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  1. If you don't mind, I'll email one to you later today or tomorrow to post. Just keep in mind, I'm NOT an artist!!! Cracklin' Rosie
  2. Well....go ahead and cheer on the Cardinals....Coaches Whisenhunt and Grimm both came from the Steelers....and there's an assistant coach by the name of Matt Raich that came from our hometown....right Rainbo??? Of course I'm a huge Steelers fan...and we ARE going to make it one for the sixpack! We already had a Raven's roadkill...so one more bird to hit the Steel Curtain! LOL B)
  3. Joe came to the rescue folks! The textile painting of Billie Holiday came out fairly well. There was only one detail I didn't like but couldn't change but overall, the painting came out as I imagined it. The sheet music was the background of the painting. Thanks to all of you for trying! Pat
  4. I'm glad living in Mingo hasn't changed your perspective on the Steelers.....otherwise Walter would have to pay Achmed a visit!!!! B)
  5. Would anyone happen to have a copy of the sheet music for Billie Holiday's "God Bless The Child"? Thanks, Cracklin' Rosie
  6. Hey thanks guys....it was so nice of you all to think of me! Hugs, Pat
  7. And I still have the card from the roses! Love you too!!!
  8. Well...I am smiling today as I remember a Valentine's Day 34 years ago when Rainbowdemon sent me a dozen of long stem red roses! And as for chocolate manufacturers....I'll support them any and every day...my fat ass will attest to that! LOL Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day....no flowers or card this year but I know I am loved!
  9. Yea, this was a really sick story. I heard on the news this morning, that Colleen Shipman was from the town where Joe and I grew up! Nowak has to be sick, especially wearing diapers for the trip. She needs some serious help.
  10. Joe is really only 3 months older than me...but I keep telling him he's older by 10 years! Shhhhh...don't tell anyone! LMAO
  11. Today I love old Joe....as I have loved him for over 30 years. But I hate how much I'm missing him!
  12. :rolleyes: AMEN! As a matter of fact...I am a big fan of doo-wop! Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight....RIP
  13. OOh My God... I can't believe I missed this and just now saw it. Thank you all so much!!!!! Love you too Joe - always did and always will.
  14. Happy New Year everybody! Wishing you all good health, prosperity and love in 2007 and always!
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