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  1. It wouldnt be a real snoop dogg album if there wasnt 50 other rappers jumping into 1 song.
  2. What rules do you mean? I'm just going to use the Yahoo default rules. You draft NFL players and depending what numbers they put up on the year is how good your team does.
  3. Hey I was just wondering if anyone would be intrested in a football fantasy league on Yahoo Sports for beatking members. If you are intrested reply back and let me no if you think we should have a live draft or a autopick. Im thinkin to get atleast between 5-10 teams hopefully.
  4. Yoda

    A suggestion

    So does anyone ever go onto that thing
  5. Yoda

    Tourettes guy

    The other day there was a 12 hour marathon of scooby doo and friends on CartoonNetwork. I watched all 12 hours, when it was finished I said SHIT.
  6. Yoda

    Tourettes guy

    I love my Grandma Janelle, sweetest person in the entire world and God Bless her. BUT SHE IS OLD AS F*CK!!"
  7. Yoda

    Tourettes guy

    I Hate the shit out of you!! lol thats a great one.
  8. Yoda

    Tourettes guy

    Sad news everyone Tourettes guy Passed away a few weeks ago. http://www.tourettesguy.com/index2.html Even though I didnt know for sure if he was fake or not or whatever the case may be I could always go watch his videos on a bad day and always get a laugh and be cheered up. I of course didn't know the guy or know if he was a good guy or not. But his videos always made me laugh at thats what I will always remember him for.
  9. Happy very belated birthday. Hope you had a good one.
  10. haha I miss Cartoon Planet and Coast to Coast. Zorak was the best.
  11. he is still the knick nat patty wack still got the biggest sack
  12. Yoda

    Layne Staley

    Yeah its definatly really good all of the songs are pretty good in there own way its definatly an album that never gets any playing time or anything but its really good I also like River of Deceit and I don't know anything I think we pretty much named them all. But that is like one of my favorite albums that never gets anything.
  13. Yoda

    Layne Staley

    Yeah I still check in once in awhile just not alot of time to stay regular workin alot and playin ball keeps me pretty occupied How have things been with you man
  14. Yoda

    Layne Staley

    I think my favorite song by him is when he was with Mad Season its called Wake Up
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