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  1. ohh Gawd , this is a ADMIN ??? posting crappy ads .... what the hell happened to this place !!!!!
  2. WTF is this shit !!!!! this guy has over 154,000 post .. or I mean this bot... alright Dudeasincool --- we got to fix this shit man .. trying to get back into my old account
  3. all my old post are basically missing --- sadness
  4. dont know my old login- hell dont even know if it still works ///// give me a call dudeasincool --- you 1st brought me to this site 828-310-0028
  5. Really post about blankets ? This was a music site . Make me a admin - I'll fix the site I was a original Member back when the site started in 2003
  6. Sucks this site went to crap post like this-- Give me Admin rights -- I'll make this site awesome
  7. site went to dead ...  lets bring it back

  8. Bring back the old site layout --- this kinda sucks --- Give me access - I'll make it look good again --
  9. Can not believe after all these years this site still is going. Ive got a Pretty kickass band for you.... I grew up with these guys - have not talked in years since I moved from Cali To North Carolina. But check these guys out .. These are my friends , have not seen in years ... This is hopefully the start of a new Wizards Suggestions From The Vomit
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