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  1. This is why I like American news. It may not be entirely factual with rumours that some media outlets were in on the hoax, but the entertainment value is second to none. The over-hysterics of the whole event, the 911 call being made publicly available and the sheriff calling the suspect "nutty". Brilliant.
  2. Should be good. The cam jobs will be interesting!
  3. To be fair, these are the passwords of people who gave away their password to someone who asked for it. It should read, "the most common password among the IT illiterate is 123456".
  4. Coming from a country with national health coverage, watching this debate is unbelievable. The NHS is by no definition perfect, but the arguments against it are just ridiculous. America is already paying more than anyone else on healthcare, so what is the worst that could happen financially? If money is that a big an issue, I'm sure the US government could cut back military spending without threat to the country's status of 'most powerful'! I don't see this as a debate about money. Surely looking after sick people who can't look after themselves is the most basic of human instincts? One of the most shocking arguments I've heard is that there wont be enough doctors. That basically translates to, "there aren't enough doctors for everyone, so we will ration life based on your ability to pay for insurance". Sickening. The only thing that makes this about money is that we know the politicians standing against it are on the payroll of healthcare companies. Public health is no more going to turn America communist/fascist/royalist/socialist/etc. than public police or a public fire service. Maybe I'm missing something. If it makes the Americans fighting for this feel better, my grandparents have told me they had to go through the same battle to get the NHS. Keep fighting - your grandchildren will thank you!
  5. He doesn't know where the rumours that he beat his son came from? Thinks it's connected to slavery?? It might be slavery, but I'm guessing the interviews where he bursts into tears about being beaten by his father has something to do with it!
  6. This makes the guys trying to legalise TPB look sensible!
  7. :D I love the slimline wireless keyboard!
  8. I guess his family knew him best, but given he was an entertainer, I expected something more like a celebration of his life. Instead I was a bit bored most of time. Then, out of the blue, Paris was thrown in front of the microphone. When her voice cracked, I only just managed to hold back the tears. I looked at the ceiling and then at my feet, desperately trying to block it out. It was no good - I cried, as did all my housemates.
  9. I have Google Maps to give my location! As much of a woodsman as I am, I consider the chances of me having a Brillo pad to be lower than me having no signal :p
  10. As much as I rely(ed) on their trackers, I was disliking them more and more towards the end. I can't put my finger on it, but they seemed to be moving towards ESV. Crappy software, crappy site, streaming films, hoards of fanboys, bragging that they are outside USA and declaration of war on MPAA/RIAA. Maybe ESV with charm.
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