's super cool, i met her ass right after school U'd like her if u knew her too, 5 piercings damn with 6 tattoos On the outside man she's super sweet but the inside damn she's super rude She'll tell u what u wanna hear, and u'll end up buyin her a subaru Now this bitch right here is jus playin niggas Her mind real sharp but they aint scissas (scissors) I'm too smart for all that shit so i sit back while her game withers Girl u know i see u ballin, runnin shit like the fastest shoes I do that shit too the only difference is I dont practice boo I won't act a fool i aint like these boyz that try actin cool They talk their shit like they're packin stool But they soft as fuck like satin wool So i powder up and start smackin fools Dont bring ur game i'll recognize it, it aint tight ur shits phony Grab my dick and start breathalizin, in other words bitch blow me
  2. Windy City


    A nigga went missin but its time to do my come back Im here to put in work tell them hoes to go n run that Instead of crushin up some pills i need to brush up on my skills Go to work n pay them bills, smoke some dro n then jus chill Thats my life bro what about yours Are u strugglin in this recession gettin fucked on all fours? Or are u gettin ahead of them haters while they all snore They think they're ballin hard but really they gettin outscored Slow money is no money you'll learn that when u grow sonny The last nigga that owed money, i broke his arm now he throw funny He tried to get back his dough from me, i told him nigga please I got guns that go up to ur knees that'll blast u to smithereens haven't been on in a while..jus tryin to get back in the groove
  3. not a diss at all lol just tryin to freestyle a little. I hope no one takes it the wrong way i've seen plenty of good writers here. Keep me posted on the battle
  4. Its been two days and I still have no answer Maybe cause my flows sick, the bitch causes cancer All i get is views but no one steps up to fight Sounds like yalls dicks have a curfew, it cant stay up tonight And YOU cant stay up to fight cause boy i'll knock yu down When boxing is a hobby nobody can stop yu now Especially if yu pack a punch, so nigga jus pack a lunch cause while yu wait for yur money ima be busy stackin up N i see yu backin up, Yu see me crackin up? I seen yu feenin in the streets cause yu dont smoke crack enough So homie jus back em up, before yur night goes wrong Inhale then use my tool, exhale and life goes on
  5. Ok so check it, i come on BeatKing to wreck it But to my surprise my eyes show me the last post was on the second.. Of last year, i always look forward, don't worry about the past year cause last year i struggled to battle when i was in my last gear So i took time off and reconfigured my method And instead of throwin shots i learned to intercept em Some call it genius, i call it common sense Now my flows go so hard it rips through a solid fence Rebuilt myself, started from the foundation Worked hard while i was high, now i look like a brown asian So tell me how im hatin? We all know that you do it I wish you COULD reply to this jus so i could respond to it
  6. i been sittin here waitin for ya, waitin for my own chance so i have to grip this opportunity in life and take charge like a grown man So many artists tryna be heard but they produce bologna-my advice is GO HAM! Dont be afraid to go against the industry-i made kin to it like its my broham So go man! Be somebody, the world is yours! Take the stones that were thrown at you, crack windows and open doors Pay attention and listen to lifes secrets like u told em yours Cause they steer you away from the creases in lifes totem poles Man i told them hoes. Put all your money in my hand like you stole them hoes And get back to the kitchen after your done foldin clothes Na im jus kiddin, a nigga gettin off topic And I jus keep spittin till you yell nigga get off! Stop it! Your gettin kinda sexist..Bitch ill show you what sex is Once i run through you ill make a new meaning of reckless throw both of your legs around my neck like a necklace And wake up fckn hungry yellin bitch whats for breakfast?!
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