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  1. This music is an eclectic mix of jazz influenced electronic chill out music. Perfect for relaxing, hanging out at home or even a romantic evening. Ibiza Chill Out is just a really funky collection of soulful electronic grooves similar to the vibe of Café Del Mar and the Budda Bar CD’s. This smooth electronic album captures the ambient, down tempo vibe that some of the best lounges play! biza Chill Out (The Jazzy Balearic Sessions)
  2. The third volume in this series Amathus Music Remixes Vol.3 features the talents of DJG. This new CD has got some of the hottest remixes! Volume 3 features DJG's newest remixes of the hot new single from Kelita "Feel The Drums", Project 155 "Feeling Your Body" & "Shutdown" by D-System. http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/amathus-remixes-volume-3-djg/id360977251
  3. Outer Worlds is a cool new project from Amathus Music featuring the skills of MTP, the Drum & Bass side of Mike Pennino. As a drummer myself I loved it. Outer Worlds is an intelligent Drum & Bass electronica album. Each track has that uptempo electronic beat which is diced and sliced with D&B flavor. From “The BaDaBa Song” to “Take Me With You” the lush keyboards blend together with the furious grooves. Then you got “Drums Of Acid” and the finale “Twinight Flight” which left me wanting more. All in all a must have for any Drum & Bass fan!
  4. “Kamarova” is the self-titled breakout album from one eclectic, and eyebrow-raising, New York group. It mixes edgy electronic music with rock and punk they sound, at first glance, how Franz Ferdinand may if produced by Trent Reznor. No doubt, you guys will be warming up to breakout tracks like the dance-rock piece “Refugee” and “Let It All Down,” which is a definite party anthem. It has an edgy Annie Lenox-meets-Seal musical sound. “On The Line” another track as well, has a deeper personal component, but it sounds familiar to the soulful Urban-House sound. Its a great deal on some awesome
  5. I recently got hooked on the second volume of the Amathus Music series which features the talents of Keven Maroda. It's a compilation thats got these top-notch remixes from that includes performances from Laylah, D-System, Linda O, Greco Roman and many more top Amathus artists. Maroda tops himself with every remix and production, his Amathus Music releases will not disappoint!
  6. the best drummer of all time would have to be Neil Peart of Rush ..or even John Bonham of Led Zeppelin
  7. Karlee is a good pop artist who is on the verge of something good..
  8. Here is some great music that is a cool collection of hip hop tracks..,I got Vol.1 and it was banging so Vol.2 cant be far behind..it was from the label On-The-Go Music..check it out on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/greatest-...l-2/id335886961
  9. Beyonce is not only gorgeous but she has a nice voice and is far more talented than her other half thats for sure...i like her music
  10. if anyone out there likes R&B then this mix of tracks are it... "R&B Radio Hits" CD which have that hot funky Rhythm & Blues sound..its got some smooth tracks like Fallin’, My Love Is Your Love and Bring It All To Me.
  11. alicia keys is not only super hot but she is very talented..thanks for the info
  12. I got a hold of this cool mix CD called "90's Radio Hits" what a blast from the past!! It has brought back some wild memories. Its got tracks like" Getting Jiggy With It" to "Ice Ice Baby" and "Jump Around" at every party. It comes to you from On-The-Go Music. The 90’s were just Unbelievable.
  13. Rihanna is not the brightest candle on the cake but she is hot I must admit..the lyrics are bit imature and played out..i guess if you have a nice ass and can take a punch or 2 your considered a talent..i guess
  14. I found this CD on iTunes with music my cousin grew up it is fun music that even today is cool. The CD is called "Rad 80's - The Greatest Hits" Some of the tracks are like Beat It, Wanted Dead Or Alive, Like A Prayer and Mr. Roboto. B)
  15. i dont care much for his music or who he is..he is not a role model or even talented..
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