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  1. reminds me of billy joel in about 1989. of course you probably already figured out i'm a george and ringo man.. it has to be said--no individual beatle effort can compare to the group work of the beatles. the longer paul and ringo live, the worse their efforts will seem. lennon clocked out early, in his prime. his ratio of shit to gold is pretty low (if you don't blame the yoko stuff on him) george had a good run, but he produced a lot of dogs. songwise, he made some of the best (here comes the sun, guitar gently weeps, give love (give me peace on earth), etc. ringo did well because his albums were beatle albums. the other 3 wrote and performed on his albums, and the results were great. he knows his limitations and surrounds himself with talent (all-starr band). he doesn't take himself too seriously, and to be honest, nobody ever expected anything good from him, so it was easy to exceed expectations. paul? he made a lot of crap. a shit ton of sappy garbage. his albums usually have 1 great song and 9 or 10 that are complete crap. he played the "cute" card for too long. after 1983, he wasn't cute anymore. he has celebrity syndrome. like bono, will smith and tom cruise, he thinks that because he believes something, and is also rich and famous, he is right and that people should listen to him. he is separated from reality
  2. "flowers in the dirt" was the last one that had anything i liked. personally, i think political musicians are more pretentious and annoying than regular musicians. john lennon, bono, mccartney. as frank zappa said, "shut up and play yer guitar" i really really hate bono. what a twat
  3. mccartney has had plenty of political stances, it's just that none of them (publically) had to do with humans. the "off the ground" album (horrible) had all sorts of anti-animal testing veggie crap, not to mention his go veggie simpsons episodes. he was the pretty face of the group, if he did anything political, it was behind the scenes. if he was anti-vietnam, it wouldn't be that much of a stretch, of course i would have figured it would be about overburdened water buffalos or something he has a few songs about sexism/women (another day, elanor rigby) maybe they aren't as graphic as lennon's "woman is the nigger of the world" but they get a similar point across
  4. i'm a sub, looking for a real job. things are going pretty well overall http://www.archive.org/details/ClovisMann2008-02-01 Internet Archive: Details: Clovis Mann Live at Der Rathskeller - UW Madison on 2008-02-01 free clovis mann. a grade school chum did the poster, it's pretty good! they have their original stuff in there, and blues standards they adapted. even an interview and some chatter. they just played last night (and slept in my living room) that's where the flikr shots are from they are also on youtube, they mere on good morning wyoming a few weeks ago clovismann.com too if you like bullshit bios
  5. here's a flikr thing. i had a photo thing at a coffee shop, and some shots of my brother's band. musicish, so i will post it. and i'm still alive http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
  6. i'm student teaching 6th grade now in a little rural(ish) school. then i'm onto the high school here in town, and hopefully, licenses and a real job. in the 6th grade, i have 3 sections of reading, 1 science (earth science/geology), and a social studies (geography). according to the high school teacher i'll be working with, i'll have 5 sections of us history (the great depression and dust bowl by the time i get there) here's a photo update http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2326...mp;id=506888923 (my wife, a few people i know, and my favorite art teacher) http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2335...mp;id=506888923 (trebuchet action!) http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=3995...mp;id=506888923 (kids at the park)
  7. hanging on my wall. i have very little time to play
  8. thanks for the encouragement and miscellaneous compliments! i got my english praxis back, that one was 20 points higher than it needed to be, so i'm set there too student teaching placements are set, i know who i have for history, not sure if i'm doing english yet. turns out that the guy who i'm teaching with is a clovis mann groupie (my brother's band) small freekin' world more photo galleries http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1473...mp;id=506888923 http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1772...mp;id=506888923 http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1734...mp;id=506888923 guy i work with, i made a gif from the photos i took for his band
  9. yet another reason that copyright should die with the artist why should a no talent tramp control the rights to one of the greatest musicians in recent history? i have a related rant about christopher tolkien, but that will have to wait
  10. zp still exists? there's a shocker
  11. i'm in they told me right away. student teaching is officially a done deal i expected them to make me wait, but they had me sign a form, called me back in the interview room, and told me how much they loved me
  12. i got my social studies praxis II back today (subject test) i needed a score of 153, i had 179. I am officially certifiable. big interview today, hopefully all goes well
  13. first day went great, this is going to work. 4 6th grade reading class sessions. "where the red fern grows" and i thought the 6th graders would be a lot worse than they really are
  14. the license i'm working on now is history/social studies 6-12, though i could do english 6-12 or biology i'll have to do biology if those intelligent design morons ever get a foothold nearby
  15. why do you think i chose him as my original avatar? (besides my socialist leanings)
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