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    World domination

    Take me to your leader....

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  1. Umma

    Been so long

    So where have all the old skins gone? I liked that midnight metal one! Attached for your convenience... Yep... straight in there with a complaint. :D hullo hullo hullo!
  2. Happy Birthday! You made it through another year!
  3. Not seeing avatars either and YES I've checked my settings.
  4. Maybe... or maybe it's a BK issue! No problems with images anywhere else on the internet. Seems like there are more silly flood controls and stuff on here than there needs to be. If anything it just uses more bandwidth. Takes three clicks sometimes to get to where you want to be instead of one... Most of the time I just cant be arsed and go away...
  5. Why am I seeing "Attached thumbnails" rather than seeing the thumbnails? Is this some crazy bandwidth saving measure or am I going slightly nuts? There's nothing to click.
  6. Dude... I hope you intend setting up your mega zippy connection to share and not just grab like a leech! Sad to be limited by a crappy upload speed...
  7. I think you mean Heron? or was that a red herring?
  8. Clever dog. Send him here if he ever needs re-homed.. :) I know who my money would go to... http://my.opera.com/trantrungnghia/blog/
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