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  1. Living Things are freaking awesome! We're goin bom bom bom... B)
  2. Thats a great song. Very, very catchy. Crap, now its stuck in my head!
  3. Oh, sorry, forgot. myspace official site Purevolume :D
  4. Akimbo

    Which One's Pink?

    Pink Floyd is really everyones talents combined. I voted Gilmour, but Rogers is equally important.
  5. Does anyone like that new band wolfmother? They are very new as I said, but the music that they play sounds like it could be 30 years old. They do sort of that psycadelic hard rock thing... they are pretty sweet. The best song by them (in my opinion) is "Minds Eye". Check them out, if you already havent.
  6. I love the new single, and Im thinkin about gettin the new album. Some guy said RHCP ripped off Tom Petty with this song, but I think thats dumb.
  7. School just got out yesterday, and this weekend Im just gonna relax, maybe eat out, maybe have a friend over tomorrow.
  8. Right now: Pink Floyd-Dark Side Of The Moon and Ramones-Their Toughest Hits
  9. I really enjoy punk rock. Of course, I listen to basically everything listenable. My favorites include Ramones, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Blink 182 (Pop-punk, yeah) and Rancid.
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