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    'sweet pretty motherfuckin' country techno acid house music all night long.'
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    Alabama 3, A3 in the States

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    Bristol, UK (NYC expat)
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    Alabama 3 (A3 in the States), new tech, making collages, guerrilla promo, the Very Reverend D Wayne Love, the private life of Rock Freebase (Delta Slide Guitar virtuoso), films that aren't blockbusters... in fact, everything's fair game when you have ADD. but rest assured that every time i post i'm ripped out of my face and so, have no idea what the fuck i'm talking about.

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  1. hah! i've still got mine (and the horns and cloven hooves). naaah, Science!
  2. if ET or any other alien lifeform came down here, you betcha believe i no longer would be a resident of planet Earth. just sayin'.
  3. smileys don't work for me anymore. waaaah! edit: oh wait...never mind.
  4. so do i, so does Lebowski and untold millions. one 'good' thing to come of this---i'm sending to Rob (Larry Love); he'll be thrilled (the asshole). LOL, sorry Rob, i don't think you're really an asshole. well, apart from digging the eagles.
  5. all my friends and i will be there 9. november, i can't wait, wheeeee!
  6. lol, missed plane to Dublin then trains to Sligo...waiting for Aer Lingus to send taxi to collect me in time for gig. hahahaha what else is new?
  7. terribly depressing although we all knew it was coming... saw the last half of his cancer benefit gig a few months back (the afterparty w/Henry Rollins). Segs (bassist for the Ruts and bassist for Alabama 3) hasn't quit being depressed since last weekend when Foxy died. another one bites the dust... it could happen to any one of us... :(
  8. um... very nice. thanks an' all. can't find my usability hat at the moment (thass a good thing). :)
  9. later on today, i'm sneaking into London on a secret mission and pray to my godz that only the right people see me.
  10. thank you, Dude. actually it's the same haircut but the colors are more onstage-able. ;) (and i actually give autographs, amazing!)
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