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Everything posted by xbrodie

  1. oh lol okies.... well that song sux now neway :bigsmile:
  2. xbrodie

    any rappers here?

    after watching "8mile" me n a frnd tried doing a rap-off lol...... not so succesful :) was fun tho :D
  3. oh okies... well the beat is good :D
  4. lmao, u guyz are funny az party hard dudes :P btw BF ur still a hottie, come on msn moor :kissy face:
  5. yeah its a great song and the lyrics are mad but does anyone think that frankee is geting ritch off eamons success?? -keep it in mind.
  6. i rekon confessions is a pretty good album. ive heard better but wacha gonna do:P Burn is my fav song on tha album, tha other nite i had it on repeat for like 3 hours:P pretty sad.
  7. The JT concert went off *Brisbane Australia*... Obviously not as good as sean paul but it was still bangin. :) mwa mwa
  8. this is when i went on a surfing trip. its on the border of Queensland and New South Wales.
  9. overrated: spice girls underrated: sean paul
  10. american pie- mutt by blink 182 he pauses shaving and he tells himself that he is the bomb she has her curlers set her credit cards are paying the funds he's not that old ive been told its strong sexual goal he goes out every day she goes every way oh yeah and they dont even care at all shes open waiting for more, and i know he's only looking to score and it is way to unhealthy often theyve typically been starved for attention before bla bla bla- there the good bits:P
  11. just reading that article made me hav that song in my head, ummm... tha new 1 with tha dog and the grl in it. -i think it did its job. :D
  12. do your thing was kool-ish, i havent heard "kish kash" yet tho.
  13. Prince has been around for millions of years but has his style really changed?? sometimes things are kept how they are for the better, but honestly, its time to move on from that hair cut and clothes style.. although appearence isnt the best, i have to say musicology has a pretty mad sound and is bangin, but, maybe thats the only thing bangin with him??
  14. so, moving on.. should i change my avatar??
  15. id have 2 say christina aguilera is pretty damn talented, her latest album "stripped" is ok but only the songs youve heard are bangin.. in the way of 'wats on the radio now' i think blonk 182 are totally happenin, even if u dont pik up tha eazy dun lyrics you can always hum along! :D
  16. lol, miami. thats crazy cats kiwibank, we were so close!!!! hey .::BeatFactory::. add me in msn, [email protected] and if theres any other hotties out there add me 2 :D BF, come over 2 aus and il show you a good time :horny:
  17. Nice call DudeAsInCool, i agree with you 100% of the way.... sry bout tha pic, i had 2 lol
  18. lol you guyz rok! people on this forum are so nice, i just wana give you all a hug.. pitty nealy all of you are in america and im on the gold coast australia.. :good job: party hard guyz, oh btw: i wonder if BF realizez i gots tha hots 4 him... hrmmm??
  19. Michael Jackson is one of the kings of dance and pop music. its so sad to see what has happend over the last few years with the child sex crap. C'mon people, im sure youve all at one stage found yourself humming one of his songs, even if it was remade by a different artist like smooth criminal. rok on wakko jakko :righteousdude: mwa btw: really well written article thing DudeAsInCool :good job:
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