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  1. If you start shit and they end up killing you, no sympathy. Am I glad someone is dead?? hmmm
  2. Seeing a friends band tonight and probably going out after that. Tomorrow is HW day...woo
  3. hahaha...I saw this on my of my favorite biology prof's blogs a while back after that whole circus in kansas. They must respect the monster....
  4. My sis goes to UT...and sixth street does kick ass! But every town has a bar called the library...it's a chain.
  5. ASUmusicMAN

    Sin City

    oh yeah...it's a sweet movie. I'm definitely glad I caught that in the theater. You know they're making a second and third movie right?
  6. aw we were ranked number 1 by playboy (the only authority on this subject IMO) my freshman year, and have since had administration take steps to make sure we never make any lists again. And it seems to be working.
  7. ASUmusicMAN

    Jack Johnson

    Jack Johnson is THE man...I highly recom.
  8. Tonight we're having a welcome back to school party with a punk rocker theme (ooooh...girls in punk clothes...best party idea ever). Saturday i'm hanging out with the gf's family all day (hungover probably), and sunday i'll be getting ready for classes which start monday. oh god i'm not looking forward to monday.
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