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  1. God bless for TED and Herbie Hancock. :) He's amazing at what he does. B)
  2. Hey guys, i just heard of the band Broken Bells "high road" single which composed of james mercer from the shins and danger mouse. more on the acoustic side with laid back rhythms, but overall sounds great. The album is coming out i believe in March. What do you guys think of the duo? a good mix that has lead to a great single or it's just them jamming along and the music chemistry is okay?
  3. thanks. i'll definitely do my part for that.
  4. hey guys, i like listening to soundtrack music once in a while and i noticed james horner was the guy who did the recent "avatar" and of course "titanic". i thought the music was great in "avatar" but was wondering if you guys can recommend some other good scores besides titanic (i'm sorry, i don't want to hear the melody of "my heart will go on" anymore >_<) from this composer.
  5. Yay for Franz Liszt's "la campanella". virtuoso is the way to go!!! :) only wish i could play his etudes :(
  6. if applies to good grunge of the 90's. by all means.... go for it!
  7. thanks! :) that helped me alot. esp. where to find it on wikipedia.
  8. hey guys, i just learned of this genre recently, and i don't any bands in this genre or at least i am aware of. anyone be helpful in pointing to some good tri hop artists/bands? or better explanation of what it is? thanks!
  9. sorry i'm new to this forum, but glad you had a post for this! :) love mozart's brilliant works but new music from him after all these years is definitely intriguing. :)
  10. i know people will hate me for this, but does anyone think rock has turned to this rock-dance music that can be played in clubs and other places similar to it where house music, hip hop, and r &b are usually played? i mean, if you classify this more to "pop" then i totally understand what you guys mean. i'm seeing this weird trend of rock and house music fusion, and most of it is not sounding great at all. i'm a rockaholic from the 90's so grunge is my thing (my personal taste), but i'm not excited where rock is going now.
  11. i thought the "dot the i" soundtrack was brilliant if anyone knows the movie. and "requiem for a dream" for clint mansell!
  12. Hey guys, i just checked out some music from her new album "element of freedom" on youtube, and I was wondering what you guys thought of it. It sounds great so far, but has anyone bought her album or listened to the whole cd? I would like to know if it is worth buying it. :)
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