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  1. There isn't much to choose between beggars banquet and let it bleed. I just give let it bleed the nod because it has gimme shelter. Has there ever been a better rock track than gimme shelter ? I really doubt it. Aftermath is good too.
  2. haha I totally agree with this review. Sex packets is a really fun, funky album.
  3. What a shower of complete and utter twats.
  4. It's good to see desmond dekker and jimmy cliff getting some recognition, but where in the hell is blackheart man by bunny wailler? There never was a better reggae album.
  5. I don't think this list is that bad. Sure, Motley Crue and NWA don't exactly emdody the spirit of "indie", but the rest of the list is ok, if a bit too America-centric.
  6. yeah, i always enjoy tugging the snake to these pics of UR MOM.
  7. This is me checkin out new posts on beatking literally two minutes ago.
  8. Four posts in a row without calling anyone a moron. Is it just me or is notbob mellowing out in his old age ?
  9. hmmm, I could have sworn I saw a similar story posted elsewhere online. Verily mortal, burneth they must.
  10. Welcome back nate. So they're letting you loose on Americas children huh? God help them all. You'll need to make yourself respectable if you're going to be a teacher. I guess they'll make you get a haircut and a shave.
  11. In their defence we only saw the handcuffing itself, and not what led to it. Maybe they didn't show us the bit where the brat was pitching a hissy fit, kicking and screaming, trying to claw the cops eyes out. Or maybe like warflower says it's just the parents trying to put the fear of God into their kid. It's kind of hard to play devil's advocate here, but there HAS to be more to this than what we see, or....shit I don't know. Things are just pretty fucked up I guess.
  12. I'm not sure, but i guess £100 000 (about 200 000 USD) is way more money in Romania than it is here.
  13. Well it was about time he was moving on to something new, there was nowhere else for Borat to go. Cohen has done well to create two hilarious characters like Ali G and Borat. Be interesting to see what he moves on to next.
  14. http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/article.html?...mp;in_page_id=2 Doctors' unions in Romania have criticised a decision to make a surgeon pay £100,000 in damages after he lost his temper and hacked off a patient's penis during surgery. Surgeon Naum Ciomu, who had been suffering from stress at the time, had been operating on patient Nelu Radonescu, 36, to correct a testicular malformation when he suddenly lost his temper. Grabbing a scalpel, he sliced off the penis in front of shocked nursing staff, and then placed it on the operating table where he chopped it into small pieces before storming out of the operating theatre at Bucharest hospital.
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