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  1. The Game knows a thing or two about celebrity feuds ... and last night, the rapper had some advice for Chris Brown and Drake -- squash that beef, ASAP. Game was leaving Roxbury nightclub in Hollywood when we asked about the bottle-throwing brawl in&hellip; </p> [url=http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/15/the-game-chris-brown-drake-feud-beef/]View the full article[/url]
  2. [img]http://moviesblog.mtv.com//wp-content/uploads/movies/2012/06/Matt-Damon-Elysium.jpg[/img] [url="http://www.mtv.com/movies/person/452294/personmain.jhtml"]Neill Blomkamp[/url], one-time Peter Jackson protégé, defied all possible expectations for his first feature-length film, the low-budget sci-fi allegory "[url="http://www.mtv.com/movies/movie/372771/moviemain.jhtml"]District 9[/url]," when it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. The South African director has been working on his follow-up, the highly secretive "[url="http://www.mtv.com/movies/movie/438480/moviemain.jhtml"]Elysium[/url]," since early last year. Previously we knew that the film would again deal with science-fiction elements and star [url="http://www.mtv.com/movies/person/14867/personmain.jhtml"]Matt Damon[/url] and [url="http://www.mtv.com/movies/person/79586/personmain.jhtml"]Jodie Foster[/url], among others. With its March 2013 release date stil a long ways away, "Elysium" has begun test screening, and [url="http://collider.com/elysium-movie-synopsis/173277/"]Collider[/url] got their hands on the invite, which includes the very first plot synopsis. Read the full synopsis after the jump! [b]If you have no desire to know what "Elysium" is about, you should stop reading.[/b] According to the synopsis, Blomkamp is once again telling a political allegory through a science-fiction premise. [indent]In the year 2159 two classes of people exist: the very wealthy who live on a pristine man-made space station called Elysium, and the rest, who live on an overpopulated, ruined Earth. Secretary Rhodes (Jodie Foster), a hard the government of?cial, will stop at nothing to enforce anti-immigration laws and preserve the luxurious lifestyle of the citizens of Elysium. That doesn’t stop the people of Earth from trying to get in, by any means they can. When unlucky Max (Matt Damon) is backed into a corner, he agrees to take on a daunting mission that if successful will not only save his life, but could bring equality to these polarized worlds. [/indent][i]Are you looking forward to "Elysium"? Let us know in the comments below and on [url="http://www.twitter.com/mtvmoviesblog"]Twitter[/url]![/i] [url=http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2012/06/15/neill-blomkamps-elysium/]View the full article[/url]
  3. By Rebecca Thomas It wasn't difficult to tell that tension had been brewing between Drake and Chris Brown for sometime, but on Wednesday things erupted when the two stars got into a full out brawl at NYC nightclub W.I.P. What are the series of events that led up to the unfortunate showdown? More details inside. Members of MTV News' hip-hop brain trust were under the same roof as Drizzy just before he turned up at WIP nightclub and things went left. In another coincidence, earlier that day, we welcomed Breezy to the newsroom, where he teased his Fortune LP ... and praised Drake — without any prompting from us. We'd be wrong not to share with you, so we've detailed what we saw in the 24 hours leading up to the bloody confrontation. Fresh off the New Jersey leg of his Club Paradise Tour, Drake headed to the Sin City gentleman's club in the Bronx, where Maybach Music's entire starting lineup had gathered to drink to their accomplishment, namely the imminent release of the Self Made 2 album. Rozay was there in all his bearded glory, and so was Drizzy's Paradise tourmate Meek Mill; all were on hand to give industry insiders and fans a preview of their compilation. The Toronto spitter's fascination with the Maliahs of the world is well-documented, and he looked right at home when got to Sin City. In a bit of cinematic timing, he strolled in just as his verse in "Stay Schemin' " came over the speakers and a new band of pole-clutching, cream-complexioned girls rotated onto one of the V.I.P. stages. Flanked by security, the YMCMB star greeted well-wishers and then made his way to a back area. Maybe he was looking forward to letting off steam after the energetic 90-minute set we caught on Tuesday in Jersey. But Drake had just lost his close friend Christopher "Lewds" Natalio, too, so maybe spending a couple ones was just the prescription. Meanwhile, early Wednesday afternoon, at around 1:15 p.m. ET, Brown paid a visit to our 1515 Broadway headquarters. Dressed in Jordans and a white Commes des Garçons polo, he bounced into the interview room with girlfriend Karrueche Tran trailing quietly behind. Breezy's bodyguard, Big Pat — who later suffered head injuries in the melee at WIP — was also with Brown. While we set up mics and cameras, Chris let us take a good look at his inked-up sleeves. Soon the topic turned to his rapping and how much we liked the Fortune track "Till I Die." The Virginia crooner told us he's in a '90s-rap state of mind when it comes to fashion (check his "Today" show vintage, but firmly in this decade when it comes to music. He grew animated explaining why he felt at ease rapping and singing on a record these days, citing the reception for "Look at Me Now" and the impact of a certain Canadian actor-turned-rapper. "I think the culture is starting to be very different and be [accepting of] diversity," he said. "You don't have to be the hardest of the hardest rapper or the toughest of the toughest guys to make a statement ... as far as your music. ... So with Justin and me and you've got Drake and other people that rap that aren't the DMXs of the world — it's a different day. "I think people are just listening to the music," he added, and not just giving rappers a thug litmus test or judging whether they live a street "lifestyle." Kind words indeed, but tension was brewing. We haven't mentioned Rihanna yet but it's nearly impossible to talk about Chris Brown and Drake these days without the Bajan stunner's name coming up. Brown is the ex who did her wrong and Drizzy, the collaborator who once rapped about wanting to do right by her, who would have accepted sparks over fireworks with her. To hear the blogs tell it, the brawl was over Rih, and it was a collision waiting to happen. A tug of war over who can claim her erupted with Meek making the triangle a very complicated quad, according to the gossips. All it took was for all of the players to touch down in place, and on Wednesday night, they did. [url=http://rapfix.mtv.com/2012/06/15/chris-brown-and-drake-fight-timeline/]View the full article[/url]
  4. TMZ has obtained a photo of Chris Brown inside a NYC nightclub, taken seconds before he got clocked with a champagne bottle in a brawl with Drake's posse -- and he looks totally oblivious to the violence about to erupt.In the photo, Chris is&hellip; </p> [url=http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/15/chris-brown-drake-nightclub-fight-photos/]View the full article[/url]
  5. Yvette Wilson, one of the stars of "Moesha" ... died at the age of 48 yesterday after battling cervical cancer, TMZ has confirmed.Wilson, played Moesha's friend Andell Wilkerson through 5 seasons of the hit show -- and she played the same role in&hellip; </p> [url=http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/15/moesha-yvette-wilson-dies-dead-cancer/]View the full article[/url]
  6. [img]http://moviesblog.mtv.com//wp-content/uploads/movies/2012/06/The-Rock-of-Ages.jpg[/img] With this week's releases not offering a whole lot of options at the theaters, this week's recommendations may help you out of a tough decision. Although, you should seek out "Your Sister's Sister" if it is playing near you. Check out this week's pairings in Double Feature Friday! [b]"Rock of Ages"[/b] & [b]"The Rock"[/b] Here's a hypothetical for you: A team of pissed-off marines just captured Alcatraz and are threatening to unleash a massive biological attack on the Bay Area. You are a neurotic weapons specialist, who puts out increasingly bizarre films. What do you do? If you've seen Michael Bay's 1996 action classic, you know exactly what to do. "The Rock" was Bay back when Bay was Bay, way before all of this "Transformers" nonsense. This is a stylish, over-the-top action fest, made of pure masculinity. You know, what Bay used to do. [b]"That's My Boy"[/b] & [b]"Hot Tub Time Machine"[/b] Sean Anders, the director of the latest expansion on Adam Sandler's mansion, "That's My Boy," co-wrote the screenplay for one of 2010's most under-appreciated comedies, "Hot Tub Time Machine." The absolutely ludicrous premise, which the title happens to perfectly spell out, gets a helping hand from a first-rate cast of funny dudes and a surprising amount of heart. Check it out for some laughs and one of the best uses of Mötley Crüe on a soundtrack. [b]"Your Sister's Sister"[/b] & [b]"The Five-Year Engagement"[/b] It may have just come out a few months ago, but "The Five-Year Engagement" suffered the year's biggest injustice at the box office. Widely considered a bomb, the most recent comedy from writing team Nicholas Stoller and star Jason Segel deserved better than the underwhelming reception. While it lacks some of the magic that made "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" a modern comedy classic, "The Five-Year Engagement" is the kind of smart and adult comedy that doesn't get made often enough anymore. [i]What are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below and on [url="http://www.twitter.com/mtvmoviesblog"]Twitter[/url]![/i] [b]If one movie is never enough for you and you're looking for a flick to get you in the mood for this week's new release, [url="http://moviesblog.mtv.com/category/double-feature-friday/"][b]Double Feature Friday[/b][/url] is here to help. Every week we break down the new releases and pair them with older movies that you should catch before heading out to the theater. Or just skip the new movie and check out the classic we recommend.[/b] [url=http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2012/06/15/rock-of-ages-thats-my-boy-double-feature-friday/]View the full article[/url]
  7. [url="http://moviesblog.mtv.com//wp-content/uploads/movies/2012/06/thatsmyboy.jpg"][img]http://moviesblog.mtv.com//wp-content/uploads/movies/2012/06/thatsmyboy.jpg[/img][/url] The reviews have not been kind on "[url="http://www.mtv.com/movies/movie/473569/moviemain.jhtml"]That's My Boy[/url]," [url="http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1687239/thats-my-boy-adam-sandler-andy-samberg.jhtml"]Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg's[/url] raunchfest hitting theaters today (June 15). It boasts an absurd premise — an adolescent knocks up his math teacher and is left to raise their son, Han Solo, to disastrous results — and more F-bombs than any movie should rightfully have. But despite myself, I couldn't help but enjoy the hell out of Sandler's latest. It feels like a return to form for the comedian, a callback to all the outrageous potty humor that made him famous in the first place. If his "[url="http://www.mtv.com/movies/movie/92573/moviemain.jhtml"]Billy Madison[/url]" and "[url="http://www.mtv.com/movies/movie/94220/moviemain.jhtml"]Happy Gilmore[/url]" antics were never for you, then you're not going to find much to enjoy here. But if those movies are staples of your comedy-viewing history, then "That's My Boy" undoubtedly has some guilty laughs in store for you. Here are five reasons to see the movie this weekend. [b]"What The Hell Happened To" Adam Sandler?[/b] "Jack and Jill" this is not. "That's My Boy" takes full advantage of its R rating. Boobs, booze and bad words are all over this comedy. Whether or not that's your thing is a matter of personal taste, but fans of old school Sandler and his comedy albums should feel right at home here. No, there are no talking goats in this movie, but the over-the-top Donny Berger should make up for the oversight. [b]Andy Samberg, The Not So Lonely Island[/b] The former "SNL" player gets second billing here, allowing him the chance to share lots of screen time with one of his comedy heroes. His enthusiasm is infectious. Samberg's having lots of fun playing in the Sandbox and it shows. Wouldn't you be having fun too if your name was Han Solo Berger? [b]A Little Donny Goes A Long Way[/b] As much as Sandler and Samberg own the show, it's the opening scenes with young Donny wooing his math teacher (or is it the other way around?) that stand out as some of the film's funniest moments. It's all a little too lewd to fill out an entire movie probably, but sign me up for wanting to see the further adventures of teenage Donny and the morbidly obese Han Solo. [b]The Unsung Hero[/b] Actually, the film's [i]real[/i] scene-stealer isn't who you would expect. It's not [url="http://www.mtv.com/movies/person/310769/personmain.jhtml"]Will Forte[/url], it's not [url="http://www.mtv.com/movies/person/426390/personmain.jhtml"]Ciara[/url], and it's not [url="http://www.mtv.com/movies/person/30357/personmain.jhtml"]Vanilla Ice[/url], even though all of them have their moments to shine. It's [url="http://www.mtv.com/movies/person/319717/personmain.jhtml"]"Heroes" star Milo Ventimiglia[/url] as straight-laced marine Chad who comes out of "That's My Boy" with the most unexpected comedy chops of them all. You wouldn't think the erstwhile Peter Petrelli would be a big source of laughs, but trust me, he's got the goods. The less said about his character's late-game twist, the better. Trust me, his performance alone is worth the price of admission. [b]Cameos, Cameos, Cameos[/b] We won't list any of them. Suffice it to say, prison life has been very generous to Han Solo's mother. [img]http://mtv.mtvnimages.com/uri/mgid:uma:video:mtv.com:789541?width=512&height=320[/img] [ video unavailable on this device ] [i]Tell us what you think of "That's My Boy" in the comments below or on [url="http://twitter.com/mtvmoviesblog"]Twitter[/url]![/i] [url=http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2012/06/15/thats-my-boy-review/]View the full article[/url]
  8. In June 2011, the biggest ever operation aimed at tackling online movie piracy took place in Europe. The target for police in Germany, Spain, France, and the Netherlands was movie-streaming portal Kino.to and its affiliates. More than a dozen people [url="http://torrentfreak.com/kino-to-raided-in-massive-police-operation-admins-arrested-110608/"]were arrested[/url] and since then various individuals have been brought to justice. The latest to face punishment is the site’s founder. Known only as Dirk B due to German privacy laws which protect the identities of suspected criminals, the 39-year-old faced an extended stay in prison after prosecutors requested an 11 year sentence. [img]http://torrentfreak.com/images/kinoto.gif[/img] However, after cooperating with authorities and confessing to a sample 1.1 million instances of copyright infringement and being responsible for a file-hosting service linked to Kino.to, the court decided to hand down a much reduced sentence. According to [url="http://www.dw.de/dw/article/0,,16023618,00.html"]Deutsche Welle[/url], District Court judge Karsten Nickel described the case as the “most serious” copyright breach ever to come before the courts in Germany. He went on to hand Dirk B a 4.5 year jail sentence. The prosecution said that the operators of Kino.to generated huge profits through advertising and so-called “subscription trap” schemes. As part of his plea bargain, Dirk B agreed to hand over around $4.7m of the claimed $8m he made in revenue through his Spanish advertising company. Dirk B is the 6th person to be sentenced in the Kino.to case. In December 2011, 33-year-old web designer Marcus V. was [url="http://torrentfreak.com/kino-to-admin-gets-25-years-prison-sentence-111205/"]handed 2.5 years[/url] in prison for his role in the site. A week later 27-year-old Martin S. – reportedly the main admin of Kino.to and brother-in-law of Dirk B. – received a [url="http://torrentfreak.com/kino-to-main-admin-sentenced-to-3-years-in-jail-111211/"]3 year sentence[/url]. Later in December an unemployed IT assistant received [url="http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Weiteres-Urteil-im-Fall-Kino-to-1397205.html"]1 year 9 months probation[/url] after he confessed to uploading pirate movies and TV shows to Kino.to servers between June 2009 to July 2011. A week later a 47-year-old server operator [url="http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/web/vierte-verurteilung-mehr-als-drei-jahre-haft-fuer-kino-to-helfer-a-805366.html"]was sentenced[/url] to 3 years and 5 months in prison after being found guilty of storing more than 10,700 movies for paid subscription access. In April this year, Kino.to’s 29-year-old lead programmer [url="http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/web/prozess-vor-dem-lg-leipzig-im-fall-kino-to-a-826929.html"]was sentenced[/url] to three years and ten months in prison. Source: [url="http://torrentfreak.com/download-site-founder-receives-4-5-year-jail-sentence-forfeits-4-7m-120615/"]Download Site Founder Receives 4.5 Year Jail Sentence, Forfeits $4.7m[/url] [url="http://torrentfreak.com/?flattrss_redirect&id=52609&md5=fd12cb6574a96bcfbf4b89f359fe028e"][img]http://torrentfreak.com/wp-content/plugins/flattr/img/flattr-badge-large.png[/img][/url] [url="http://feed.torrentfreak.com/~ff/Torrentfreak?a=UK9ho9jM5Do:tlQc1F0Ir-4:yIl2AUoC8zA"][img]http://feeds.feedburner.com/~ff/Torrentfreak?d=yIl2AUoC8zA[/img]</img>[/url] [url="http://feed.torrentfreak.com/~ff/Torrentfreak?a=UK9ho9jM5Do:tlQc1F0Ir-4:D7DqB2pKExk"][img]http://feeds.feedburner.com/~ff/Torrentfreak?i=UK9ho9jM5Do:tlQc1F0Ir-4:D7DqB2pKExk[/img]</img>[/url][img]http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/Torrentfreak/~4/UK9ho9jM5Do[/img] [url=http://feed.torrentfreak.com/~r/Torrentfreak/~3/UK9ho9jM5Do/]View the full article[/url]
  9. The woman whose face was ripped open by a flying glass bottle in the Chris Brown vs. Drake club brawl is blaming the incident solely on the "stupid famous people" involved. Moments after 24-year-old Hollie C. returned from a night in the hospital --&hellip; </p> [url=http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/15/hollie-stupid-famous-people-drake-chris-brown-club-brawl/]View the full article[/url]
  10. With an ass like that you gotta blow ... thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars at an Atlanta strip club -- at least that's what Ludacris did this week ... and we got pics.Luda hit up Diamonds of ATL on Wednesday night for some much-needed rainmaking --&hellip; </p> [url=http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/15/ludacris-diamonds-atlanta-strip-club-photos/]View the full article[/url]
  11. Former "Surreal Life" star Maven Huffman has finished his stint in rehab following a major prescription drug arrest ... and says if it weren't for the WWE helping him out, he'd be dead. TMZ broke the story ... Maven accepted rehab assistance from&hellip; </p> [url=http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/15/maven-huffman-wwe-saved-my-life/]View the full article[/url]
  12. The Malibu High School student who was allegedly slapped in the face by her teacher multiple times -- in front of her entire class -- has officially placed the school on notice ... she wants $1 million for humiliating her ... or else.15-year-old 9th&hellip; </p> [url=http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/15/bridesmaids-slap-student-dionne-evans-1-million/]View the full article[/url]
  13. Boxing champ Floyd Mayweather really needs a pacifier -- 'cause he's a huge whiner! Money's begging to get out of jail, but fortunately for us (after airing this) ... the judge shut him down. Waaugh!!!Check out TMZ on TV -- click here to see your&hellip; </p> [url=http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/15/floyd-mayweather-jail-tmz-on-tv/]View the full article[/url]
  14. Money won't and hasn't changed me... except I tip better and have more toys!

  15. Chris Brown has spoken with New York Police Dept. detectives about the bar fight that left a gash in his chin ... and law enforcement sources tell us his lawyer has given the NYPD "physical evidence" which allegedly shows Drake was involved in the&hellip; </p> [url=http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/14/chris-brown-drake-cops-evidence-nightclub-brawl-fight/]View the full article[/url]
  16. Kevin Costner doesn't owe Stephen Baldwin squat after Baldwin sued him for allegedly duping him into prematurely selling shares of a company that scored a $52 million contract after the BP oil spill. Moments ago, the jury rejected claims that&hellip; </p> [url=http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/14/stephen-baldwin-kevin-costner-oil-lawsuit-verdict/]View the full article[/url]
  17. Aretha Franklin just left Sarah Jessica Parker's $40,000 a-plate dinner party ... after spending just 20 MINUTES INSIDE ... that's $2,000-per minute!!!!!Aretha -- who was the first to arrive to the Barack Obama fundraiser -- was also the first to&hellip; </p> [url=http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/14/aretha-franklink-the-40-000-eat-and-run/]View the full article[/url]
  18. GOAL SPAIN!!! Fabregas 81' SPAIN up 4-0 on Ireland!

  19. Watch live streaming video from hot97 at livestream.com Waka Flocka is livetsreaming his Triple F Life: Friends Fans Family album release party at Webster Hall in New York City at 1:30am on Friday, June 15. Tune in above to celebrate with him, presented by XXL and Hot 97. [url=http://rapfix.mtv.com/2012/06/14/livestream-waka-flocka-trifle-f-life-album-release-party/]View the full article[/url]
  20. No one understands Chris Brown and Drake's nightclub beef better than TMZ's own highly qualified hip-hop experts -- y'know ... the white guys. Check out TMZ on TV -- click here to see your local listings! </p> [url=http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/14/chris-brown-drake-nightclub-fight-tmz-on-tv/]View the full article[/url]
  21. New video has surfaced from the Chris Brown nightclub brawl ... showing a bloodied bodyguard in a fistfight with another man inside W.i.P. nightclub. Right when the video begins, a man who appears to be Chris Brown can be seen violently spinning out&hellip; </p> [url=http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/14/chris-brown-fight-video/]View the full article[/url]
  22. By Carter Maness Tyrone Franklin, better known as rap artist Tall T, was shot and killed Tuesday in California (June 12). 23-years-old at his time of death, the shooting came as a complete surprise and police have revealed no suspect or motives as of press time. According to News 10, who broke the news, Franklin was sitting with his girlfriend at Long Park in Stockton, CA. He was approached, tapped on the shoulder and shot in broad daylight upon turning around. "He wasn't even out there being involved in anything like that [gangs or crime], because he was so into what he was doing musically," said Courtney McBride, a friend of Tall T, to News 10. Franklin, a renowned MC in West Coast battle rap circles, is actually the second Stockton rapper to be murdered this week. Previously, Saul Salas was shot and died outside of a nightclub known as TX in Lathrop, CA. Police claim there is no connection between the shootings. Tall T was gearing-up to release an album this summer, and his friends said they would see to it that the LP is still heard by his fans. [url=http://rapfix.mtv.com/2012/06/14/california-rapper-tall-t-murdered-age-23/]View the full article[/url]
  23. [img]http://moviesblog.mtv.com//wp-content/uploads/movies/2012/06/Jules-Llama.jpg[/img] Jules from "Pulp Fiction" had a look that was all his own until this unoriginal llama came along and stole it. We can't imagine Jules would be too pleased if he finds this llama while walking the earth. Also, learn the secret behind David in "Prometheus," and Walter White says when we're done in today's Dailies! [b]»[/b] This is how one viewer summarized David's role in "Prometheus. [[url="http://www.reddit.com/r/movies/comments/v1f4y/davids_role_in_prometheus/"]Reddit[/url]] [img]http://moviesblog.mtv.com//wp-content/uploads/movies/2012/06/David-Prometheus.gif[/img] [b]»[/b] A new episode of "Ain't It Cool with Harry Knowles" is here with "Ready Player One" author, Ernest Cline. [[url="http://www.aintitcool.com/node/56401"]AICN[/url]] [b]»[/b] Here's a hypnotic supercut called "The Sound of Aronofsky." [[url="http://www.slashfilm.com/votd-sounds-aronofsky/"]/Film[/url]] [b]»[/b] ...no, but you look like a llama. [[url="http://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/v1lbt/i_said_does_he_look_like_a_bitch/"]Reddit[/url]] [img]http://moviesblog.mtv.com//wp-content/uploads/movies/2012/06/Jules-Llama.jpg[/img] [b]»[/b] "For A Good Time Call" gets a sufficiently dirty first trailer. [[url="http://movies.yahoo.com/video/ymoviesredband-29056098/for-a-good-time-call-red-band-trailer-29643503.html"]Yahoo! Movies[/url]] [b]»[/b] This "V/H/S" poster is devilishly clever. [[url="http://www.movies.com/movie-news/vhs-poster/8334"]Movies.com[/url]] [img]http://moviesblog.mtv.com//wp-content/uploads/movies/2012/06/VHS-finish-GM_sm1.jpg[/img] [b]»[/b] Have you seen these dragons? [[url="http://www.vulture.com/2012/06/daenerys-real-life-lost-dragon-posters.html"]Vulture[/url]] [img]http://moviesblog.mtv.com//wp-content/uploads/movies/2012/06/GoT-Lost-Dragons.jpg[/img] [b]»[/b] This photo from an early production of "Wizard of Oz" will give you nightmares. [[url="http://io9.com/5918461/this-is-easily-the-creepiest-wizard-of-oz-related-photograph-youll-ever-gaze-upon"]io9[/url]] [img]http://moviesblog.mtv.com//wp-content/uploads/movies/2012/06/Creepy-Wizard-of-Oz.jpg[/img] [b]»[/b] "Breaking Bad" is coming. Not soon enough. [[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mp5O30NyQE&feature=player_embedded"]AMC[/url]] [b]Welcome to the [url="http://moviesblog.mtv.com/category/dailies/"][b]Dailies[/b][/url], where the MTV Movies team runs down all the film and television news, odds and ends that are fit to print! From awesome fan art to obscure casting news, this is your place to feast on all the movie leftovers you didn't know you were hungry for.[/b] [url=http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2012/06/14/samuel-l-jackson-llama/]View the full article[/url]
  24. During his visit to "RapFix Live" on Wednesday, Fred the Godson announced that he has inked a new deal with eOne Music. Hit the video above at the 50 second mark to hear it from the Bronx native, himself. His single "Monique's Room (I Dont Give A F---)" is still making the rounds, while he preps a new mixtape. [url=http://rapfix.mtv.com/2012/06/14/fred-the-godson-deal-with-eone-music/]View the full article[/url]
  25. RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan is going to jail ... but not because he's in trouble -- in fact, RZA is going to help. TMZ has learned ... the rapper is working with the L.A. County Probation Dept. to host a Father's Day workshop at L.A. Juvenile Hall on&hellip; </p> [url=http://www.tmz.com/2012/06/14/rza-wu-tang-clan-fathers-day-juvenile-hall/]View the full article[/url]
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