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  1. Filed under: [url="http://www.tmz.com/person/selena-gomez/"]Selena Gomez[/url], [url="http://www.tmz.com/category/pets/"]Pets[/url] [img]http://ll-media.tmz.com/2011/11/14/1114-dog-ex.jpg[/img] Note to [url="http://tmz.com/person/selena-gomez/"][b]Selena Gomez[/b][/url]: Purina Puppy Chow is highly preferable to backyard rocks. Selena had Baylor for less than a month, when the dog got violently ill last Friday after ingesting a bunch of rocks. Selena tweeted the above pic moments after the 3-month old pooch fell ill ..."My baby is sick :( praying for his surgery." But all bad things must pass, and that's exactly what happened to the rocks, so Baylor dodged the surgery bullet. The adoption agency isn't taking any chances -- They plan on contacting Selena once a month for the next few months ... to make sure she's properly caring for the Husky-mix. Calls to Selena's rep weren't returned. [url="http://www.tmz.com/2011/11/15/selena-gomez-dog-sick-rocks/"]Permalink[/url] [url=http://www.tmz.com/2011/11/15/selena-gomez-dog-sick-rocks/]View the full article[/url]
  2. Filed under: [url="http://www.tmz.com/person/jay-ratliff/"]Jay Ratliff[/url], [url="http://www.tmz.com/category/baby-watch/"]Baby Watch[/url], [url="http://www.tmz.com/category/celebrity-justice/"]Celebrity Justice[/url], [url="http://www.tmz.com/category/tmzsports/"]TMZ Sports[/url] [b][img]http://ll-media.tmz.com/2011/11/11/1111-jay-ratliff-getty-2ex.jpg[/img] [/b][b]Dallas Cowboys[/b] defensive stud [b]Jay Ratliff[/b] wants a judge to know ... he's willing to put in the time and the money to be a great father to his newborn son ... but he thinks his baby mama is trying to take advantage of his big, fat bank account. Ratliff -- a 3-time Pro Bowl nose tackle who recently signed a $40 million contract extension -- was hit with a paternity suit back in April by a woman named [b]Tonitura Kelley[/b], who claimed the NFL star was the father of her then-unborn child. According to court docs, Ratliff submitted to a paternity test, which revealed a positive match between Jay and the baby. Kelley filed a request for child support ... but sources familiar with the case tell us she's looking for more money than state guidelines provide for. Jay filed docs saying he wants to be involved in the child's life -- and is making a play for shared custody. He and Tonitura are due back in court in the near future. Ratliff's rep tells TMZ ... Jay is currently visiting with his son at least 3 times a week ... adding, "Jay's stepped up to become a good father, he loves his child ... and he's letting the judicial system run it's course." [url="http://www.tmz.com/2011/11/15/dallas-cowboys-jay-ratliff-baby-child-support/"]Permalink[/url] [url=http://www.tmz.com/2011/11/15/dallas-cowboys-jay-ratliff-baby-child-support/]View the full article[/url]
  3. Filed under: [url="http://www.tmz.com/person/morgan-beck/"]Morgan Beck[/url], [url="http://www.tmz.com/category/tmz-tv/"]TMZ TV[/url] [img]http://ll-media.tmz.com/2011/11/14/111411-morgan-tv-still.jpg[/img] Model/volleyball hottie [b]Morgan Beck[/b] exposed a "smuggy buggy" in the TMZ newsroom -- and if you're wondering what that is .. our new lawyer can explain. She has an Ivy league degree, after all. Check out [b]TMZ on TV[/b] -- [url="http://www.tmz.com/tmz-tv/"][b]click here[/b][/url] to see your local listings! [url="http://www.tmz.com/2011/11/15/morgan-beck-volleyball-model-video-tmz-on-tv/"]Permalink[/url] [url=http://www.tmz.com/2011/11/15/morgan-beck-volleyball-model-video-tmz-on-tv/]View the full article[/url]
  4. Filed under: [url="http://www.tmz.com/person/heavy-d/"]Heavy D[/url], [url="http://www.tmz.com/category/r-i-p/"]R.I.P.[/url], [url="http://www.tmz.com/category/music/"]Music[/url], [url="http://www.tmz.com/category/bet-awards/"]BET Awards[/url] [img]http://ll-media.tmz.com/2011/11/11/1108-heavy-d-ex-06-credit.jpg[/img][url="http://tmz.com/person/heavy-d/"][b]Heavy D[/b][/url] was planning a huge comeback just before his death -- and those plans included a new music video. [b]Carl Thomas[/b], who sang on Heavy D's latest album, tells TMZ, he was in touch with Heavy two weeks ago ... and Heavy told him he was weeks away from shooting a music video for their song, "Still Missing You." Thomas said Heavy had a director in place and had picked a location for the shoot. Sources close to Heavy D tell us it was all part of the singer's comeback plan. We're told he released his new album on September 27 because it coincided with the BET Music Awards ... and he was hoping the performance would put him back on the map. As we first reported, Heavy D [url="http://www.tmz.com/2011/11/08/heavy-d-dead/"][b]passed away on Tuesday [/b][/url]after collapsing outside his Beverly Hills home. He was 44. [url="http://www.tmz.com/2011/11/15/heavy-d-comeback-music-video/"]Permalink[/url] [url=http://www.tmz.com/2011/11/15/heavy-d-comeback-music-video/]View the full article[/url]
  5. AP - Rap mogul Diddy and the Rev. Al Sharpton will speak at late rapper Heavy D's funeral on Friday, and BET Networks plans a tribute for him at the Soul Train awards. [url=http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/music/*http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20111115/ap_en_mu/us_people_heavy_d]View the full article[/url]
  6. AP - A law partner of Dr. Conrad Murray's chief defense attorney is facing a contempt hearing stemming from an interview he gave during the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor. [url=http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/music/*http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20111115/ap_en_mu/us_michael_jackson_doctor_contempt]View the full article[/url]
  7. On Saturday, November 12, 2011, Zooey Dechanel joined Holywood starlets Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad to Kick off the grand opening of Sunset Boulevard’s newest Irish rock & roll pub, Rock & Riley’s. The grand opening was held at the duel birthday celebration for Sophia Rossi, producer and co-founder of HelloGiggles.com and Liz Meriwether, executive producer of the new hit...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/rock-reillys-opens-with-celeb-support-from-zooey-dechanel/]View the full article[/url]
  8. Looking sharp, Taylor Lautner! T-Laut was dressed to impress Monday night for the Breaking Dawn premiere in Los Angeles. Sporting a tailored blue suit and red tie, Taylor looked quite dapper was he made his way down the red carpet. Like many of his co-stars, Taylor took time out to greet fans and sign autographs. Completing the Twilight...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/taylor-lautner-suits-up-for-breaking-dawn-photos/]View the full article[/url]
  9. Kellan Lutz is one lucky man! Not only is he part of a successful film franchise, but Kellan has got one smoking hot girlfriend as well! The hunky actor got close and personal with gal pal Sharni Vinson at the Breaking Dawn premiere in Los Angeles this Monday night. Kellan, who was channeling his inner Johnny Cash...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/kella-lutz-girlfriend-sharni-vinson-pda-on-breaking-dawn-carpet-photos/]View the full article[/url]
  10. With a slit riding up her leg almost to the hip, Kristen Stewart leaned on her man Robert Pattinson as the royal couple of the Twilight world made their big entrance at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere on Monday night. Looking as happy as ever together, Kristen flaunted a whole lot of leg —...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/robert-pattinson-and-kristen-stewart-one-hot-breaking-dawn-couple-photos/]View the full article[/url]
  11. There were highs and there were lows (and even a dance floor injury!) as the final four celebrities gave it their all on Monday night’s episode of Dancing With the Stars. With the coveted championship mirror ball trophy in sight, Rob Kardashian, Hope Solo, J.R. Martinez, and Ricki Lake all burned up their dance floor in hopes to move one step...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/dwts-scorecard-rob-kardashian-ricki-lake-steal-the-show-video/]View the full article[/url]
  12. Nikki Reed was a vision in green-and-gold at Los Angeles’ Breaking Dawn premiere on Monday night. Sporting a one-shoulder, floor-length gown, Nikki looked like a Grecian goddess as she smiled for photographers. The brunette beauty was spotted signing autographs and taking photos with fans as she made her way down the red carpet. Nikki, who will reprise...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/nikki-reed-is-a-green-goddess-at-breaking-dawn-premiere-photos/]View the full article[/url]
  13. Va va vampire voom! Jennifer Love Hewitt hit the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere looking absolutely smashing, and her famous figure was on full display as she hammed it up for photographers on the red carpet. With a green bandage dress — a style that’s becoming her staple of late — JLH stunned, brushed her...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/jennifer-love-hewitt-busts-out-for-breaking-dawn-photos/]View the full article[/url]
  14. Perhaps the hottest vampire of them all made a grand entrance to the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere in Los Angeles on Monday evening. Ashley Greene rocked the red carpet by wearing a stunning red gown with gold waves in it, stealing the show as she made her way past the thousands of screaming fans...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/ashley-greene-is-red-hot-at-breaking-dawn-premiere-photos/]View the full article[/url]
  15. I just unlocked the "JetSetter" badge on @foursquare! Bon Voyage! http://t.co/prswmOdm

  16. Filed under: [url="http://www.tmz.com/category/tmzsports/"]TMZ Sports[/url] [url="http://www.tmz.com/videos/0_g6m1ll6v"][img]http://ll-media.tmz.com/2011/11/14/1114-sandusky-video.jpg[/img][/url] [b]Jerry Sandusky[/b] got tough direct questions from [b]Bob Costas[/b] on "Rock Center" tonight ... watch the video and judge for yourself how he handled them. [url="http://www.tmz.com/2011/11/14/jerry-sandusky-bob-costas-video/"]Permalink[/url] [url=http://www.tmz.com/2011/11/14/jerry-sandusky-bob-costas-video/]View the full article[/url]
  17. Who knew there were a couple of Twi-hards in the Kardashian clan? Kendall and Kylie Jenner were just a few of the many celebs that came out to the Los Angeles premiere of Breaking Dawn, Part 1 this Monday night. Dressed to the nines for Edward, Bella, and the rest of the Twilight gang, Kendall stepped out...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/kendall-kylie-jenner-stuns-at-breaking-dawn-premiere-photos/]View the full article[/url]
  18. This is the third time Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have been seen together in less than a week! The are they/aren’t they duo stepped out at the Worldwide Orphans Foundation’s Seventh Annual Benefit Gala hosted by Amy Poehler and Will Arnett held at Cipriani Wall Street on Monday evening, and were both looking sharp!...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/emma-stone-andrew-garfield-sort-of-hit-another-red-carpet-together-photos/]View the full article[/url]
  19. Stars joined in this past weekend to celebrate “40 Years of Family” with the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center. To celebrate this event, How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris and his partner actor/chef David Burtka were given the Rand Schrader Distinguished Achievement Award, presented by Glee star Jane Lynch! They happy duo...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/neil-patrick-harris-david-burtka-honored-at-l-a-gay-lesbian-centers-40th-anniversary-gala-photos/]View the full article[/url]
  20. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will all hit the red carpet Monday night for the highly anticipated premiere of their movie The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1. Will RPattz and KStew show a little PDA in front of the cameras? What will Ashley Greene be wearing? Will Kellan Lutz bring his new...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/breaking-dawn-los-angeles-premiere-live-video/]View the full article[/url]
  21. The lovely and always hilarious Kathy Griffin shows her sexy side (and a whole lot of skin) in the latest issue of Out Magazine! The actressstand up comedian is shown posing with Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson for Out Magazine’s Out 100, a list of the most influential men and women in the LGBT community. The adorable duo put their...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/kathy-griffin-shows-major-skin-in-out-magazine-photo/]View the full article[/url]
  22. Besties normally do everything together, but these two are taking it to the next level. Shake It Up beauty Bella Thorne and her BFF Pia Mia got to duet for their very first radio jam! Their song “Bubblegum Boy” may have a sweet sounding title, but the track is bumpin’ with some serous bass — and...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/bella-thorne-pia-mia-cried-the-first-time-their-song-bubblegum-boy-played-on-the-radio-video/]View the full article[/url]
  23. She may no longer be on the Jersey Shore, but Angelina has still got her East Coast swag in full effect. While looking for love, Angelina is the newest contestant on Excused. Has she met her match with Latin lover Sergio? Never one to play shy, she helps her prospective suitor give her a strip tease...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/angelina-from-jersey-shore-assists-with-strip-tease-on-excused-video/]View the full article[/url]
  24. Although Pink just gave birth five months ago to adorable daughter Willow Sage, the “Raise Your Glass” singer is already thinking about having more kids. While at the Hollywood premiere of Happy Feet Two with hubby Carey Hart and their 5-month-old baby, the singer revealed to E! News‘ Marc Malkin that she wants a much...Read more» [url=http://www.celebuzz.com/2011-11-14/pink-i-want-lots-and-lots-of-kids/]View the full article[/url]
  25. We already brought you an exclusive chat with [url="http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1673268/twilight-breaking-dawn-exclusive-clip-interview-announcement.jhtml"]"Twilight" stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner[/url] during [url="http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2011/11/03/breaking-dawn-live/"]"MTV First: 'Breaking Dawn,'"[/url] but that's simply not enough "Twilight" goodness for the MTV Movies team. The first half of the vampire saga's epic finale hits theaters this week, and right now, we're live on the red carpet for the "[url="http://www.mtv.com/movies/movie/454504/moviemain.jhtml"]Breaking Dawn - Part 1[/url]" premiere in Los Angeles! [url="http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2011/11/14/breaking-dawn-red-carpet-were-live/"][img]http://mtv.mtvnimages.com/uri/mgid:uma:video:mtv.com:710493?height=288&width=512[/img][/url] Tune in to MTV.com from 8:00 - 10:00 PM EST as we present Rob, Kristen and the rest of the "Breaking Dawn" cast with our questions and yours, all live from the carpet. As always, you can follow our red carpet coverage on Twitter using the hash-tag #TwilightLIVE. [url=http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2011/11/14/breaking-dawn-red-carpet-were-live/]View the full article[/url]
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