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  1. Now every conversation leads to complications and I just ain't got the patience to be dealing with all this feeling shit and all this drama tearing us to bits the complications if this situation well it bites me in the ass like an Alsation all the fightin and the wars, I cant take it any more I cant even remember what the fuck we fightin for Now in your eyes where your soul hides I used to see sunshine all of the time but now there always grey just like a rainy day I try to speak but I cant convey how I feel its like we're spinnin round on a Ferris wheel this has gotten to be so unreal this ordeal is far from ideal but girl you know you're my Achilles heel Your venomous words how they sting how they hurt when they pierce the skin cut so deep and leave the poison within where it burns for days your words replayed weighs heavy on my shoulder blades and now I find that my mind is warped with doubt don't even know what the fuck this shits all about I'm so sick of trying to please you though I love you think I need to get up get out and leave you
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