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  1. Thanks guys, still can't guarantee I'll be around all that often, but it is nice to keep my account here just in case :P At least I have a username I can remember now!
  2. Ahh, it's happening! *kisses, hugs and weeps* Bye everyone! Byyyyyyyee! Byyyyyyyyy-*signs out*
  3. Yeah, I wasn't sure where to post this, this seemed like the most generic spot. Can't find how to delete my account - can admin do it or is there an easier way? I'm sure I will come back!
  4. Phew! According to my 448 pages of unread posts, the last time I was on this forum was 31 August 2006! I could have sworn it hadn't been over 18months.. That's 29months of daily topic updates for Rate My Rhymes and Freestyle Battles to my inbox, every day. And this is the first time I've thought to check up on the site. It looks so different! Green and black, not blue hues, and with links and ads all down one side! Judging by some of the posts this place still has a lot of the stuff I used to love - bits of music trivia and gossip, entertainment news from all over the place. Alas, I think it is time for me to go. If I ever feel the need for a music forum again I'll know where to look - I just don't visit forums anymore. The one I do visit is for one thread completely unrelated to the rest of the site. Also, this place holds some painful memories, old friends and the like... This will be the first account I will have deleted from anywhere, ever. Nothing personal, and now I've been back I'll probably keep dropping by. If I ever rejoin it'll be under "Rivet" - everything of mine is these days. Thanks guys, I remember how much I loved this place all those years ago.
  5. Heatseeking Pleasure Machine - paul mac
  6. Mine always changes.. But Popcorn by Ben Elton has gotta be one of the best. It's the irony that I love, y'know?
  7. True or not, don't tell the Australian government. It'd make them think "oh, well, it's doing fine on its own, we really didn't have to sign that agreement thingy, or whatever it was". I reckon the damn things right above us! Stupid H*@#%@ government..
  8. All I know is Aussie + Irish don't get much better. They seem fine. Seem. My opinion says her career is stuttering, a break might be good, get her to sound fresh.
  9. Heh isn't he sposed to play Jack Sparrow's dad? I heard his commitments to the Stones had caused him to back out of PotC3? Or maybe that was 2.. I love that Johnny Depp based his character on Richards, then richards is/was in the movie :)
  10. Can anyone honestly name all the artists they send up in that clip? I think I can get all but about.. 2? Being the young'un that I am :)
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