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  1. If you don't mind, I'll email one to you later today or tomorrow to post. Just keep in mind, I'm NOT an artist!!! Cracklin' Rosie
  2. Well....go ahead and cheer on the Cardinals....Coaches Whisenhunt and Grimm both came from the Steelers....and there's an assistant coach by the name of Matt Raich that came from our hometown....right Rainbo??? Of course I'm a huge Steelers fan...and we ARE going to make it one for the sixpack! We already had a Raven's roadkill...so one more bird to hit the Steel Curtain! LOL B)
  3. Joe came to the rescue folks! The textile painting of Billie Holiday came out fairly well. There was only one detail I didn't like but couldn't change but overall, the painting came out as I imagined it. The sheet music was the background of the painting. Thanks to all of you for trying! Pat
  4. I'm glad living in Mingo hasn't changed your perspective on the Steelers.....otherwise Walter would have to pay Achmed a visit!!!! B)
  5. Would anyone happen to have a copy of the sheet music for Billie Holiday's "God Bless The Child"? Thanks, Cracklin' Rosie
  6. Hey thanks guys....it was so nice of you all to think of me! Hugs, Pat
  7. And I still have the card from the roses! Love you too!!!
  8. Well...I am smiling today as I remember a Valentine's Day 34 years ago when Rainbowdemon sent me a dozen of long stem red roses! And as for chocolate manufacturers....I'll support them any and every day...my fat ass will attest to that! LOL Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day....no flowers or card this year but I know I am loved!
  9. Yea, this was a really sick story. I heard on the news this morning, that Colleen Shipman was from the town where Joe and I grew up! Nowak has to be sick, especially wearing diapers for the trip. She needs some serious help.
  10. Joe is really only 3 months older than me...but I keep telling him he's older by 10 years! Shhhhh...don't tell anyone! LMAO
  11. Today I love old Joe....as I have loved him for over 30 years. But I hate how much I'm missing him!
  12. :rolleyes: AMEN! As a matter of fact...I am a big fan of doo-wop! Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight....RIP
  13. OOh My God... I can't believe I missed this and just now saw it. Thank you all so much!!!!! Love you too Joe - always did and always will.
  14. Happy New Year everybody! Wishing you all good health, prosperity and love in 2007 and always!
  15. :D This was so cute! Poor little Fletch!
  16. The kids are beautiful....she looks like her Mom and her Pap!
  17. Merry Christmas Fletch! Hope Santa Dog treats you well for your first Christmas!!!
  18. Hey Merry Christmas Everyone...and to you Dude! This is the first time I've ever been caught up so early. Presents are wrapped, baking is done and everything is bought for a Christmas brunch here at home with family and friends. Last count...14 for brunch! LOL Going to relax this weekend except for the minor things that always have to be done before company visits....and it will all be done before the Steeler-Ravens game on Christmas Eve afternoon! Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday!
  19. Hey...I didn't take offense! I was just joking back with you about groupies and that we have more value than just being a groupie...or a performer. LOL At one time I did some consulting work for a music performance trust fund in NYC. The gentleman who hired me was retired from CBS and was a great man to work for! You are right about female music attorneys...still don't see too many females in that field. Damn...wish I was younger! Unfortunately, there are too many young musicians out there who believe they're going to be the next star, and it just doesn't happen as easily as they think it does. When you consider the number of band out there and how many are signed....there just aren't alot. And they don't realize it's the artist who rakes in the really big bucks...not the members in the band! I've heard so many horror stories from guys who backed up the headliners...and didn't get paid...and had no pension, health care or any other benefits paid on their behalf. Pretty sad really. And that begins another whole story! LOL And by the way....sure can understand your being pissed off. Being a feminist won't get you anywhere....except on the "bitch list"! It's all about what you know!
  20. Might I suggest something a little different? A friend of mine just had a recent release on DVD called The Young Messiah: Messiah XXI which features Gladys Knight, Roger Daltrey, Jeffrey Osborne and Chaka Khan. It's quite different but very good. You might want to read the review (short but sweet) on alibi.com. Happy Holidays!
  21. :D There are enough groupies out there!!! We need women who are dead serious about their work in professional music, not only as musicians, but actively working toward goals in the upper echelon!!!
  22. That's very kind of you...but I don't need the recognition. This was done because it was just the right thing to do!
  23. Thanks Dude! Along with a great lady in professional music, Florence Nelson, we developed and co-chaired the Organization of Professional Women In Music in 1993. The response to this group was outstanding, and in 1997, we realized that we needed to be more inclusive in our undertaking when minorities came to us and expressed their unique issues to OPWIM. That's when I presented the concept of the AFM Diversity Council to former AFM President Steve Young who was fully supportive of the concept. I was named chairperson and it became a reality within a matter of 2 months time. I remained active until 2001 when a new administration came in and replaced many of us with their personal preferences. Yes, the industry can be very political, but I am pleased that the AFM Diversity Council still exists and continues to work for the betterment of a more diverse industry...including women! I may never make the history books...but it's nice to know that whatever small part I undertook might one day make a difference for someone else!
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