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  1. Is that what is passing for fashion these days? Glad I never cared.
  2. That made me laugh. And I'm with Slum on this one, I don't believe in Marrage. People are shocked by my number (they usually think it's a lot higher ... not sure what to think about that)
  3. It's not very often an act of this size comes to my City. So considering there will never be a reunion tour, and I've never seen ANY Floyd member solo, I am fucking stoked about this. Best part about it is that I'm taking my Dad :P (seems fitting, actually)
  4. I read that exact article in the paper yesterday. No one really disputes if Jesus lived or not anymore. This argument is more about if he had any remains. It's pissing off the Church because they believed Jesus was resurrected and floated on up to Heaven. According to them there shouldn’t be any bones. Not to mention the implication that he had a son. Two things to note in the article: 1) Ancient texts are difficult to decipher; there's a chance they could have read the names wrong. 2) Very common names at the time. One thing I find hilarious is that a couple of those articles say shit like "James Cameron discovered the remains of Jesus". He's a producer, not an archeologist. The remains were discovered in the 80s and this isn't the first documentary on the subject. The man works in the entertainment business for Christ sakes (no pun intended). It's his job to create stories and get big reactions. And all these puppets are going for it.
  5. If that were the case then this article wouldn't exist. Apparently he does care, to some extent. Plus, the situation might be out of his control depending on the type of contract signed. Still, ignorance is no excuse.
  6. I was going to travel to the States to see this show but it's comming to Winnipeg! http://www.roger-waters.com/
  7. When I saw this title I thought to myself .... I don't think I can even name 10 white rappers. Apparently neither can he. Looks like it was just naming anyone he could. Kid Rock and Fred Durst are in a category all their own. If I were a rapper, a white one even, I'd be offended that they were recognized as rappers (even if it was a "Worst of all time" list). House of Pain I can agrue being there but I really liked Everlast's second album. "What It's Like" was an amazing song.
  8. I'm not going to lie to you ... almost everything on that list dies DOES make me cry. Only because a fair amount of it was 90's pop singers and knowing that this is the state of popular music today I can't help but shed a tear.
  9. That was an ... interesting ... list. Jesus and the Marychain are amazing. Whether they belong on that list or not.
  10. Heh, barely anything I listen to can be considered new ... So I understand what you mean.
  11. I've been listening to a lot of Slaughter and the Dogs, Perkele Cock Sparrer and what not. I can't be the only one here (Slum, I'm looking in your direction)
  12. I'm referring to fictional movies that have a heavy musical influence, but aren't necessarily biographies or documentaries. Movies like Hard Core Logo, High Fidelity, Dazed and Confused or Empire Records etc and the list goes on. What are your favorites?
  13. I have to watch this when I get home from work. Trailer Park Boys is one of my favorite shows.
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