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  • Birthday 01/29/1987

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    sean paul

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    Gold Coast, Australia
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  1. oh lol okies.... well that song sux now neway :bigsmile:
  2. xbrodie

    any rappers here?

    after watching "8mile" me n a frnd tried doing a rap-off lol...... not so succesful :) was fun tho :D
  3. oh okies... well the beat is good :D
  4. lmao, u guyz are funny az party hard dudes :P btw BF ur still a hottie, come on msn moor :kissy face:
  5. yeah its a great song and the lyrics are mad but does anyone think that frankee is geting ritch off eamons success?? -keep it in mind.
  6. i rekon confessions is a pretty good album. ive heard better but wacha gonna do:P Burn is my fav song on tha album, tha other nite i had it on repeat for like 3 hours:P pretty sad.
  7. The JT concert went off *Brisbane Australia*... Obviously not as good as sean paul but it was still bangin. :) mwa mwa
  8. this is when i went on a surfing trip. its on the border of Queensland and New South Wales.
  9. overrated: spice girls underrated: sean paul
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