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  1. We are into overtime. The Pistons were leading 89-85, but Shaq hit a free throw after being fouled, and Kobe hit a 3 pointer from 40+ feet out to tie in with ten seconds left.
  2. I agree, although there isnt alot of good thinks I could say about Cheney if I wanted to - that would be a tough assignment for a reporter ;)
  3. I'd rather hear two sides of an issue from Kerry than any message whatseover from Dick Cheney - that man doesnt live on the same planet as I do
  4. Wait until HDTV becomes standard..that should liven up the experience
  5. Okay, as Bombardier reported, Detroit took the first game easily, but the Lakers have taken a convincingly lead in the second game, 39-32 at the second quarter and look in complete control. I spoke too soon, a loose ball and 3 pt'er by Detroit and its a little closer than I thought. Add your blow-by-blow comments here...
  6. Feel free to take off you protective gear and make yourself at home and welcome: http://www.beatking.com/forums/style_image...me/playback.htm
  7. There are several competing projects in Hollywood based on two books, one owned by his former atty, and another owned by Berry Gordy. He was a complicated man, with alot of private demons, but ultimately transcended them in his messages to the world. Sad he was murdered by his own father. He was a brilliant singer...
  8. Jackson Browne has always had excellent side musicians, too
  9. Another fan here. He's still a political activist...
  10. it'd be ideal for me boarding, period :bigsmile:
  11. Probably...and a probably a Sloppy Joe at the other chicken ranch down the road if thats the road u wanna travel...
  12. We kind of mix humor in America with disaster for therapeutic reasons, Umma, to deal with it--but i get your pt
  13. You could fill it up with a few youthful college boytoys... maximize your living experience and save some dough
  14. I'd have to go with 1 and 7, and then ultimately 7, because 7's stupidity cant be corrected. But Im perplexed at just what the guy number 1 was trying to accomplish, and why his buds allowed him to attempt it?! - now that just boggles the mind.
  15. What does that translate into dollars-wise? Remind us to put some money in the budget for the Beatking - UK/Ireland branch :)
  16. The Gift - John Adorney - From the Beckoning CD - Max label (Sounds like Soundtrack music, but sure is purrty)
  17. thats the ticket - march to your own drum :thumpin:
  18. 3 acres! Youd be lucky to get a fleabag 1 bedroom in LA for that price. Nice find..
  19. ARTIST ALBUM LABEL Nic Harcourt Morning Becomes Eclectic Ryan Adams Love is Hell (2 ep combo) Lost Highway Simple Kid 1 Vector Johnathan Rice Trouble is Real (ep) Reprise The Real Tuesday Weld I Lucifer Six Degrees Gomez Split the Difference Virgin Buy Album Morrissey You Are the Quarry Sanctuary Various Artists Shrek 2 Original Soundtrack Dream Works/Geffen The Cardigans Long Gone Before Daylight KOCH Bebel Gilberto Bebel Gilberto Six Degrees Wilco Ghost is Born Nonesuch Anne Litt Weekend Becomes Eclectic Daniele Luppi An Italian Story Rhino Tortoise It's All Around You Thrill Jockey Loretta Lynn Van Lear Rose Interscope Komeda Kokomemedada Minty Fresh Blue-Eyed Son West of Lincoln Eenie Meenie Modest Mouse Good News for People Who Love Bad News Epic David Byrne Grown Backwards Nonesuch Mocean Worker Enter The Mowo! Hyena Miles Gurtu Miles Gurtu Salt Keaton Simons Currently (ep) Maverick Jason Bentley Metropolis Grand National Self Titled Sunday Best Armand Van Helden New York; A Mix Odyssey Tommy Boy Just Jack Outer Marker TVT Zero 7 When it Falls Elektra N.E.R.D. Fly or Die Virgin Groove Armada Doin' It After Dark Ragbull/UK Erland Oye DJ Kicks K7 Hyper Wired Thrive Bjork An Echo A Stain; Luke Chable mix Elektra Gray Area Gravity Hope http://www.kcrw.com/music/djpicks/
  20. I kinda liked that pic umma, but here's another:
  21. And it can be all yours for $7m clams (extras included) http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor...cken_ranch_sale
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